AlexVan123 QnA Answers - Better Late Than Never...

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Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey everyone!

In case you don't know me, hi! My name is Alex, and I am one of HaloCustoms' new content contributors / moderators. I previously worked on ForgeHub's content contribution team, and I led a group of five other staff members to create a series of content for users across both the website, and the growing YouTube channel. I enjoy indie games, Halo, cats, and long walks on the beach. A few of you have chatted with me already, but if you haven't, feel free to sent me a message saying hi!

Now, onto questions! (btw I'm answering every single one so everyone gets the cool badge)

deathwish9x asks:
- What is your name?

- What is your quest?

- What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

1, 2, 3. I still need to watch Monty Python.

Sky asks:
1. Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?
2.Which staff member with a symbol in their name is your...

It's a Man, it's a Van, it's...

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Staff Q&A is back! Kinda. We axed this series in 2015 because we wanted to focus our attention on the community. However, with the recent addition to our orange ranks being somewhat of a mystery-man around here, we thought it would be appropriate to let the community interrogate him a little. With that having been said, welcome to another installment of staff Q&A! You will be questioning our newest moderator, AlexVan123! There is a limit of three questions per member and the srs bzns trophy will be awarded to the cool members that ask cool questions. Let the questioning begin!
Community Interview with Black Picture, MythicFritz, & Randy 355 from Creative Force
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Recently, a particularly dark image released a comprehensive guide on setting forge maps up for matchmaking integration in Halo 5. From spawn placement, to weapon timers, the guide covers all of the nitty-gritty details requires to fine-tune maps to matchmaking standards.

black picture also teamed up with his fellow members of Creative Force to bring updated versions of Basin and Boulevard (originally created by 343 Industries and alex quit respectively) to the big team battle playlist.

I sat down with Mr. Picture as well as Randy 355 and MythicFritz (the new custodians of Basin and Boulevard) to chat about all three of these recent projects.

Psychoduck: Hello, and thanks for joining us...

Cool Community Interview: Buddhacrane

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"but Auburn, Buddha's not staff! He doesn't deserve a QnA!"​

He most certainly does. In fact, there are several members that are deserving of a little highlight for their contributions to the community. Buddhacrane just happens to be one of those cool guys, having been a prominent member of the community during Halo 3. He was out of action for awhile, but he just recently made a great comeback with the H2A Forge: Scripting Guide thread. We thought this would be a good start to a potential thing, so we asked Buddha some questions about his history in the community.

Auburn: So, Buddha...

Q&A Rob Aub of his Secrets!

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Well, the title almost worked.

Ladies and gents, it is once again time to grille a ripe orange fruit with deeply personal and downright obnoxious questions. This time, your friendly neighborhood Auburn will be the subject of the intense interrogation. You all know the drill by now: three questions per person, those who ask serious questions will receive the Srs Bzns trophy, etc. This thread will close once the flow of questions begins to grind to a halt.

Ask away!

Ask me cool stuff or ur b&.

:heart: Aub

Q&A Snake? Snake? SNAAAKE!... Yesss?

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Slightly over a month ago, a fellow staffer known as Auburn posted a certain Q&A for a certain reptilian, potatoish, snackified, person. Well after some dwelling in my cardboard box followed by a few delays for uh... reasons... our friendly neighborhood lemon (adderrson) decided to remind me to get this Q&A wrapped up. So without further ado my pandawans**, lets get to it.

I already know you so... let's begin with some shitposting.

1. Since you are a potato... If you were cut up into thinly sliced pieces and fried in transfat, would you taste good?

2. If you had the choice to be served as fries at a fast food joint, which restaurant would you pick?

3. If you ever had an interest in forging, what kind of map would you attempt to create? Will it ever make you a real THFE?
1. Of course...

Q&A Snake? Snake?... SNAAAKE!

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I lay here this Monday morning, praising myself over the clever title I thought up some time earlier. I begin typing it, but then a thought hits me. Will they understand the reference?, I ask myself. My skin pales as I continue to tap away at the keyboard, brief bouts of anxiety overwhelming me with each passing moment...

