News HaloCustoms Halo News Roundup - 16th Sep '17

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Chat disabled for three seconds.

Not much as been going on within the Halo Universe Recently. A new leader for Halo Wars, Yapyap the Destroyer came out to play with all his grunty mates to smash some UNSC butts into the ground and explode all over them with firey methane. Other than that, we're still awaiting the Awaking the Nightmare expansion but until then, we're in a little bit of a content drought as we eagerly await the announcement of the next main Halo game.

A new tuning update for Halo 5 has been in the works for a while and 343i have finally gotten around to giving it to us players to, well, play with and give them our feedback. The tuning rollout will be in four phases, starting week of September 4th.

The first update will bring in all the map balance changes to the Team Arena playlist 343 outlined in their article, ready for the weapon tuning update.

The second phase...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 31st Jul '17

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You know nothing, Sgt. Johnson...

Yeah, Game of Thrones is back on TV, people are dying a lot and participating in other kinds of debauchery, but that's not what we're here for, right?

Dropping feet first into hell this week, we have Operation Spearbreaker in Halo Wars 2. A short two mission campaign focused on Boomerang Company, an elite company of ODSTs dropping into the heart of enemy territory focusing on a new Banished plot featuring a certain angry Lekgolo, only a small part of the overall story of the Halo Wars 2 games as Atriox and his Banished Covenant army fight for control over the Ark against Captain Cutter and the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire. At the very tip of the Spear stands a Squad of ODSTs lead by Major Vaughan, leader of Sunray...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 9th Jul '17

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Good morning, afternoon, evening and night. Wherever you may be, it's always Halo Time...

It's hot out, so it must be summer. Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, where it's winter. But for us civilised northerners, it's summer so you'll have to deal with it. --insert gif here--

Because it's summer, 343i are having a Summer Celebration of all things Halo with lots of juicy little tidbits to keep us all inside where the AC is on cold to save us from the death ray that we call the sun.

First up, Halo 5: Guardians is getting an upgrade to work in 4k with the Xbox One X. It was basically guaranteed that Microsoft would want one of their flagship titles working in 4k on their latest version of the Xbox One, and now wer've got it in writing. We'll be smashing shoulder first into the 4k generation in a couple of months, it'll certainly be worth it to play through the campaign again once the...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 19th June '17

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Yeah yeah, blah blah where are the updates? Well Halo news ground to a standstill and nothing big was announced at E3, so this segment is going to become fortnightly (bi-weekly) while the news is slow. Hopefully we'll see something new and shiny soon, it's been a while!

The one big thing that was announced was Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare. A new, flood-themed expansion for Halo Wars 2. Featuring a brand new series of campaign missions played from the perspective of the Banished as they take on a terrifying and ancient enemy: The Flood. Yep, the tentacle monsters are back and more squishy and tentacle-y than ever.

We'll also be seeing Terminus Firefight, a new co-op game mode that allows up to three players to play against increasingly difficult...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 28th May '17

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Welcome To another HaloCustoms Weekly Update. Bip, bap, bam!

The Galaxy's biggest badass is back, in minature form! That's right, Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson is getting in on the RTS fun in Halo Wars 2, joining the ranks in firefight as a playable leader in the multiplayer game modes. This certified bad ass is bringing a whole load of firepower with him too, ready to stomp some Covenant ass back into the 25th century.

You like big guns and stomping your enemies underfoot in towering mechs? So does Johnson. Playing as him in Halo Wars 2 allows you to field some mean machines, not least of them the Mantis. Until now only seen in the FPS games of the Halo universe, this one mech stomping machine is only available to Johnson, replacing the Warthog in a very similar combat roll. Armed with a chaingun and missile pods, the Mantis is best suited against infantry and ground vehicles. A Veteran...

HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 22nd May '17

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Yeah, I'm still on cough meds...

Not much happenend in the Halo world this week, all the news has been taken up by a certain Marmite flavoured game made by Halo's original creators.

If you haven't heard of it, Project Contingency is a fan-made Halo game that uses the Unreal 4 engine. It is being developed by a team of Halo fans with one overall goal in mind: To deliver the best Halo experience on PC that stays true to the series that we all live. Everything for this game is being developed from scratch and all of the team are working for zero profit, as they plan to release the game for free when it's done. For now, they're aiming for a multiplayer-only experience, but they would like to branch out into other areas if possible. They recently released their April update for the game, showcasing some of the pre-alpha gameplay and I must say it looks stunning for a fan made...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 16th May '17

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Afternoon all, it's another (late, sorry) weekly update!

I've been ill with some kind of cough/throat infection so it's going to be a short one this week.

