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Not much as been going on within the Halo Universe Recently. A new leader for Halo Wars, Yapyap the Destroyer came out to play with all his grunty mates to smash some UNSC butts into the ground and explode all over them with firey methane. Other than that, we're still awaiting the Awaking the Nightmare expansion but until then, we're in a little bit of a content drought as we eagerly await the announcement of the next main Halo game.

A new tuning update for Halo 5 has been in the works for a while and 343i have finally gotten around to giving it to us players to, well, play with and give them our feedback. The tuning rollout will be in four phases, starting week of September 4th.

The first update will bring in all the map balance changes to the Team Arena playlist 343 outlined in their article, ready for the weapon tuning update.

The second phase will be on September 11th, where the Team Arena playlist will become the Weapon Tuning Playlist. The twelve weapons that are recieving some tuning tweaks will be replaced with their tuned versions. 343 also outlined what they're doing to the weapons but I'll sumarise them below.

The third phase will be on October 2nd, where the Team Arena playlist will return, it's old state. This will mark the end of the public testing phase, and weapons will return back to normal. A full overview of the changes made and the reasoning behind those changes will be documented and made available for players to read.

The final phase will occur in early November, where a large game update will be released adding 4k support to Halo 5 for the Xbox One X, as well as adding the tuned weapons into the main sandbox in all three modes of the game (Campaign, Arena and Warzone).

The weapons being tuned are as follows:

  • Assault Rifle - Tuned to be effective at mid range via burst fire and more...
ODSTs dropping in from hell, UNSC Ship AI back from the dead and upstart teams at HCS Dreamhack! Another HaloCustoms Weekly roundup!

FORE!!! The results for our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest we re-announced back in May are in! While submissions for this contest were relatively low, judging went on as planned and our results are finalized. Prizes will go out as planned, however please note our source for the prizes, Ske7ch over at 343 Industries, has gone on vacation recently and prizes will not be sent out until he returns. Now, let us bring your attention onto the winners!

1st place
Bogey Desert by Almighty Nubs

Bogey Desert placed first as the terrain and general construction of the map is really well done and visually impressive. The terrain on this map works great for Battle Golf with enough natural obstacles like valleys and foliage to keep things interesting. The environment changing each round was a plus as well.

For placing first, 'Almighty Nubs' will be receiving a rare Play Arts Halo: Reach (Noble Six Mark V Red) Action Figure, a Halo 5 Wristwatch, a digital code for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, the Halo 5: Voices of War REQ Pack, the Halo 5: Classic Helmet Collection REQ Pack, and the 343 Unicorn weapon skin!
Halo Waypoint link

2nd place
Golf Coast by why

Golf Coast placed second. This map has awesome scripting with cool obstacles like windmills, rotating cylinders, tunnels, and sand traps. The sea creatures...

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night. Wherever you may be, it's always Halo Time...

It's hot out, so it must be summer. Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, where it's winter. But for us civilised northerners, it's summer so you'll have to deal with it. --insert gif here--

Because it's summer, 343i are having a Summer Celebration of all things Halo with lots of juicy little tidbits to keep us all inside where the AC is on cold to save us from the death ray that we call the sun.

First up, Halo 5: Guardians is getting an upgrade to work in 4k with the Xbox One X. It was basically guaranteed that Microsoft would want one of their flagship titles working in 4k on their latest version of the Xbox One, and now wer've got it in writing. We'll be smashing shoulder first into the 4k generation in a couple of months, it'll certainly be worth it to play through the campaign again once the upgrade is available to play. 343i have mentioned that there will be more to come as the release of the XOneX draws nearer, so stay tuned for more!


If that wasn't enough Halo for you, Halo CE:A, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 will all be comming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program later this year. All of the games will include both campaign and multiplayer as well as LAN capabilities between Xbox One and Xbox 360, so if you and a friend both have ODST but you're the only one with the Xbox One, you'll still be able to play together. As well as that, every Xbox 360 Halo DLC map pack will be made available for free so you can play all the maps without having to worry about not having certain DLC content!...

Yeah yeah, blah blah where are the updates? Well Halo news ground to a standstill and nothing big was announced at E3, so this segment is going to become fortnightly (bi-weekly) while the news is slow. Hopefully we'll see something new and shiny soon, it's been a while!


The one big thing that was announced was Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare. A new, flood-themed expansion for Halo Wars 2. Featuring a brand new series of campaign missions played from the perspective of the Banished as they take on a terrifying and ancient enemy: The Flood. Yep, the tentacle monsters are back and more squishy and tentacle-y than ever.

