Map Spotlight

Map Mystic

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Mystic is an asymmetrical, interior map forged within the deep reaches of Parallax. Sgt x Slaphead has graced us once again with this classic design originally seen in [REDACTED] under the name Cryptic. Similar to its counterpart, a series of arches defines the focal corridor of Mystic. Keep in mind that maintaining control of this line of sight is crucial as it not only runs through the entire map, but it also acts as the hub for several interconnecting rooms. In the case that you are forced from the upper level, Mystic features both a teleporter and lift that offer players a dangerous, albeit rewarding, method of quickly regaining top control. I would recommend grabbing three friends for some steamy doubles matches on this classic design...

Map Map Spotlight - Lithe

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In the Shire calender, Lithe is a Midsummer event occurring between the sixth and seventh months of the year. Lithe was a time of great feasting and merriment among the Hobbit culture. Throughout the holiday, the Free Fair was held on the White Downs, where Hobbits gathered to celebrate and to buy and sell goods. Every seven years at the Free Fair during Lithe, an election was... wait, wrong Lithe.

Lithe is an asymmetrical, room-based design that ironically has little relevance to its LotR counterpart. TheElderAcorn rectifies this... discrepancy with a solid 1v1 experience, thrusting players into an intuitive layout that promotes map knowledge and punishes predictable movement. One thing to keep in mind with room-based design is that engagements should...

Map Map Spotlight - Jurassic

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Once upon this same Earth, beneath this same sun, long before you, before the ape and the elephant, there were dinosaurs. Some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves of trees while others had sharp teeth for eating meat, and they preyed upon the leaf-eaters. The two lived in harmony, but then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Since then, the dinosaurs were thought to have been long since extinct... until now that is!​

eh, close enough.
Jurassic is a cool little double-wide track set in the land before time, where dinosaurs thrived and concrete roads were without a doubt a thing. Ducain has done a fine job not...

Map Map Spotlight - Athelon

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Some of you may remember that a fair few maps made their way on to the front page back in the days of Halo 4. As it as now been a few months since the release of The Master Chief Collection, it is about time that we kick off another series of map spotlights that will span across all categories and possibly not just remain exclusive to Halo 2 Anniversary. Front page map features are now going to be occurring more frequently than they had in Halo 4 and on a regular basis. As I am a biased fan of Core map design I thought what better way to start this show than with Athelon designed by WARHOLIC.


This symmetrical 4v4 map stands out as an excellent arena to settle those intense CTF and Ricochet games. Despite giving the initial impression of having a fairly straightforward layout, Athelon is packed with all the necessary elements for a great competitive experience. This is a map...
Map Noteworthy Maps #2 Silhouette
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Silhouette - Created by Debonair

At HaloCustoms we are fortunate to have a great community of map designers that continue to amaze us with their contributions to the huge list of maps that is always growing. We see so many maps from all categories that find new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of Forge. Debonair has achieved a very special map indeed with Silhouette, a small map set on the Ravine canvas.

Silhouette gives players the feeling of traversing through ruins with interesting geometry, plenty of jumps and beautiful archways. The map flows well due to the limited play-space in the upper levels encouraging players to use higher positions to traverse the map and rarely for camping. While the upper levels offer good lines of sight, players are very exposed when standing there so the lower levels are great for sneaking around and getting...

Map THFE Feature: Foot Race - Activate!

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One of the longest lasting competitions in the history of mankind has been the simple foot race. There have been many variations of the sport, both physical and digital. Just One Player has gone ahead and made another digital rendition.

In this mini game, players race to reach the end of the map first. Along the way, there are several mines that can be activated by shooting them. These mine explosions will trigger traps and clear obstacles along the way. For those of you who like to challenge your friends, Foot Race -Activate! is a great way to test your skills.

Have a map of your own you'd like to submit to THFE? Head on over to our...

