Height Barrier Glitch - Spartan Ops

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Happy Sunday everyone! Do you ever get bored from doing the same old thing in Spartan Ops? Well check this out! Sleepymike7 has discovered a way to get atop these so-called "height barriers" in several Spartan Ops missions. The breathtaking views combined with the ambient music make for an absolutely stunning video. So sit back, relax, and marvel at these cool Spartan Ops expeditions.

Check out more of these on his Youtube page, and if you're the adventurous type, go load up Spartan Ops and search for more of these yourself!​

Weekly Wednesday Wustoms #01 - A Success!

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Hey guys, my first post here is about what else, my first official customs session in Halo 4. The inaugural Weekly Wednesday Wustoms went well, so much so that I often find myself afflicted with spontaneous bouts of alliteration. The cure for which is of course more cowbell a front page post about it.

WWW01 Recap - Front-Page.png

As you can see we played a wide variety of minigames and casual maps, and had tons of fun all the while. For a full map list and about 40 more pictures of the customs session, visit the recap here. Also, this happened:

Keep your eyes open for more recaps on the front page, as I'm sure more lobby hosts will...

Ghost Town '77

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Ghost Town

When it comes to sweet remakes, who ya gonna call?!
That's right, Indie Anthias!

BOO! It's a ghost! See what I did there? A ghost... get it?

Indie Anthias has been well known in the past for doing a great job on remake maps, and he's done it again with this excellent recreation of Ghost Town. This map is about as accurate as it can get without changing the textures of the pieces, and it plays great too!

Depending on your preference, you might want to load this up with a gametype set up for more classic style play. But during the games I've had on this map with H4's gameplay, I did not feel that any of the new elements damaged the map. Jetpacking adds a new twist to the gameplay of this classic, as you can now hop from ledge to ledge in ways that we're previously impossible. It's a...

Halo:CE OpenSauce - v3.1

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With Halo 2 Vista shutting down, fret not PC gamers, a new mod for Halo:CE is on the forefront. For those unfamiliar, these guys take Halo:CE down to the source code and unleash a wave of awesome.

Check out what they have in store on the 20th:

Insanmiac's Best of the Dead Contest

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Insanmiac, the YouTube channel that functions as your number one destination for anything Flood-related, has recently held a contest that went by a name as convenient as it is macabre, the "Best of the Dead" contest. The long wait is now over!

After having received over 50 submissions and cutting it down to 7 maps that ultimately fought for the top spots, he has finally declared which three community maps he considered best in his first contest of many more to come.
Make sure to get your popcorn ready and don't restrain from holding your mommy's hand in case things get a little bit too intense for you; the maps shown on screen might just discomfort you with some frightening moments before you meet your demise! My advice is to turn down the lights, you probably don't want to draw the attention of Flood lurking on the street or in the mines...
Instructions on how to download the maps can be found in the description of the video...

How to Make Locking Doors in Forge

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Everyone's favorite Forge-related youtube channel, THFE, is back at it again with another super handy tip on how to make different types of locking doors and extending bridges by using Dominion pieces. Check the video out then subscribe to their channel for more awesome.

Bungie's New IP Kinda Sorta Has Tentative Reveal Date, Probably

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Okay, here's the deal. We focus on a ton of Halo content here, OBVS. But a huge part of why we love those quietly charismatic space-faring death machines we call Spartans just so damn much is due to the studio that created them. Bungie brought us all together with the epic world they created and the fantastic community they harbored and groomed on their site for over a decade (and still do). So it's safe to say that this bit of news is at least somewhat in our wheelhouse. And, full disclaimer- this news gives me a bit of a Bungie-fan stiffie. Deal with it. :cool:

Gamespot broke the story earlier today about Bungie's upcoming panel at March's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Led by Joe Staten, the studio's Director of Cinematics and author of Contact Harvest, will lead the discussion, and it sounds like he'll be giving us our first real glimpse of the world they've crafted...

Halo Bulletin 1.16.13

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There's some awesome news in this bulletin!
We get a great recap of spartan ops storyline and news that the new missions go live next week.

Also premiering is our “Community Forge Test” playlist, which introduces community-made Forge maps into a brand new Matchmaking playlist. These maps have been selected with the assistance of the Community Cartographers as the first batch of community favorites, and this hopper allows you to play a variety of 4 vs. 4 game types, to report bugs and provide feedback that will be reviewed by the Matchmaking Systems Team.
Hopefully we'll be seeing some amazing maps coming into matchmaking next week!
I'm looking forward to that extra spicyness! NOM.

Read the update here!

Hail, O Honorable Oranges

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A while ago, I shouted out about the arrival of our newest Staff member, Nondual! It was a big deal. Good times were had. Everyone laughed.

Well as it turns out, our busy, busy Community Manager and lovable tyrant Insane54 has been hard at work. "Ohhhh..." you may be thinking, "I know what he's talking about!" But you don't, you arrogant shit, let me finish.

The truth is, after Nondual, we've received not one, not two, not three, not four, not six, not seven, not eight but FIVE new staff members! Give it up for...

