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Srs Bzns Site Update: 06/08/18
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Fun Fact: it's been a whopping 589 days since the last major site update. But after over a week of downtime HaloCustoms is back with a fresh lick of paint and an array of QOL updates, just in time for E3 2018! :eek:

This ongoing upgrade (which is about 80% complete) is a complete and total overhaul of the site. My goal here is try and incorporate all the things that have made HC great over the years like a greatest hits album of sorts.

So let's break down some of the changes;

Media Stream

As well as being the home page; rather than just being a place new articles go to disappear into relative obscurity, the Media Stream is now a fully featured blog with all 522 posts categorised lovingly by hand. The option to filter media stream posts by author will also be available soon. Categories and Authors also get their own featured slider for their respective...

Website Update - Important!

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Our user account system has updated to the more standardized Xbox Live login system. This will require everyone to re-associate their local user account with their Xbox Live gamertag.

If you forget your password and were a legacy user prior to Xbox Live login you can reset your password here.

If you were a new user after the implementation of Xbox Live login you do not have a password. Still, follow this link to set a password to your account. An email will be dispatched to the email address used for your Microsoft account.

News PSA: Sign-in Issues -- RESOLVED!

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Issues with signing in on HaloCustoms with custom gamerpics on Xbox Live have been resolved! :)

If any users encounter issues signing in or registering on HaloCustoms, we ask you to use the Contact Us form and submit a ticket to let us know that you're having issues.

As most of you surely know, we use Xbox Live accounts to seamlessly sign into HaloCustoms. While we are very happy with this system, it does lead to the occasional issue of a third-party change being made which negatively affects users' ability to log in on our website. One such change, the addition of the custom gamerpic feature on Xbox, is currently causing such an issue.

Users who have created a custom gamerpic appear to unable to sign into HaloCustoms at the moment. If you'd like to sign in, please avoid the use of this feature for the time being. If you already have a custom gamerpic but are still signed in to this site, you should be safe provided...
Srs Bzns Site Update: 10/27/16
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Not so long ago, we proposed to you the beginning of a bright new future of HaloCustoms with exclusive Xbox sign in. You can read more about this change here.

For those of you that aren't currently signed in and are an existing member of HaloCustoms, here's a quick reminder/tutorial on how to easily migrate your legacy account:

Step 1: Select the option to sign in with Xbox Live. An example of this button as it currently stands can be found below (there will also be a replacement for the current Login/Sign Up options on the top bar if this change goes ahead).


Step 2: Select the option to "Associate Existing Account" and simply log into HC with your existing legacy username and password as demonstrated below;


Srs Bzns HaloCustoms State of the Union

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My fellow community members, as we enter the eventful month of September, we want each and every one of you reading this to look at yourself for a good minute. We are 110% serious. We encourage everybody to get a mirror, stimulate your mind and soul, suit up and ready your bodies for what's to come soon™. In this address, we will go over the recent changes to HaloCustoms, the Meet Your Maker Forge Contest and upcoming updates & additions to Halo 5. Welcome to this HaloCustoms State of the Union address.

State of HaloCustoms and Staff

Staff Changes
In the past month and a half since our last site update, some of you may have noticed a few changes have taken place behind-the-scenes and to the face of HaloCustoms. To begin, our very own British Rockband rockstar, adderrson has recently been pushed through...
Srs Bzns Back in Black
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On a cold winter's evening in late 2012, a group of web developers, community leaders, and all-around classy gentlemen huddled in front of the proverbial fireplace and discussed plans to give Halo's quirky and creative Forge and Custom Games community a new home.

At the heart of this community-driven vision was a system designed to streamline the process for those wishing to engage with another on the virtual battlefield in order to enjoy the sorts of experiences that simply can't be found in matchmaking hoppers. From wacky mini games to methodical map testing, we sought to provide a platform to allow visitors to maximize the fun they could have in Halo games.

This admittedly simple system proved to be incredibly successful in achieving its prime directive: getting out of the way and connecting this community to fun Halo experiences. Even with Halo 4's waning population, this...

News Site Update: New Forum Features!

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Yesterday myself and TACTICS made a few stealth updates to the forum end of HaloCustoms, right under your very noses.

The contents of which is a culmination of discussion from the entire Staff team over the past few months. So what's new?

Firstly we've given the site's trophies a fresh lick of paint with each one now having it's own unique icon. Hopefully this will make them overall more attractive to collect. You can check them out here or take a look at the preview image of some of them below if you're feeling lazy.


Fans of trophies rejoice however as we plan to integrate more of them in the future and have plans to make ALL trophies attainable in the future with the exception of the 10k Celebration rewards. Eagle eyed members might even notice that with this update we've already added 2 new trophies.

Moving on the...

News Introducing HaloCustoms 2.0

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For the past several months, the staff members here at HaloCustoms have been hard at work, thinking up new ways to improve our user experience. For some time now, we've noticed the lobby system has needed a little bit of an overhaul, so it gives me great pleasure to finally be able to announce the all-new HaloCustoms Custom Games Experience.