Welcome, my friends, to the umpteenth installment of staff Q&A! Who's receiving the brunt of our little interrogation this time around, you ask? Our friendly, neighborhood SOLIDSNAKEee is of course! Grab yourself a SNACKee (eh, geddit?) and question away, young pandawans**! As usual, each person is limited to just three questions and the srs bzns trophy is available to the cool guys that ask cool things ;)!
Q&A The Head Has Been Slapped
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As some of you have most likely noticed by now, a certain wannabe baldy has been hiding away in isolation for the past few months, waiting for that moment when Halo would be great again, waiting for the moment where all of his motivation and excitement would come rushing back, and that moment is now.


With all the recent news and awesome content we have witnessed I was just about ready to get back into the swing of Halo but then 343 revealed something that had been buried in my mind this whole time... Forge!
As soon as I saw that Forge reveal everything just clicked for me and I am sure you are all equally as excited. I am still impressed with all of you that pulled through Halo 4 and gave us such an overwhelming amount of fantastic content along the way. For the past couple of months of Halo 4 my motivation to support Halo was being lost and other interests were dragging my attention away...

Q&A Slap the Head!

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With our orange ranks bolstered by the recent addition of some fresh meat (and a sergeant no less), we figured it was about time to ease your curiosity. That's right, it's time for another staff Q&A! These questions will be answered by Sgt x Slaphead in the coming weeks (depending on how many questions are asked, of course). As usual, there is a limit of three questions per person. The srs bzns trophy will be awarded to those of you who don't make a complete plonker of yourselves when asking questions. That'll about do it, enjoy the interrogation!

Q&A When a Chin Goes A-Questing

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Hello, and welcome to what is possibly the longest front page article ever written on HaloCustoms. Because the text below comes in such a large quantity, I’ll keep the intro brief. Enjoy reading!

Hey fizkoduk!

1) What is your most memorable gaming experience? All games/platforms.

2) When did you first meet Darth Human and BevansLaw and how did this lead to you becoming part of THFE?

3) Do you worship our lord and savoir the Sexobot9000? Which is also known as "Geth Juggernaut".
1. If I had to boil it down, it would probably fall between three different games of Halo I’ve played. They are described below.

a. The first game was the first time I really got the thrill of driving a warthog in Halo. My friend was over and we were playing the Team Slayer playlist in Halo 3. We got Standoff and quickly proceeded to hop in our ‘hog. I drove and got my buddy a solid...​

Q&A The One. The Only. The Pshycoduck.**

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You thought we forgot, didn't you? Ok fine, we forgot. Just don't let Dux know we forgot, he probably wouldn't appreciate that. Oh, hmm. I guess I shouldn't have tagged him. Oops! Err.. surprise?


Well now that that's out of the way, let's get to this Q&A shall we? I know you've all been foaming at the mouth for this day to come, the day you finally get to ask Psychoduck all your curious questions. Just no more than three! Any more than three and you're banned from all of the interwebs for all of eternity. Sorreh, them's the rules, I didn't make 'em.* Other than that though, have at it!

*On second thought, yes, I was totally the one who made that rule.
** :laugh:

Tedit: Just like last time, the srs bzns trophy will be reward for thoughtful questions.

Q&A Shoe's Q and Eh Answers

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Alright, answer time!​

1. Who's the best forger: you, mock, or duck?

2. Is it ok for vegetarians to eat animal crackers?

3. Is non consensual sex with a prostitute rape or shoplifting?
1. I wouldn't say any of us are specifically better or worse forgers, we each just have different strengths. Though designing bases doesn't seem to be a strength any of us possess.
2. Only if they get consent.
3. Rape.

1. Red bull?

Q&A Airborne Footwear (in real life)

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Staff Q&A!
Welcome, one and all. For anybody who is somebody, you've recently read the Recap of the Staff vs. Community (see that link placement? Debra from marketing suggested that) and will have seen the winner of the interpersonal competition between Psychoduck and Flying Shoe ILR. As you may have guessed, Shoebert came out on top, and now he's going to be the one we're subjecting to all your incredibly odd and uncomfortably personal questions. Post away below, and don't be afraid to make them weird*!

But now that I mention it, the questions have been getting increasingly odd and irrelevant. This time around, let's try something new. Once the answers to your questions are posted, an Admin will select any number of questions and reward the asker with a...

Q&A MockKnizzle: A Gentleman and a Scholar.

