AlexVan123 QnA Answers - Better Late Than Never...

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey everyone!

In case you don't know me, hi! My name is Alex, and I am one of HaloCustoms' new content contributors / moderators. I previously worked on ForgeHub's content contribution team, and I led a group of five other staff members to create a series of content for users across both the website, and the growing YouTube channel. I enjoy indie games, Halo, cats, and long walks on the beach. A few of you have chatted with me already, but if you haven't, feel free to sent me a message saying hi!

Now, onto questions! (btw I'm answering every single one so everyone gets the cool badge)

deathwish9x asks:
- What is your name?

- What is your quest?

- What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

1, 2, 3. I still need to watch Monty Python.

Sky asks:
1. Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?
2.Which staff member with a symbol in their name is your favourite?
3. What's your greatest achievement in Halo?

1. I'd risk anything for a chocolate biscuit. (Are those even real?)
2. There's that one Sky person.
3. I'd say it's playing as much multiplayer as I have. I'm 90% sure my collected hours for every game is around 1500 hours, at least. (I also made a dumb map but that's not important)

SteelGreen asks:
1. Why did you come to HC?
2. What is your plans as a mod since you got it so fast.
3. How many little kids do you catch with your van daily?

1. I actually made my account on HC around October of last year, just to see what was going on here. I had heard of a lot of people referring to HaloCustoms as a great place, but I had never seen it myself. Hence, voila.

2. I'm currently working on content contribution. There's a lot of room for HaloCustoms to grow, and I've seen the impact a steady stream of site content has on popularity. I wanted HaloCustoms to receive that sort of success, which arguably is something it's been struggling with.

3. Zero. If you're referring to my username, that has a complete other story. Back about 5 or 6 years ago, I made my XBL account and because I really hated the default combination of a noun with another noun and then numbers, I decided to ironically use my first name and the first 3 letters of my last name, then... added... numbers...

Psychoduck asks:
1. I read in the shoutbox earlier that you have never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So, my first question is: "How dare you?" Go watch it, and come back. Better yet, go see Spamalot and come back.
2. What's your history with Halo and the Halo community?
3. What are some other games you currently enjoy playing, and why?

1. Yep. I promise I'll watch it by the end of this week. Promise.

2. I actually started playing Halo around the Reach times, which was arguably a terrible, but also great time to jump in. I had been playing a bunch of multiplayer for a while, and eventually picked up Halo 4, and played that for a while. Despite it being different, I somehow liked the multiplayer and the singleplayer. After that happened for a while, MCC came out and I binged that for a while. Keep in mind I still wasn't involved in any communities. So after that, Halo 5 came out, and I co-created a Spartan Company with a few people I met online, and I also further discovered forge. After a half a year of running a Spartan Company, I joined Creative Force honestly because I wanted a group of people to know that were kind individuals, and not complete jackasses (this was a problem with the Spartan Company). So I spent a few months only doing that, and I had a ton of fun. We primarily worked off of ForgeHub at the time, and eventually I was brought into the ForgeHub staff after (ironically) having a conversation in their shoutbox with Warholic. I spent almost a year working there creating content and beefing up the staff with people I trusted, as well as new faces I didn't know. I wanted a diverse group of community leaders from multiple groups, so I met a lot of the people from groups like BIOC, GrifballHub, and generally from the Halo community. H5 was still in it's content strides at that time, with the bi-monthly content still arriving. As that continued to slow down, I started taking up more and more outside games, picking up Destiny again with the new expansion, and a few indie games. After a while, I decided to take a break from ForgeHub, as the community was, well, getting hectic. I spent a month playing a bunch of backlogged games in my Steam library, as well as other gems I had found. For reasons I'm not going to disclose, I decided to permanently leave ForgeHub, and began seeking a new community position where I could share my talents. After some other events, voila. I'm now here ;)
(whew. that was a lot.)

3. Oh man, I could go on forever with all the games that I'm enjoying right now. Here's a few.
  • Rocket League! I seriously fucking love this game. It's unique blend of RC Cars and soccer just is really great and fun for me. Scoring goals feels awesome, and gives you a sense of competitiveness that I haven't really found in other games.
  • CS:GO - The community is shit. But, 100% the best feature is the voice chat, I swear after an hour of play in casual, you can hear a topic discussed that you'd never imagine that you'd hear about in a game. Counter-Strike really takes on the meaning of "Online Play not rated by ESRB".
  • Undertale - everyone go buy this game when it's on sale. The pixel graphics may turn some people off, but underneath that is a really great game full of humor, unique enemies that don't make you want to scream, and a total of 6 different dogs. The story is an emotional whirlwind, as you can become friends with all the bosses, but your decisions impact the entire game later. Hell, you can even date a skeleton.. if you're into that... (no shit this is an actual thing in the game)
  • Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin - This game defines beauty in a game for me. It's beautiful vistas and great-feeling combat go hand in hand, and in combination with the difficulty of the game, it just feels awesome. Walking out into Majula is one of the best game experiences I've had.

Jesus in Malibu asks:
What is the best anime and why is it King of the Hill?

I think you misspelled "Cory in the House".

1. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

2. Where are you from?

3. What consoles/systems do you own?

1. About 3,510. Maybe.

2. I am from the state of Florida.

3. I own an Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and PC. None of that Sony shit for me.

Auburn asks:
1.How do you feel about the current state of the Halo franchise and its future?

2.What inspired you to become so involved in the Halo community?

3.Have you delved into the deepest reaches of the Hub Pub?

1. I feel that the Halo community is 50-50 when it comes to positives and negatives. You've got positive people on YouTube, Reddit, etc. These are usually people who actively seek to find roles in communities. However, there's also a good number of negative people in the community. Some forums, Reddit comments, YouTube comments, and other places often have these people, and they tend to desire something that would essentially copy Halo 3 again. As for the future, it's up to 343i to make a game people actually want, and they need to make this upcoming game good. If Halo 6 fails, it's over. The overall community will quit, and the series will essentially die. However, if they make a worthwhile game that lives up to the franchise name, then there's gonna be a lot of community improvement all over the place.

2. I was inspired by the community itself. I loved the game, and seeing people so passionate about it inspires me all the time to do my part to contribute to positivity and constructive feedback.

3. I've seen some of it. If anything, I've seen how a separation like that can destroy communities, and create a group of people that simply don't want to visit the site anymore. I never want to create such an experience here, or anywhere.

Well, that's all the questions! Thanks everyone for inviting me into this community, and giving me such a warm welcome :)