To sign in, just use your HaloCustoms log in information.
Our ultimate goal has always been to make lasting connections between Halo fans across the world. HaloCustoms bridges that inherent gap in the online gaming experience: no longer are you restricted to playing with explicitly your friends or explicitly complete strangers --...

News Site Update: [Insert Exciting Title Here]

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Greetings, friends. It's been quite some time since our last big site update which went live shortly after the release of everyone's favorite game; Halo: The Munster Cheese Collection. A few of us weren't terribly thrilled with the game's launch. Some of us even argued that bundling four games we had already paid for together and breaking all of them in the process wasn't worth another 60 wing-wangs from our limited stash of hard-earned moolah.

I'm not here to complain about the game's faults, though. This community proved its resilience during Halo 4's disappointing lifespan, and we'll prove it again. What we need now are some fun events that play to the Collection's strengths to tide us over until Halo 5's release when the game finally works as intended. So, we whipped something up in the HaloCustoms kitchen for you to enjoy...

News Site Update: The Not-So-Great Journey

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Welcome, friends, to another exciting installment in the HaloCustoms site update series. Over the past few months, we've been filling you in on the changes underway to prepare everyone's favorite Halo community site for the new Halo game. The good new is, we were mostly prepared. The bad new is that the game's developers were not. Right now, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has numerous massive flaws, the least of which are all but preventing us from playing custom games. Right now, the best thing you can do is contribute to our epic bug thread and keep playing the game. It's only going to get better.

The host reputation is one thing which we are still working on. This system will allow customgoers to rate their hosts, and for these ratings to incentivize hosts to continue to host better lobbies. This...

News Site Update, for Great Justice!

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Greetings, my blue fellows. It's been a while since we served up a steaming platter of HaloCustoms news for you, but the wait is finally over. You may not have heard much from us lately. The staff have been quiet, and this is something which has been reflected throughout the Halo community. The bitter winter that is Halo 4 is almost over, though. Soon, the snow will melt and usher in a fresh, beautiful spring (ironically enough, we'll actually be heading into winter when the Master Chief Collection drops this November). Don't worry, we will be ready for that spring. None of what we are proposing today is set in stone, but we figured it was about time we gave you guys a glimpse of what to expect come November.

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month of this year, it will be time for many of us to say our goodbyes to Halo 4. Instead, we'll be turning to Halo 2: Anniversary, a game who's multiplayer component will not...

News Site Update 6/29/14

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Hello there, gentle forumgoer. I see you frantically sweeping the members section, desperately searching for an answer to the question on everyone's minds: what the heck is with all of the staff changes lately? Fear not, all of your answers are contained within the web of words I have woven below. But first, something completely different. I think it is safe to assume that you are all by now aware of the Halo news that poured out from between 343i's loose lips over the past few weeks. So, be sure to drop some logic in the Master Chief Collection Discussion Thread. If package deals containing all of your favorite games from the past thirteen years (and Halo 4) aren't your thing, be sure to drop by the Halo 5 Guardians Discussion Thread. Also...

News Site Update (and Debate) 5/22/14

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Hi there, HaloCustomers (does that make you our customers? :confused:)! You may have noticed lately that Media Stream content has been somewhat lacking. While the ongoing hunt for the Purple Dinosaur Eggs has been an exciting adventure, we thought it was about time we got our acts together and returned the Media Stream to its original purpose: bringing a variety of awesome content to you! The staff have been discussing a few different avenues for bringing cool content to you guys and getting you involved. None of these plans are finalized just yet, but we'll keep you guys in the loop.

"2"s, "v"s, "B"s, "o"s, 'n' "F"s
If you take a glance at the forum, you'll notice that our Special Events board skipped town. If you missed out on the excitement of Best of Forge and the 2v2 Tournament we were co-hosting with a few other site and channels from around the community, don't feel bad. You really didn't miss out. Both of...
News Halo Customs 2.0
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Halo Customs 2.0

Welcome, friend. Take a moment to feast your eyes on the world around you. Now turn back to your computer screen, and gaze at this beautifully slick new layout we got! It's cold and snowy outside, so grab your blanket and snuggle in front of this cozy report of everything improved.

We promise, this time it's real. Not to say that the beach isn't real but... you know, I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone but, um... heck, I don't know.

Let's do this then, shall we? Let's waltz through these sweet new features.

The whole website's everything

For who could pass the everything without noticing the occurrence of something upon the entire area there within. Twice, for the nth time, will you see your own self reflected in the shine of a new website's gleam, thusly thrice believing in the quality of a product therein. Ergo, by proof of: it's obvious, you will notice that the website...

News Site Update - New Month, New Faces

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Site Update

If you're any one of the regulars around here, you'll notice that these Site Updates are far from regular -we don't follow any sort of plan or schedule. To be honest, I only ever put one of these out when there's too much news to cover in a single, specific post. So here we are, another site update, another bubbling crock-pot of creamy newsy goodness.

Hallow's End
It was fun guys, but now the site must return to the sexy grey and blue palette you've grown to love so far. For the past two weeks, the site was bathed in a "spooky" orange light, covering everything in the foreboding shadow of the upcoming festivities. We hope you all had a good Halloween! Sorry that we couldn't manage to get pumpkins falling like snow around here. Things and stuff got in the way :laugh:

I've always found...