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Alright dudes. Time to get this over with.​
1. are there really 7 other MockKnizzles on xbox live? (I refer of course to the 008 at the end of yours)
2. If given the choice, would you be staff on the DestinyRaids site?
3. Do you prefer Red Versus Blue or Rise Of The Spartans?
1. Well there were at one point. I've systematically eliminated them all by now.
2. Probably.
3. I don't watch either.

1. If I drink a liter of water is that a bad thing?
2. Potatoes or french fries?.... or both?
3. Bionic legs or bionic arms?
1. A liter of water isn't even that much.
2. Considering that french fries are a...

Q&A Of Mocks and Knizzles

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I've spent the last few minutes nervously sucking my proverbial pen, trying to come up with some clever title for this article. Unfortunately, I don't really know what the hell a "MockKnizzle" is supposed to be. Because of this, I really couldn't think of any snappy puns for the title. Better luck next time!​
Anyways, you guys seemed to have passed up the opportunity to question Shoe or myself, despite the fact that we are undeniably the staffers in possession of the most dashing good looks and the wittiest wit. Instead, you've opted to question the mysterious creature known only as The MockKnizzle (I can't say "MOCKFUCK" on the front page, oh wait). So, what do you want to know most? Let's hope he doesn't mock any of your questions (I had to work a pun in somewhere :lights:)! You are again limited to three questions each, use them well.

Q&A Choose the Next Staff Q&A

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The time for questioning a staff member is once again approaching. That's right, we aren't waiting three months in between each one of these like we have in the past. We've heard from the lovable Dax, the fuzzy Fuzzle, the big Bigstack, the tedious Tedium, the crazed Insane Fiddy-Fo, and the masterful Debs. There aren't too many choices left. Let's here who you want to question next!​
Note: Robius and Elliot were omitted this time around due to personal time constraints.

Q&A Master of Questions (And Answers)

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So I realize I took a very long time to actually get all of your questions answered here guys. But, well, yeah. I've been a busy man (and by busy, I mean enjoying my winter break to the fullest). Rather than making further excuses to my delay, here it is, my Q&A for your multitude of questions.

1. I was pwacticing the counting but then three was lost. Am I a potato now?
2. Is red blue and blue red?
3. What do the trip mines do? ;)
  1. No, you are a proxy of SGC. We are all just proxies of SGC! But are you a proxy of a potato…? Well, maybe.
  2. Only on Wednesdays
  3. F%$# you man.

Q&A Ask your Master!

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You step into the interrogation room and shut the door behind you. The room is dark, but a lone figure slowly comes into focus, chained to a desk and bathed in the blinding light of a single lamp. A million questions come to the forefront of your mind, but before getting into it, you leave for some coffee. Suddenly, Batman appears behind the lone figure and slams his head into the... wait.​
Let's start over. Y'all have voted to question the newest addition to our happy staff family at HaloCustoms, and now it is time to do so. For the sake of ensuring that no one must ever endure the hardships which nearly destroyed our beloved Dax, we have wisely instated a limit of three questions per person. Ask away! :awesome:

Choose the Next Staff Q&A

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You may have noticed that there are several orange fellows running around HaloCustoms.com. These sentinels guard us against the evil forces of spam and corruption that often threaten peaceful forums around the interwebz. But what do these Spam Guardians do in their spare time? Are they people too? How handsome are they? What kind of beer do they drink? You've already heard from Dax, Bigstack, Tedium, Insane Fiddy-Fo, and Fuzzle. Who will be the next victim of the interrogation room? Over the next week, vote for who you want to question next!​

Fuzzle's Finds - McSpoish

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FF banner.jpg

Heyo peeps,

This is a new format I've always wanted to test out, a little community spotlight.
Essentially I will spotlight members of our community that have great content but aren't very well known.

But wait, here's the catch!

Instead of lengthy and tiresome articles that most people don't even read, it will have a layout for people with a short attention span like me. Name, short description, content... BAM!

It should be a good way for you to find a new youtube channel/stream/forum/composer/forger/etc. that keeps you entertained in times of...

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Halo: MCC
Legendary playthrough for all the Halos!
Halo: MCC
jump map forging | come chill in !discord
Halo 5
SWATURDAY!! ~ grind for Champ 1 (Chump 7) !Subgames | !tourney draft/deadline 6pm EST tomorrow

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