Something different to start us off this week, some background music while you read. A cover of Breaking Benjamin's Blow Me Away track from the Halo 2 OST, sung by the extremely talented Frankie Day:

Time for some meat to go with those vocal potatoes. It's a sad day for the Halo community as Dan Ayoub, 343 industries Studio Head for Strategy has left to go and work with Microsoft's Mixed Reality team. Dan has been working on Halo for the best part of 8 years starting on 2009's Halo: Reach and has helped 343i work with some amazing studios and partners from around the world. Worry not, as the next Halo Wars 2 DLC is safe in the hands of Dan's former team at 343i and there are some wonderful...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 7th May '17

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FORE! Grab your golf clubs, put on your tweed jacket and suade shoes with those little spikes on the bottom. It's off to the golf course for another round of the HaloCustoms weekly roundup.

The first hole of the front 9 is a Par 4 with a water hazard and cunningly placed man cannons that if you're not careful can set you back a couple of strokes. That's right, all the golfing jargon means the HaloCustoms Par for the Course Battle Golf Forging contest is back. This time it's better than ever, thanks to our wonderful admin Psychoduck. He's been in touch with the guys over at 343 Industries and managed to wrangle us up some decent prizes!

This event was announced a while back but put on hold due to some issues with the contest but those have now been resolved and we're ready to have another swing at it. There were some cool maps submitted to the previous iteration of the competition...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 30th Apr '17

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Put your feet up, crack open your favourite beverage and some of your favourite snacks and come have a gander at our weekly update.

First up, the lovable Tom French has been made the Lead Multiplayer Design Director at 343i. Tom has been one of the driving forces behind some of the amazing Forge updates that we've been seeing over the past months, giving forgers tools and objects to make all the awe-inspiring maps that we've been seeing. As his new job states he'll be responsible for designing the gameplay for Halo 5's Multiplayer, and one can assume he'll also be in that role for any future games developed by 343i (Halo 6 anyone?). Considering the things Tom has done for forge, I'm sure we can expect great things from him. Be sure to give him a warm welcome and send him all your constructive feedback, he's been quite open with us on twitter in the past, let's not ruin that by spamming him with...

News April 2017 Community BTB Update

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halo newz.png

The Big Team Battle playlist in Halo 5: Guardians received a big update today! This update adds five new community-created forge maps to the playlist, adds the Assault gametype (finally!), revamps one existing map, and game modes have been tweaked. To celebrate, Squally DaBeanz put together a BTB update trailer for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

We hope to see you guys in BTB soon! ;)

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 24th Apr '17

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Welcome back for another weekly™ installment of your favourite news roundup, it's the HaloCustoms weekly roundup!

HCS North America: Summer Pro League dates have been announced, starting at HCS Daytona on the 12th of March and finishing up at DreamHack Atlanta on the 21st of July. During that time, there will be seven matches between each of the teams where they will get the chance to play against each other in the hopes of becoming champion.

Fresh from their HCS World Championship win in March, Optic Gaming will be looking to continue their winning streak; and of course they'll be the ones to watch, but they'll have a big target on their backs. Runners up from HCS Worlds, Team EnVyUs will be looking to get revenge from the finals and that golden opportunity they missed to knock down that green wall.

The top six will go on to the finals at DreamHack Atlanta with 7th and...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 16th Apr '17

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Bleep bloop, me again.

The Lekgolo - or Hunter - is one of the more formidable adversaries in the Halo universe and now you'll be able to have a full army of them in Halo Wars 2, lead by a deadly new leader: Colony, as well as a varitey of new units to complement the playstyle of their leader. These guys are the some of the tankiest units in the Halo Wars game, with units able to soak up massive damage and deal out just as much in return if you're not careful.

Here's a short summary of some of the new units and abilities
  • Hunter Captain - Hero unit with heavy armour and health draining siphon beam and a Taunt ability to redirect...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 9th Apr '17

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Evening ladies, gentlemen and those of an alternative nature. I invite you to sit down and read this wonderful update.

The Popular Web Series Red vs Blue has been going on for over 20 years and 14 seasons, and season 15 has just started with a whole new story line featuring everyone's favourite machinimated misfits. The Reds and Blues and they've come full circle back to the box canyon of Blood Gulch (again). Expect hi-jinks, hilarity and a whole lot of immature jokes. Watch it a week early on the Roosterteeth website with their First subscription, or wait a week and watch it on YouTube. Watch the trailer here:

343i Interviewed their UX Design Lead Vincent Hui on their website recently, giving us a new insight into what it takes to design and develop the interactive menus and player HUD in the game, how to make a good user...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 3rd Apr '17

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Evening everyone, it's that time again where we round up the weekly Halo news and bundle it up in text and image form for your occular receptors to enjoy.


Ok, got that one out the way.

HCS World Finals was last week and if you don't want spoilers, skip this section!