We'll also be seeing Terminus Firefight, a new co-op game mode that allows up to three players to play against increasingly difficult waves of enemies whilst protecting their terminus and bases from the incoming enemies in a tower defence-style twist to the classic Halo Wars 2 gameplay.

As well as the new campaign and game mode, the new DLC will feature two currently unnannounced Banished leaders and two new standard multiplayer maps. It will be available in the Fall (Autumn) for $19.99 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Before that, we'll be seeing two new leaders coming to Halo Wasrs 2: Jerome-092 and Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee. The leader of Red team and the prime antagonist from the original Halo Wars game will be available in late June, as part of the season pass or available for purchase individually.

Here's a video of the new Terminus Firefight game mode in action:

HCS Pro league is in full swing in both EU and NA, with both leagues hotly contested. Team Infused are currently in the lead in EU winning all three of their matches so far, and Optic Gaming head up the NA table, with Splyce hot on their heels having only two games in hand.

The next EU games will be from 7pm-10pm BST this Wednesday, and the NA matches will be from 12:30am to 4:30am BST on Thursday morning.

Check out the link below for both NA and EU standings and more information on the upcomming games.

Megazords in Halo 5 Forge? Why not!

That's everything for this week, see you next time!

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey everyone!

In case you don't know me, hi! My name is Alex, and I am one of HaloCustoms' new content contributors / moderators. I previously worked on ForgeHub's content contribution team, and I led a group of five other staff members to create a series of content for users across both the website, and the growing YouTube channel. I enjoy indie games, Halo, cats, and long walks on the beach. A few of you have chatted with me already, but if you haven't, feel free to sent me a message saying hi!

Now, onto questions! (btw I'm answering every single one so everyone gets the cool badge)

deathwish9x asks:
- What is your name?

- What is your quest?

- What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

1, 2, 3. I still need to watch Monty Python.

Sky asks:
1. Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?
2.Which staff member with a symbol in their name is your favourite?
3. What's your greatest achievement in Halo?

1. I'd risk anything for a chocolate biscuit. (Are those even real?)
2. There's that one Sky person.
3. I'd say it's playing as much multiplayer as I have. I'm 90% sure my collected hours for every game is around 1500 hours, at least. (I also made a dumb map but that's not important)

SteelGreen asks:
1. Why did you come to HC?
2. What is your plans as a mod since you got it so fast.
3. How many little kids do you catch with your van daily?

1. I actually made my account on HC around October of last year, just to see what was going on here. I had heard of a lot of people referring to HaloCustoms as a great place, but I had never seen it myself. Hence, voila.

2. I'm currently working on content contribution. There's a lot of room for HaloCustoms to grow, and I've seen the impact a steady stream of site content has on popularity. I wanted HaloCustoms to receive that sort of success, which arguably is something it's been struggling with.


If you're a long-time fan, you probably know a good deal about the history of the franchise. From its basement-dwelling origins, to the peak of its popularity, Halo's history is one chock-full of twists and turns.

Today, Vice's aptly named Waypoint released a retrospective article covering everything from Halo's origins to present. straight from the mouths of some of its creators. Most of the meat here has been shared publicly in the past, but never before has such a comprehensive compilation of historical Halo tidbits been published. In other words, even hardcore fans are bound to learn something they didn't already know.

Read the full article here.

What are some of your favorite stories from Halo's history?

Greetings, HaloCustoms. There has been a serious lack of custom game events around here lately and we're pretty bummed out about it. What sort of a Halo forum are we if we don't host official custom lobbies every now and then, right? Well, that just so happens to be why I'm here today! Some of you might have witnessed a peculiar tweet in which the mystery-man behind our Twitter noticed an ominous scent coming from the distance. As it turns out, their senses were spot on because we're announcing the fourth installation of our HaloCustoms vs the World event!

If you aren't aware, HaloCustoms vs the World is a weekend-long event in which the staff and our wonderful community join forces to dominate the forces of evil in Halo 5's (and maybe even MCC's) Matchmaking. Much of the event will take place in the BTB playlist and Warzone in order to accommodate as many members as possible, but we might bounce between other playlists depending on the turnout. As usual, you can expect the lobbies to be broadcast on Twitch for your viewing pleasure! The hosts and schedule for this event is as follows:

HaloCustoms vs the World: Friday Lobby #1 | Friday, June 2nd | 4:00pm - 7:00pm EST (9:00pm - Midnight BST)
The wonderful Sky-senpai will be noticing is kouhais and leading the fight for the first part of Friday.
HaloCustoms vs the World: Friday Lobby #2 | Friday, June 2nd | 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST
This Friday night's event hosted by Jesus in Malibu is fueled...​
Welcome To another HaloCustoms Weekly Update. Bip, bap, bam!

