Competition Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest - RESULTS

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FORE!!! The results for our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest we re-announced back in May are in! While submissions for this contest were relatively low, judging went on as planned and our results are finalized. Prizes will go out as planned, however please note our source for the prizes, Ske7ch over at 343 Industries, has gone on vacation recently and prizes will not be sent out until he returns. Now, let us bring your attention onto the winners!

1st place

Bogey Desert by Almighty Nubs

Bogey Desert placed first as the terrain and general construction of the map is really well done and visually impressive. The terrain on this map works great for Battle Golf with enough natural...

Event Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest

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It's time to dust off your irons and grab a caddy; Par for the Course is back!

Today, it is our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with the fine folks at 343 Industries to bring this event back into the fold. Our new partner was focused on the Ghost in the Shell Forge Contest until recently, but we hope you'll agree that the delay was well-worth it. Read up below for new details on prizes deadlines, and more!

In addition to the prizes listed below, we will of course be spotlighting the winners and runner-ups and also putting them through their paces in some community playdates, so don't feel bad if you hit a bogey!

1st place
  • Play Arts Halo: Reach Action Figure - Noble Six Mark V Red*
  • Halo 5 Wristwatch
  • Halo Wars: Definitive Edition digital code
  • Halo 5: Voices of War REQ Pack
  • Halo...

Event Par for the Course Contest Update

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Over the duration of our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest, we've been a bit concerned by low turnout. Battle Golf is an awesome, fun, and unique game mode in need of exciting new courses to be played on. However, the original course in the Action Sack playlist also set a precedent for maps making heavy use of scripting. Despite our assurance that contest entries do not require these scripted elements, this likely intimidated several would-be contestants. The prizes on offer also were admittedly rather underwhelming: we initially wanted this to be a simple contest with a short timeframe and set the prize pool accordingly.

Halo 5_ Forge 2_18_2017 2_43_12 PM.png

Golf Coast by why

Recently, however, we were contacted by a new partner...
Event Par for the Course Contest Extension
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We have decided to extend the deadline for our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest by three weeks! This will place the deadline approximately a month from now, more than enough time to start a submission of your own if you haven't yet done so. We understand Battle Golf is a complex mode to forge for, especially for those of you going the extra mile to script your maps to change each round. We'd like to remind you all that this is not a requirement, but e certainly don't want to discourage entrants from doing so with an early deadline either.

New deadline: February 19th at 11:59 PM EST

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out these Battle Golf courses which have already been created!

Gingerbread Falls by original Battle Golf creator...

Event Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest

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Welcome, everyone, to HaloCustoms' Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest! With the release of the new Mini Game mode and forge options in the recent Monitor's Bounty update, we at HC decided the time was ripe for our first mini game-oriented contest in a very long time. Battle Golf is a new official mini game created by 343 Industries in which two teams compete to knock their golf balls into a central hole. The single course currently present in the Action Sack playlist is the home of all sorts of insane shenanigans, but it also seems a bit lonely. That's why we'd like to see each of you put your own unique spin on Battle Golf with courses of your own!

If you haven't played Battle Golf yet (you probably should), you can see the game mode in action below. Documentation on how to script Battle Golf can be downloaded...

Event Meet Your Maker Contest Winners

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Welcome back everyone! After weeks of deliberation, discussion, and rigorous testing, we are excited to finally reveal the winners of the Meet Your Maker: Big Team Battle Forge Contest! With over 50 submissions from a wide variety of forgers we had our work cut out for us in picking just three to showcase. The three winners listed below are in no particular order, and are considered to be on equal footing with one another. Without further ado, here are the top three maps!

Echoes - by The Grim Dealer

Echoes is a canyon style BTB map reminiscent of older designs such as Valhalla, while also taking inspiration from Halo CE's campaign spaces. Echoes...

Event Meet Your Maker Contest Update

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Greetings my fellow forgers and forge-ettes! With the release of a new forge canvas, new vehicles, and new forge options in general, the judging panel has decided to push the submission deadline for MYM map submissions back by 2 weeks. The new deadline will be set at 11:59 PM EST on July 31st, 2016. We hope this will give entrants some extra time to consider the new options at their disposal, as well as extra time to add polish to already complete designs. Good luck to all, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

For more information about the Meet Your Maker: BTB Forge Contest, follow this link.