Map Noteworthy Maps #1 FlyOver

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FlyOver - Created by Juanez Sanchez

Here at HaloCustoms we have noticed that you, the community, have been building some awesome maps. We are fortunate enough to have a sturdy forging community that will often surprise us with excellent new content. Your contributions to the map database bring fresh experiences to the Halo community and help inspire others to become better map designers. These maps are something to be proud of and at HaloCustoms we recognize these great maps and what they do for the community. That is why from now on we will be giving your maps the opportunity to get their moment in the spotlight that they deserve.

So, our first worthy map in the spotlight is nothing less...

Map Le Muskets

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A few of you guys may remember this game mode from the later days of Halo: Reach, but whether you are a newbie or a grizzled ancient of shotgunny skill, Le Muskets is back and ready to be played once more!

Le Muskets is a simple concept with surprisingly deep gameplay. Players spawn with infinite ammo shotguns and one frag grenade, the caveat being that these weapons kill with even the slightest hit. Seriously, the contact damage of a frag is enough to kill. Le Muskets has a team and free for all variant and can be played on nearly any standard Halo map, and plays best with 3 to 6 players. Le Muskets has proven to work well on maps such as Ragnarok, Haven. Panic Attack, Shipwreck, and Fuggedaboudit, but it's also...

Map THFE Feature: Overlook

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With their show at Port Koll canceled due to a zombie outbreak, the Purple Dinosaur Eggs had to find something else to do with their time. What better way to spend it, they reasoned, than by driving endlessly in circles? Of course they couldn't just do this anywhere, but after some digging the band found this lovely little spot in the city to put their driving skills to the test. They were disappointed to discover that playing their instruments on the back of a mongoose was more difficult than expected.

Anyway, Overlook if a nifty little double-wide track set on some city streets. Unlike a roller coaster track, this bad boy is nestled in between some sightly geometry, creating sharp turns rather than death drops...

Map THFE Feature: Power Rangers

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You know, the Power Rangers are a lot like Spartans when you think about it. They all wear cool helmets. They all have different colored attire. They all make badass poses with swords. And they get metal covers of their theme songs all the time.

Anyway, TheElderAcorn has created a mini game that pays respect to the Mighty Morphers. In this game, 4 teams will fight in a medium-sized arena, and each team will inherit one of four different traits: Damage Boost, Overshield, Speed Boost, or Active Camo. With 4 rounds and a different special power each round, you're in for a unique experience. Whether you're a fan of a mini game with a more competitive nature than others, or just looking for something new...​

Map THFE Feature: Republic

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The days of the Old Republic were some of the Galaxy's brightest. But that was before the dark times, before the Empire. Luckily, none of that really has anything to do with this map (Star Wars is still awesome, though). Republic does have to do with all things, Halo, Slayer, and fun-related however.

This is an asymmetric 4v4 map set on Ravine which takes advantage of the canvas's natural geometry to create a unique environment. The map radiates out from a central hub (recently dubbed "Ewok") which provides a variety of movement options on the bottom level and powerful sightlines on the top. In addition to holding top Ewok, your team will want to be sure to have an eye on the sniper and overshield as well as the powerful neutral rocket...

Map THFE Feature: Wingblade

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If you're the sort of person that spends their time wandering around the desert wearing a ragged cloak over your energy-shielded power armor, this aesthetic creation will likely be familiar to you. If not, you'll probably still recognize it from the first Halo 5 trailer. If not, you'll probably still be awed by it because it looks freakin' awesome.

rayner has done a simply wonderful job of recreating the massive metallic bird in extensive detail. The sheer scope of this creation is massive, and the author even saw fit to include a few added details such as the rocks kicked up as the creature emerged from beneath the sand. We may not yet be entirely sure what this creature is, but that doesn't detract from the quality of this aesthetic marvel in the slightest...

Map THFE Feature: Port Koll

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I bet that when you saw me writing about purple dinosaur eggs in some of the recent feature write-ups that you thought I was talking about purple dinosaur eggs. What you didn't realize is that I was actually talking about a band called the Purple Dinosaur Eggs (just roll with it ;) ). That band was actually booked to play on the nice little stage on Port Koll, but their show was sadly canceled when zombies attacked. Om nom nom!