The Galaxy's biggest badass is back, in minature form! That's right, Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson is getting in on the RTS fun in Halo Wars 2, joining the ranks in firefight as a playable leader in the multiplayer game modes. This certified bad ass is bringing a whole load of firepower with him too, ready to stomp some Covenant ass back into the 25th century.

You like big guns and stomping your enemies underfoot in towering mechs? So does Johnson. Playing as him in Halo Wars 2 allows you to field some mean machines, not least of them the Mantis. Until now only seen in the FPS games of the Halo universe, this one mech stomping machine is only available to Johnson, replacing the Warthog in a very similar combat roll. Armed with a chaingun and missile pods, the Mantis is best suited against infantry and ground vehicles. A Veteran variant is also available wth energy shields and bigger and more powerful guns.

Not content with the Mantis, Johnson is also bringing the hulking Colossus into battle with him, replacing the Scorpion. This bipedal monstrosity is slow but deadly and fitted with a devastating arsenal of weapons including a long range heavy railgun. This weapon was originally designed to be installed on fortified structures but has since been fitted to the Colossus to deal with heavily armoured ground targets.

How do you make the biggest badass in the UNSC even more badass? You give him his own mechanised suit, armed to the teeth with the biggest guns and the coolest tech. In Halo Wars 2, Johnson comes equiped with the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL MARK I[J] Armor Defense System. In terms we all understand, a bipedal exoskeleton armed with custom miniguns, phased-plasma fusils (sounds badass), sonic blindwolf repellers, repair beacon pods and fast-regenerating energy shields. You're gonna need more than a few Wraiths to take down this guy. Perhaps an army or six?

Johnson of course comes with some abilities, like the Bunker Drop, Mech Overcharge, EMP Mac Blash and Siege Turret to compliment the already deadly array of mechs to stomp your foes into a squishy bloody mess. Sgt Johnson is available to play now on Halo Wars 2. Look alive marines!

Last week we featured Project Contingency, a fan-made halo game built in the Unreal Engine. This week, another Halo fan game released a new cinematic trailer for their own game: Installation 01. Built using the unity 5 engine, the developers say the game is a combination of what they believe are the best parts of the classic Bungie-era Halo games. Focusing on the Halo 2 / 3 experience, they will also be adding in some elements of Halo: CE and Halo: Reach, with options to add features from 343 Industries games in Custom Gametypes.

Finally this week, the HCS NA Pro League has kicked off already, with the first two days on the 24th and 25th. Optic Gaming are currently out in the lead with Splyce very close behind after the first two days. The next matchups are on Friday, June 2nd. The EU Pro league also starts on the 1st of June, featuring 6 of the best teams from the EU. Check out for all the stats and standings for both the NA and EU matches, and be sure to tune in on and the newly rebranded Mixer (formally Beam) to catch all the action!

Until next time, see you then!

Send me out... with a bang.


Yeah, I'm still on cough meds...

Not much happenend in the Halo world this week, all the news has been taken up by a certain Marmite flavoured game made by Halo's original creators.

If you haven't heard of it, Project Contingency is a fan-made Halo game that uses the Unreal 4 engine. It is being developed by a team of Halo fans with one overall goal in mind: To deliver the best Halo experience on PC that stays true to the series that we all live. Everything for this game is being developed from scratch and all of the team are working for zero profit, as they plan to release the game for free when it's done. For now, they're aiming for a multiplayer-only experience, but they would like to branch out into other areas if possible. They recently released their April update for the game, showcasing some of the pre-alpha gameplay and I must say it looks stunning for a fan made product.

Check out the trailer below:

Yesterday, the Last-Chance Qualifiers for the HCS NA Summer Pro League took place, with Oxygen Supremacy facing off against Splyce Gaming for the final spot in the Summer Pro League. Splyce won the best of 7 series 4-2 to take that spot and be able to compete against the best Halo teams in North America including HCS Daytona winners Team EnVyUs.


Finally this week, GrimBrotherOne posted a thread on reddit asking Halo fans which characters they would add to an Injustice style Halo beat-em-up fighting game. His picks included obvious picks such as the Chief, The Arbiter (Thel'Vadam), The Didact and Spartan Locke, as well as some interesting picks such as one of the Prophets and a Promethian Warrior. Other redditors also chipped in their ideas such as Mister...