Event Meet Your Maker: BTB Forge Contest

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Hello ladies and gentle-forgers, and welcome to the fourth iteration of the Meet Your Maker forge contest! Halo 5 introduced an incredible new suite of game mechanics, as well as the most powerful Forge in Halo history. With most players now well versed in both the gameplay and the new systems, we felt that it was time to put your skills to the test! MYM is back and bigger than ever, with judges from 3 different websites and partnerships with many more.

Reflecting this growth in scope the contest has taken on, you the forgers are tasked with tackling the largest-scale arena mode that Halo has to offer: Big Team Battle. That's right, the maps that we are looking for will be designed for full-scale, 8 vs. 8 player combat! This is an opportunity to explore the full suite of sandbox options available in Halo 5, as well as to really push the new forge to its limits. Of course, there's more to making a great BTB map that...

Event 2v2v2 Mini Forge Contest

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With today being the third anniversary of this website's relationship with the world, the number three has been a recurring theme. We'll be running a Staff vs Community game night focused on the three-base Strongholds mode soon. First, though, we'd like to announce a new mini forge contest. Great big events like the Meet Your Maker Forge Contests are good fun, but it's nice to have smaller lighthearted events like this one every now and again as well. These mini contests will tend to focus on more niche experiences and won't be taken too seriously.

Ending just in time for a Bring-a-Valentine game night to christen the maps, the 2v2v2 Mini Forge Contest will be a fun, low-stakes event which tasks entrants with coming up with fun maps for a unique mode of their choice. Whether it's a triangular battleground for vehicle shenanigans or Sweat City: the hottest 2v2v2 Slayer map of all time, it's fair game as long as it's designed around...

Srs Bzns HaloCustoms Map Design Competition Results!

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Hello, denizens of HaloCustoms! After long hours of heated discussion between our judges, the results are in!​

...Is what I would like to say. I don't have the luxury of doing so this time around, though. Sadly, this competition saw unexpectedly low results despite its initial reception. In fact, of the 44 members that entered the competition, only 5 of them submitted their designs within the time period. While those designs were all commendable, we were naturally given less quality control with so few submissions to choose from. Don't fret, though! While there was indeed a small pool of designs, we did still select the two that we felt were the most well-designed and solid. Without further ado, here are the winners of the HaloCustoms Map Design Competition...

Competition HaloCustoms Map Design Competition

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Once upon a time, our resident Dax hosted a competition that forced forgers to drop their controllers and design a map under strict criteria. Halo 5 forge is just over the horizon, so what better way to stimulate your creative fluids than by resurrecting such a competition. That being said, I'm happy to announce the first installment of the HaloCustoms Design Contest! You can read about the details and cool prizes below.

Competition Details:
Below, you'll find two sets of numbered cards, each containing a unique design parameter. The blue numbers contain standards that relate to the overall layout and the red numbers contain specific design elements. If you choose to participate, you'll select one number from each set and be given the corresponding parameters. From there, you have until the submission deadline to design a map that not only adheres...

News HallowCustoms Username Contest Results!

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*All usernames should be reverted to their original versions as of now. If not, send me a message.*

As we transition into the month of November, the Halloween celebrations once again come to a close here at HaloCustoms. As per tradition, we hosted another annual Username Contest where we asked the local denizens to vote for the spookiest name change among those that were submitted. The winner of said contest would not only be regarded as the spoopiest member of all time*, but they would also earn themselves a new trophy and the custom title, "The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch"! The votes have been calculated, so without further ado...


Congratulation to
♥ Sky...​

Event MYM Results - 1st Place

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With second and third place decided, there is only one map left to announce. The winner of the 2015 Meet Your Maker Squad CTF Forge Contest is...

by moo43

There was a lot of debate between the judges on what would make a map worthy of first prize. Uniqueness? Best use of vehicles? Best pure CTF experience? In the end it came down to this question: Which map delivers the Squad experience at the highest level? That is to say, what map would produce the best vehicle/ infantry interaction while also delivering on great CTF gameplay?

In the end, Unearthed was what truly shone for these qualifications. The hillside layout of Unearthed creates an incredible amount of verticality for a map featuring...

News MYM Results - 2nd Place

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Moving on the 2nd place winner, we have....​

by MartianMallCop

Blockus was one of the most unique One-Flag CTF maps that I have seen. The infantry-trenches that allow players on foot to seamlessly dip out of/ rise into a vehicle path are genius in allowing fluid infantry/ vehicle intermingling. The ability to toss the flag up a hole in an otherwise 1-way drop down creates risky and exciting flag runs. The arch stretching over mid is an amazing vertical element that entirely changes the way defense base is assaulted. Finally, the simple yet well designed vehicle circuit allows for both defensive warthog usage as well as more aggressive assaults on the enemy base. Blockus was one of the most...