It was the Green Wall Optic Gaming who took the crown, beating a very strong Team EnVyus in a 4-0 series to take home $500,000. EnVyus were looking strong having a good lead in the first three games, but the Green Wall pushed back hard to take each game from behind (stop sniggering in the back!). Over the course of the entire event, Optic only managed to drop 2 games, which is an impressive feat to say the least. It was a well attended event even with attempts for certain people to make it seem otherwise. It could have probably been held in a nicer place (EU finals were in Wembley Stadium of all places!) but...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 27th Mar '17

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I'm Back! (Sorry it's late, I had very little sleep)

The convention was a success and everyone enjoyed all those hens in some splendid ties. Here, I brought back some samples.
*walks around handing out free complimentary ties*

It's been a big weekend, with the Halo World Championship Series being played between the best of the best players in the world. The final match came down to the Green Wall that is Optic Gaming against their long time esports rivals: Team EnVy. At the time of writing they're currently locking horns for the title with EnVyUS making an amazing comeback from the losers bracket to get into the Grand Finals. Optic Gaming seem to be the runaway favourites, but everyone loves an underdog so here's hoping that EnVyUS comes along and knocks them down a peg. It's going to be a big one! It's been a mad tournament so far with some amazing plays, especially from Huke from...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 3/19/2017

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That's right; we aren't using a weird European date format for this one. ;)

Your regular roundup wrangler, ♥ Sky, is busy this week (he mentioned something about hens wearing ties) so I'm filling in to bring you your latest dose of Halo news.

Arguably the biggest news from the Haloverse in the last week is the new update coming to Halo Wars 2. This update will drop "early next week" and will include a new playable leader with several accompanying units and leader powers. Morgan Kinsano is a former Hellbringer who now leads armies with an emphasis on fire damage from the cockpit of her souped-up Cyclops. To learn more about this new addition to HW2's leader roster, check out the ViDoc below.

In addition to the new content shipping with Kinsano, the update will also include a host of bug fixes and stability...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 12th Mar '17

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It's that time again, open your ears and broaden your horizons for this week's Weekly Update.

Lets start off in the miniature world with Halo Wars 2, which received a patch/update on the 7th of March, bringing with it a whole host of patches and fixes for both versions of the game on Windows 10 and Xbox One. The patch also served as a preparation update for the future ranked multiplayer game modes. As well as a host of bug fixes and performance improvements, some small balance changes were made based on designer and initial player feedback.

Here's a list of some of the highlights for the balance changes:
  • Ramming Vehicles now take increased reflect damage
  • Bloodfuel Locust card cost increased from 60 to 80
  • Marine grenade secondary area of effect damage increased from 30% to 50%
  • Scout Vehicles deal reduced damage against Non-scout vehicles
  • Scout Vehicle cost...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 6th Mar '17

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Roll up, roll up, one and all, come read our weekly update, I guarantee you'll have a ball!

First off, Halo 5 will be getting a patch on March 7th, with some sandbox tweaks and updates to improve the stability of the game. Here's a list of some of the more notable changes:
  • Movement speed and jump height now have 0% option in custom game settings
  • Added custom game option to control clean up times for weapons and vehicles
  • Lowered Sniper Rifle hip aim assist - no more 360 no-scoping kids across the map on Colliseum
  • Reduced Plasma Caster fall-off damage range
  • Greatly improved rendering performance on Forge objects with material swap that was causing framerate issues across many maps
  • Fixed issue where user maps were becoming corrupt/unloadable

There will also be a test for some changes to how the motion sensor works in Halo 5. Currently it shows the player...
News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 26th Feb '17
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Good evening and welcome to another Halo Customs weekly roundup. This week, we'll be taking you through a week in the life of an Unggoy Suicide Bomber. We'll be talking to Drogul about his job, family life, and why he chose to throw himself head first with a plasma grenade in each hand at the UNSC forces from the Spirit of Fire to secure himself a place on the Great Journey. Oh, what's that? Atriox already sent him on a mission to destroy the enemy base but he got run over by an angry Marine in a Warthog? Damn, we didn't prepare any other news... Quick, someone get Frank to rustle something up.

There's always something interesting going on in the Halo community. This week it's the latest in commercial partnerships 343i have partnered up with Paramount Pictures to bring us a forge contest with a twist, centered around their upcoming sci-fi film Ghost in the Shell. Maps...

News 343i Announces Ghost in the Shell Forge Contest!

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343 Industries just announced their latest forge competition and trust me, this one is very interesting. The objective here is to forge a map that recreates "the look and feel" of the Ghost in the Shell universe. For those that aren't aware, Ghost in the Shell is an upcoming science-fiction, action film directed by Rupert Sanders, based on the Japanese series of the same name. You can find a quick summary of the competition below.

With each month that passes, the Halo community continues to surprise us with the unique maps created in Halo 5’s Forge mode on both Xbox One and Windows 10. To celebrate the Halo World Championship, we’ve partnered with Paramount Pictures and the upcoming film Ghost in the Shell, and are excited to reveal the Forge community’s next challenge - the Ghost In the Shell Halo 5 Forge Contest!

At the Halo World Championship Finals next month in sunny...

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