Port Koll is a lovely water-side flood map designed for the Hivemind gametype. The map features...

Map THFE Feature: Omi Shogun

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Halo matches come in many different shapes and sizes. Some pit players against one another in an arena, some pit players against each other on a giant Beer Pong table, and some pit players against a giant freaking robot with an array of deadly weapons at its disposal. Omi Shogun falls into the latter category.

Omi Shogun is a one-sided objective mini game where one team must assault the giant robot whilst the other defends it. The attackers must strategically position themselves behind cover and move a ball up to the goal at the foot of the robot. The defenders, on the other hand...

Map THFE Feature: Treetops

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As the hunt for the purple dinosaur eggs continues, your squad (sans you, as you were stepped on by a Mantis last time) is shipped out to a Forerunner installation of some sort. This installation is a bit of an anomaly in that it is perched atop a massive petrified tree trunk in the middle of the ocean. How this situation came to be is as pertinent a question as why they still let me write these articles.

Still, what this map lacks in plausible purple dinosaur-related back story, it more than makes up for in other areas. Treetops is a Guardian-inspired map which plays like a dream. Towers surrounding the central purple dinosaur egg hatchery platform create three...

Map THFE Feature: Beer Pong

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Throughout history, humanity has developed countless ways to pass time. Few of these activities, however, can compare to drinking beer and playing Halo. Naturally, these two activities go well together. That's where this map comes in.

With this mini game, TurbTastic has recreated the classic drinking game within Halo 4. Players must maneuver their mongooses into the opposing team's cups in order to score. The result is a fun, but challenging mini game which recreates the classic party game but with all of the obnoxious drunk people being replaced by obnoxious tweens screaming into their microphones (kidding, of course I don't mean it). So, what are you waiting for? Turb has created both six and ten cup versions to accommodate all party sizes. Go play some pong...

Map THFE Feature: Halo Tactics

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Originally a concept devised in Halo Reach, Halo Tactics is a turn-based mini game that pits two teams together in a large arena for a single-life elimination take down.

In this mini game forged by DeadlockDrago, teams must incorporate strong communication and teamwork into their strategies in order to come out on top.​

Have a map of your own you'd like to submit to THFE? Head on over to our submission forums and post today!​

Map THFE Feature: City of Grey

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Do you like shooting zombies in the face? Do you like driving warthogs? Do you like my pants? If your answer to either of the first two questions there is "yes", then you're in luck. The third question is slightly less relevant here, but an important query nonetheless. What I'm getting at, here, is that City of Grey offers the player loads of opportunities to shoot zombies in the face and engage in the use of everyone's favorite fast attack vehicle.

City of Grey is a linear flood map which guides players through a city and involves them eventually escaping aboard their wheeled steeds. As a MLF, I can personally say that City of Grey is pretty awesome, and stuff. Yeah. Let's hear it for @Zandril.

P.S. I apologize for this going up late, my schedule for the...

Map THFE Feature: Orbital Launch

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Well now, this map is something different. Although someone of you will notice that this Charles Stoot map came out a good while back, we've been meaning to feature it for quite some time.

Orbital Launch is a game that combines simple platforming with the Halo 4 multiplayer experience. Players must compete to time their jumps properly and out-perform their opponents to survive the end of the round as the last man standing. Players who miss their jumps fall down onto the unstable grid, which has a tendency to "launch players into orbit" (hence the name).​
Have a map of your own you'd like to submit to THFE? Head on over to...​
Community HaloCustoms Aesthetic Map Pack
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Hello there! As you've noticed by the title of this article, we've got something a little different for you today. While I was surfing through our forums one day, I noticed something that caught my attention. We have plenty of competitive, flood, and minigame maps being discussed and critiqued, but the aesthetic maps seem to be glanced over quite frequently. This is actually made me a little more sad than it should have, mainly because we have some simply stunning aesthetic maps in our database! So, I've done what needed to be done. It's time to bring these beauties to the front page, so everyone can see just how far the forge boundaries have been pushed by our crazily talented aesthetic forgers.



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