News MYM Results - 3rd Place

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After long hours testing and judging, the results are in! The 3rd place winner of the MYM Squad CTF contest is...

by SixteenthMatt

Entrenched uses natural terrain in unique ways to create a space that is both very drivable and packed with vertical overlap. The higher attacker base compared to the lower defense base creates an interesting dynamic where flag pulls are often contested over long periods of time on the way back to the base. The long, open platform at offense base serves to prevent easy captures, requiring that defense team has control of the major power positions to be able to score.

Congratulations to SixteenthMatt, and well...

News Meet Your Maker Maps Preview

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Over the last few weeks, many of the community's best designers have been hard at work crafting their entries for the third installment in the Meet Your Maker contest series. For many, the idea of squad play was recently a foreign concept. That hasn't stopped some excellent maps from being created, though. A slue of unique maps have found their way into the official testing lobbies so far, ensuring that the judging will be more exciting and difficult than the judges could have predicted. Below you can see just a few of these great maps.

If you're working on your own map, you have until August 15th to get it to a polished state. Good luck! For contest details, check the Meet Your Maker forum here. What are some of your personal favorite contest maps...

Meet Your Maker 3: Squad CTF Forge Contest

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the third iteration of the Meet Your Maker Contest! Meet Your Maker is a long running forge contest with a history of being hosted between several communities. This time around HaloCustoms will be one of the major hosts, alongside Forge Hub and The Halo Forge Epidemic. The Psycho Duck, Warholic (Admin at Forge Hub), and myself, Flying Shoe ILR, will be running the show as contest coordinators as well as judges.

In the first two Meet Your Maker contests we have so far seen a focus on 4 v 4 Slayer and 6 v 6 Dominion, respectively. Due to a recent upswing in popularity and the increased stability for the MCC, the third Meet Your Maker contest will be focussed on Squad maps. Squad maps are meant for two teams of 5 players and nearly always include vehicular gameplay and a focus on objective-based game modes. Squad maps can...​

Community ForgeHub 1v1 Contest

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Greetings, HaloCustomers! Have you been itching to create a cool forge map and get some recognition for it? If so, you have an excellent opportunity available to you! Our friends over at ForgeHub are hosting a 1v1 Forge Map Contest for maps created in Halo 2: Anniversary. You'll want to head over to the main article on ForgeHub to get all of the details, but some of the highlights have been captured below for your convenience.

  • Maps must be forged on one of Halo 2: Anniversary's skybox canvases
  • Maps must be original designs, not remakes, reimaginations, etc.
  • Maps must be designed for 1v1 Slayer games with BR starts, 110% movement speed, no radar
  • Co-forging is allowed, but one primary author must be selected to receive prizes
  • Entrants must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to receive prizes

Holiday Contest Winners

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And the winners are...

So after some careful consideration, 3 festively coloured fruits, one a Flying red Stocking of some sort, another that was a greenish type of orange who's name makes it sound like they enjoy math and of course a potato that enjoys nomming on some snacks, made their choice on who this years winners would be. We didn't have many submissions this year but this didn't stop the talent from shining through and after some careful consideration we decided on who's submissions stood out from the rest but before I reveal our winners, first some words from the judges.

Flying Shoe ILR - "Stevo's reminiscing about the creation of one of my favorite Mini-Games from Halo Reach was hilarious. Bird Jokes, drunken forging, splatters, and launching vehicles into a small hole on the other side of the map: what is more Halo than this? Probably a number of things, but it all brings back great memories."...​

News The end of Hallows' Eve!

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October was a colorful month here on HaloCustoms, but as we've reached the end of Hallows' Eve, we have once again become engrossed in a plethora of blue. Remember the two Halloween contests that were held this year? You were supposed to vote for your favorite submissions by liking their posts, but as some of you know, the like button vanished making that... difficult. Well, I can explain. Our lovely friend the like button decided to dress as a ghost for Halloween... or something! With that having been said, we took it upon ourselves to choose the spookiest submission instead!

Congratulations to
Ye Olde Apple

for his spooky submission:
Thee Untold Chapel!

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