Cat and Mouse

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Customgamers, rejoice! For behold, the classic gametype Cat & Mouse has returned!!!

For those of you who may not have been around back in ye olden classic custom days,
Cat & Mouse is a very simple gametype, played on Valhalla in Halo 3.
(Not to be confused with Tremor & Mouse, or Tremor Blast :p)

In this gametype, 2 Zombies are the "Cats." They pilot Wraiths.
The humans are the "Mice" and they drive mongooses and try to survive.

In this Halo 4 version of the gametype, the Wraith is allowed to use its main gun.
However, there is an honor rule - the mice are NOT allowed to board and attack the Wraith.The objective of the game is survival. If someone breaks this rule, they should be booted from the party.

We all owe our thanks to VICIOUS VICE for recreating this classic gametype for us all to enjoy.
VICIOUS VICE has unfortunately vanished from the face of the Earth, however.
So it fell upon me to host this map and gametype on my fileshare so that you all may...

Ahmegergahhh I don't know

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A part of me always cringes at real-life, fan-made Halo videos. Another part of me dies when someone starts singing during one. Buuut... this one's pretty good! With tongue-in-cheek, these guys know exactly how to dance the Halo way. Check it out!

Thanks to CJM0987 for sharing this!

Edit: Funny story about the thread title... I wanted to make it the same as the video, but I forgot the name of the video, so I thought I'd check it once it was posted, but then I posted it and tried to change it, but then I realized that I couldn't change it, so, yeah, I'm sorry.

Site Statistics - First Week!

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From your lovable and huggable webmaster, Bigstack:

Thought I would post up some interesting numbers to show HC's growth and to show who/how/when this site is getting visited. You can also see the huge increase in bandwidth and requests from when we officially launched the site. I will try to post these up every so often.


Daily Visits:


Days of the week: (look at you weekend warriors!)

Time Zone:



Halo 4 Mythbusters Episode 5

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Did you know you can send your hologram through a crate? Me neither! Defend the House is back at it again with their latest episode of Mythbusters. Check it out and subscribe to their channel for more awesome.

Secret Armor Code!!!: XJH6G-C64DK-74J6J-WPW4C-PX7PZ

Next-Gen XBOX Coming in November

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Games Industry has a telling article on the future of both XBOX and Playstation platforms, detailing release schedules for both in Q3 of this year. So start throwing a few extra coins into your piggy banks now, cause these could run as much as $400. But I think it's safe to say that gaming is about to get a hell of a lot cooler.

HaloCustoms just got better!

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Now here at Halo Customs, we're still touching things up, tweaking our systems, adding features and generally just BEING a fresh website. And thanks to our wonderful webmasters, we've been given some great new changes! Here are the words from the man himself, Insane54. After that, I'll reveal to everyone a sweeet little surprise...!

-added automatic timezone adjustment! WOOO!!!
-"no" removed from RSVP
-"Streaming Now" Text underneath the party name in the "Games Right Now" section (not tested, but I think it should work)
-You can only rate a host if you had RSVPed beforehand
-changed default Upcoming Games view to "Weekly"
-Edited the nav-bar on Dark so that your profile info doesn't get stuck under the search bar when you make the window smaller than ~700px
Being a member of Staff at Halo Customs is a great thing, and I for one am immensely thankful! But it's not a far off concept - all you need, is a bit of friendliness, a bit...

Campaign Glitch - Science Lab

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Hey guys, I just found this cool video tutorial for how to get inside the science lab on the campaign mission "Composer."

Posting this to the stream because I thought it might be useful for those in our community who are machinima creators.


Add Buttons to your Maps

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Check out this tutorial on adding buttons and switches to your maps with the clever use of vehicle pads. Now someone go remake High Ground! Big ups to PetetehDuck for putting this video together. Check out his channel for other helpful forge tips!

Best Secondary Weapon!

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The wait is over! Sit down, sit down, stay a while! When firepower deserts you, which small arms do you take to battle? Well here's everything you will ever need to know about each.

Now this is a subject very near and dear to my heart. I know it is for you too. Thanks to RecedingHairlineMan, we finally have a comprehensive result! Check it out:

IWHBYD Memories

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Ever since I discovered the IWHBYD skull in Halo 3, I've been playing each and every campaign with it on. Someone made a neat video showing off the funniest lines that NPCs can spout out. It's two parts funny, one part nostalgia. Enjoy!

Fuzzle's Map Showcase Extravaganza!

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As the majority of you know, a few hours ago The Halo Forge Epidemic did a video showing off our website, and enticing you with its features. Lucky for us, you all took their advice! It's been really great seeing all the new faces, and with each new member comes another opportunity for an awesome night of Halo Custom Games!

But among you stands a man who not only brought himself, but also a recommendation of not one, not two, but eighty four showcased maps. This man's name is Fuzzle, and they all seem pretty solid. So if you want to grab some sweet maps for your upcoming Customs, his GIGANTIC LIST is certainly a good starting point!


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