Last Friday, Halo 5's Big Team Battle playlist got a refresh. All 12 of the maps already in the playlist saw updates of varying sizes and four new Forge maps were added. Three of these maps were submissions to the recent Meet Your Maker contest hosted here with help from our friends at,, and several YouTube outlets.

This update was a huge undertaking for 343's multiplayer team as well as the group of community members who helped make it a reality and was arguably the largest jump forward within a single matchmaking playlist since Halo 5's launch last fall.

Halo 5_ Forge 9_13_2016 12_38_46 AM.png

Hopefully the playlist will be to your liking with the wide variety of maps on offer, from big to small; symmetrical to asymmetrical; modern to classic. In addition to great maps, new and old, you'll also find a few new toys throughout the playlist including the Tactical Magnum, Wicked Grasp, and Wasp.

Screenshot-Original (1).png
Estuary by iKyleizBeastly

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the refresh below. Also, don't forget to get squads together to throw down in the playlist using our lobby system and to add your streams on our streams portal!

Boulevard, originally by alex quit with updates from MythicFritz & Creative Force

In addition to hearing your thoughts on the maps, we'd also love to know what you think about the playlist's starting weapon. We've included a poll...

It is finally September 8th! The start of the 2016 American Football season is here Halo 5: Forge and Anvil's Legacy for Halo 5: Guardians (5.57GB update) have now officially dropped and you can download both RIGHT NOW! At this time we would like to welcome all new guests & members to HaloCustoms and we hope everybody, new and old alike, enjoys their time here! If you have any questions, please absolutely do not hesitate to contact myself and other staff members through use of the shoutbox or by private message.

Similarly, we have also recently launched a tutorial video which you can view below on how to use HaloCustoms and its many features on our official channel. Big thanks to Yeti for helping put it together!

We don't actually recommend the use of Twitch-botting :rofl:

Welcome back everyone! After weeks of deliberation, discussion, and rigorous testing, we are excited to finally reveal the winners of the Meet Your Maker: Big Team Battle Forge Contest! With over 50 submissions from a wide variety of forgers we had our work cut out for us in picking just three to showcase. The three winners listed below are in no particular order, and are considered to be on equal footing with one another. Without further ado, here are the top three maps...

My fellow community members, as we enter the eventful month of September, we want each and every one of you reading this to look at yourself for a good minute. We are 110% serious. We encourage everybody to get a mirror, stimulate your mind and soul, suit up and ready your bodies for what's to come soon™. In this address, we will go over the recent changes to HaloCustoms, the Meet Your Maker Forge Contest and upcoming updates & additions to Halo 5. Welcome to this HaloCustoms State of the Union address.

State of HaloCustoms and Staff

Staff Changes
In the past month and a half since our last site update, some of you may have noticed a few changes have taken place behind-the-scenes and to the face of HaloCustoms. To begin, our very own British Rockband rockstar, adderrson has recently been pushed through the fruit transformation machine and has moved up to the ranks of site admin to assist us in technical upgrades to the site (more on that later). In sadder news, our favorite Irishman Potato, SOLIDSNAKEee has left the ranks of staff and became a blueberry once more. He has understandably left on his own terms for personal reasons, but do not fret! He is still very much active and you can probably speak to him in the shoutbox at this moment. As with many departures, we have a new arrival to the staff team! Many of you may know him after winning the Best Forge Map of All Time Awards* of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 with his map, Stigma. Give it up for our newest staff member, Squally...
Srs Bzns Back in Black
On a cold winter's evening in late 2012, a group of web developers, community leaders, and all-around classy gentlemen huddled in front of the proverbial fireplace and discussed plans to give Halo's quirky and creative Forge and Custom Games community a new home.

At the heart of this community-driven vision was a system designed to streamline the process for those wishing to engage with another on the virtual battlefield in order to enjoy the sorts of experiences that simply can't be found in matchmaking hoppers. From wacky mini games to methodical map testing, we sought to provide a platform to allow visitors to maximize the fun they could have in Halo games.

This admittedly simple system proved to be incredibly successful in achieving its prime directive: getting out of the way and connecting this community to fun Halo experiences. Even with Halo 4's waning population, this system reached an impressive level of popularity.

Last summer, we decided to swap this system out in favor of a new one and site updates rendered this change irreversible. The new system we implemented seemed great on paper, but ultimately proved to be overcomplicated and admittedly buggy. Over the last few weeks, adderrson and myself set out to bring back the "OG" Custom Games system in all its former glory, and then some.