News Site Update Fun Pack

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Site Update
Fun Pack Edition

The date for the site update was looming ahead of us, and I was thinking to myself, "Hm... I wouldn't mind spicing up this Site Update a bit. Why don't we have a fun pack edition?" So I asked Insane, and he said, "Yes, we can have that." He even gave me some of his home grown packets of fun to contribute. Unfortunately, we weren't so sure about what the Web Admins would think about a fun pack edition. There were quite a few discussions in the Staff Skype chat and Staff Forum about whether or not the servers could handle this level of fun. Eventually Bigstack looked into it, and finally gave us the green light for a Fun Pack Edition. So here it is! This Site Update is full of fun.

Gold Hosts...? More like GHosts
Because they kind of disappeared. Like a ghost. Plus they're G Hosts. So it's like they're...

Site Update: April 1, 2013

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Hey there, everyone! Another month, another awesome update from out epic overloard, Insane54! He's been real busy, and there are a lot of updates and we're all busy people, so I'll get straight to the point.

Some Small Ones

St. Patrick's day has come and gone, and in its wake we have the pastel-colored, choco-filled awesomeness that is Easter! If you haven't noticed these already, I thought I'd tell y'all about a few updates from Insane since the last update (some of these may be a bit old...)

-added daily automatic shoutbox archive post
-added shoutbox notifications that inform you about new games (should only notify games)

-fixed a bug where the shoutbox would notify any new threads in the Customs category
-changed "Leprechauns" back to gold with a background, even though it's...barely connected and won't be staying anyway (if you can't tell, i...
New Maps Section!
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If I hadn't just done this in the last article I'd written, I would probably be starting this one off with a quip about people living under rocks. However, that would be redundant, so after much deliberation I have decided to instead start this article off rambling about how this article is being started off. Make sense? No, I didn't think so either.

Anyways, unless you've been living under some solidified mineral composition, you've probably noticed the huge update we've made to our maps section here on HaloCustoms. This is something we'd been planning for a while now, and were finally able to pull off. If you're going to be playing custom games, you probably want some cool custom maps to play them on, and the new maps section provides some great functionality to help you do that. It also makes for a great place for aspiring forgers to share their creations, get them recognized, and receive feedback...

Upgrades for Everyone!

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As we go along in our merry way, we'll be seeing a number of upgrades to the site, refining it, improving it, increasing it's goodness and making it better! Insane54 brings us a new batch of updates this week, with a few more planned on the way*. And you know what? He did all of this with the flu! What's your excuse?!

-Gamertags are now automagically grabbed from your profile when you create a game! :D
-Gamertag input removed, but still there on Edit
-"Staff" prefix added to games
-If you edit your game, you can add a prefix
-Prefixes now show in the Games sidebar
-Games with a stream now display "STREAMING" in the Games sidebar
And after that, he did some more!

HaloCustoms just got better!

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Now here at Halo Customs, we're still touching things up, tweaking our systems, adding features and generally just BEING a fresh website. And thanks to our wonderful webmasters, we've been given some great new changes! Here are the words from the man himself, Insane54. After that, I'll reveal to everyone a sweeet little surprise...!

-added automatic timezone adjustment! WOOO!!!
-"no" removed from RSVP
-"Streaming Now" Text underneath the party name in the "Games Right Now" section (not tested, but I think it should work)
-You can only rate a host if you had RSVPed beforehand
-changed default Upcoming Games view to "Weekly"
-Edited the nav-bar on Dark so that your profile info doesn't get stuck under the search bar when you make the window smaller than ~700px
Being a member of Staff at Halo Customs is a great thing, and I for one am immensely thankful! But it's not a far off concept - all you need, is a bit of friendliness, a bit...

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Live Streams

Halo: MCC
Dual Stream w/ Ishii! (Day 2) ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) - 350/420 Sub Goal! !giveaway
Halo: MCC
Halo 3 BTB with the best team on the game! Match us! | 56/80 Subs!
Halo: MCC
Legendary playthrough for all the Halos!
Halo: MCC
jump map forging | come chill in !discord
Halo 5
SWATURDAY!! ~ grind for Champ 1 (Chump 7) !Subgames | !tourney draft/deadline 6pm EST tomorrow

Latest maps

  • Playroom Wooden Toys
    Playroom Wooden Toys
    Race through a Kid's chamber. Features moving Trains, stomping Guards a shooting Robot etc.
    • salsasandro
    • Updated:
  • Warhol
    Postmodern explosionism.
    • kimjongillwill
    • Updated:
  • Warhol
    H4 Warhol
    Postmodern explosionism.
    • kimjongillwill
    • Updated:
  • Hells' Bells
    Hells' Bells
    Assymetrical 2v2 or 4v4 (if you want to risk it) - 3v3 is actually ideal
    • icyhotspartin
    • Updated:
  • Dawn Breaker
    Dawn Breaker
    Hide in the dark or fight for your life the light is!...
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