Today, it is our pleasure to announce that this new (old) system is ready for public use! We're still working on some tweaks and additions, but the core functionality is here. We hope you're as excited as we are. Read on below for some details on some of this system's features.

Creating a Lobby:
If you frequented HaloCustoms prior to summer of 2015, this should be quite familiar to you. Simply click the 'Host New Lobby' button within the Custom Games section. From there, you'll be asked to input a title and the body of your lobby...

With the Meet Your Maker Forge Contest in full swing, Big Team Battle is at the forefront of the minds of many. For a lot of us, BTB means enjoying varied gameplay experiences on big maps with a larger team at our backs. Our friends at are here to remind us that BTB has a fierce competitive side as well.

Starting at 12 PM PST, the tournament will take place on Saturday, July 30th 2016 (the day before the aforementioned contest's submission deadline). You can find some quick details on the event below. For full details, head on over to the Main Announcement on BTBnet!

Tournament Format:
  • Single Elimination bracket
  • Best of 5 series for regular matches
  • Best of 7 series for the final
Maps and Gametypes:
All maps and modes can be found in the bookmarks of MATCLAN.
  • Artemis (CTF, Slayer) by Ad Arcanum & The Psycho Duck
  • Fracture (CTF) by Squally DaBeanz
  • Guillotine (Strongholds, Slayer) by The Psycho Duck & 343 Industries
  • Scavenger (Strongholds, Slayer) by CommanderColson
  • Torque (CTF) by 343 Industries
  1. Jinx HCS T-shirt and Jinx HCS cap
  2. Jinx HCS T-shirt
  3. Halo-themed keychain
For full details, please view the main announcement. We hope you're as excited for all of this upcoming BTB-related goodness as we are!

An extra special Deals with Gold post this week as it is what Microsoft is branding as the "Ultimate Game Sale".

With over 250 sale items across both Xbox One and Xbox 360, there's plenty to choose from. Including a plethora of Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 games.

On these big sales I don't usually make any recommendations but I just wanted to point out that Red Dead Redemption is 75% off and will be added as a backwards compatibility title this friday.

Remember, I mark Xbox 360 content that is backwards compatible with :awesome:. As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below;

[​IMG] [​IMG]...​

Greetings my fellow forgers and forge-ettes! With the release of a new forge canvas, new vehicles, and new forge options in general, the judging panel has decided to push the submission deadline for MYM map submissions back by 2 weeks. The new deadline will be set at 11:59 PM EST on July 31st, 2016. We hope this will give entrants some extra time to consider the new options at their disposal, as well as extra time to add polish to already complete designs. Good luck to all, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

For more information about the Meet Your Maker: BTB Forge Contest, follow this link.

If you haven't guessed it, the Warzone Firefight update is now live and is a rather hefty one sitting at about 7GB. Also for those of you with friends that don't own the game yet, get them to download Halo 5 for free! From today through to July 5th. Details on the contents of this update and information on the "Free Play Days" can be found in an in depth post I made on the matter. This also includes the full REQ list for this update.


On June 28th we were also treated to an exclusive look into new features added to Halo 5's forge in this update, as well as a look at everything else included in the update. You can find the official recording of the stream in it's entirety below;

If you're just interested in watching the forge content you can skip straight to it with this handy dandy link. Spoiler alert, increased budget, cool new items and freaking ziplines!

Before I delve more into 'cool forge stuff' I'd like to point out that you can find the patch notes for this update here. If you're just interested in taking a look at a list of newly added items for the forge sandbox however, you can find this information in the spoiler box below.

This week is a good week for fans of the Mass Effect series. Not so great for everyone else though.

Over on Xbox One there really isn't much to recommend other than Titanfall Deluxe Edition at 75% off. The game is still pretty fun and it's cloud based online play is frankly buttery smooth. Personally if you're interested in this title, I would still wholeheartedly recommend considering investing in an EA access subscription in it's place. Seeing how it is one of the titles included in "The Vault".

Over on Xbox 360 Titanfall is also on sale. The main attraction however is the fact that all premium DLC for Mass Effect 2/3 is currently 50% off. If you're a fan of the series and are missing any of these paid expansions, now might be the time to buy. :-3

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below;

[​IMG] [​IMG]...​