Event HaloCustoms vs the World: June Edition

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Greetings, HaloCustoms. There has been a serious lack of custom game events around here lately and we're pretty bummed out about it. What sort of a Halo forum are we if we don't host official custom lobbies every now and then, right? Well, that just so happens to be why I'm here today! Some of you might have witnessed a peculiar tweet in which the mystery-man behind our Twitter noticed an ominous scent coming from the distance. As it turns out, their senses were spot on because we're announcing the fourth installation of our HaloCustoms vs the World event!

If you aren't aware, HaloCustoms vs the World is a weekend-long event in which the staff and our wonderful community join forces to dominate the forces of evil in Halo 5's (and maybe even MCC's) Matchmaking. Much of the event will take place in the BTB playlist...
Event Community versus Community: Saturday Lobby Recap
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Yesterday, we embarked on our second endeavor to prove our superiority to the pathetic plebeians lovely folks over at 343 Industries Community Forum. After they wiped the floor with us we let them win at Friday's lobby, it was time for some payback. This time around, we brought in the big guns with special guests MATCLAN and Vetoed as well as SteelGreen, deathwish9x, CDX34, and Greenh2. Fellow staffer, Jesus in Malibu, was also on standby for moral support...

Event Community versus Community: Friday Lobby Recap

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Yesterday, we held our first Community versus Community event with 343i Community Forum. The lobby began with a few warm up matches on several maps including Brutalist, Solasium, and Citadel. It was at this time that I remembered how bad I am at Halo. Nevertheless, I was positive that Team HaloCustoms would claim this victory with the likes of Sky, CDX34 , and SteelGreen on our side. When the members of 343i Community Forum began to show their prowess on the virtual battlefield, however, that mindset quickly shifted. Thus begins the tale of the greatest rekking of our time...

Game 1 - Slayer on Perseus

HaloCustoms - 10 | 343i Community Forum - 50

Game 1 was the storm before the storm (yes, you read that right). Those of us on Team HaloCustoms entered the match with our hopes high, but it was all for naught in the end. Our...

Community vs Community: 343i Edition

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Hello, HaloCustards! Before you ask, no, I didn't spell "Staff" wrong in the title. Since you guys couldn't seem to beat the staff more than once in the past, we thought it was about time to take a break from SvC and to introduce a new, similar event; Community versus Community!

Community versus Community is a small event that'll provide the residents of HaloCustoms with an opportunity to represent our forum. The concept is simple; HaloCustoms and their adversaries will pool together a group of Spartans to fight for their honor in a series of three best-of-five matches over the course of this coming weekend. These matches can range from Swat on Riptide to race on Bowser's Castle! Now, this is where the community comes in. Each forum community can choose a total of seven maps and modes to be played during the event. The fun part is that we can choose...

Event HaloCustoms Saves the World

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HaloCustoms vs the World? Guess again! This time we're teaming up to save the world from Covenant and Promethean alien baddies! If you haven't heard, the Warzone Firefight beta is live now until Tuesday, April 19th! As with every new mode, we're taking this opportunity to team up with the community in this limited time beta! The new mode only supports up to 8 players so we're spreading out into multiple lobbies to accommodate for the demand. We'll be streaming this event live on our official Twitch channel along with recording the events to mash together in a recap video on our new official YouTube channel! So come on down this weekend, bring your REQs (and please don't sell your Prophet's Banes... adderrson) and let's...

Event 2th Annual Polished Turd Forge-A-Thon

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Wasn't I supposed to give more information on this a week or two ago... Anywho, Happy April Fools everybody. If you're reading this on the day of posting you might notice everything looking a bit funky, but that's all the fun of the fair.


In case you wasn't with us a year ago, the PT-Forge-A-Thon is a celebration of terrible map forging tropes and satirical take on forges past, a "my fworst map" if you will. Last year members had just the day to lovingly churn out their disastrous concoction. And those maps were then playtested (if you can even call it that) the following weekend. You can check out the original event and recap by following the highlighted linkydinks.​

But wait, don't the rules of the forge-a-thon state that all maps have to be forged on April Fools...

Event Be Mine Valentine Weekend

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Love is in the air, apparently everywhere I look around or so the song goes. This weekend on HaloCustoms we'll be celebrating this "togetherness" in an slightly alternate context by how well as a pair you can operate as a singular hyper lethal vector and cause others much pain as you team shot and jointly teabag their remains for the ultimate humiliation.

So in honour of all this we want you to aquire your very own HC Valentine and show us all what an effective duo you really are this weekend by submitting your best clip of you both in action in this here submission thread. Instructions on how to record and submit your clip will be all be included there, so check it out once your done here. :)

So how do I aquire a HC Valentine?

As well as simply asking someone you play Halo...

SvC Staff vs Community #10 Recap

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Yesterday, we held the tenth HaloCustoms Staff vs Community game night. In years past, the brave staff team has valiantly defended against the community's ravenous horde. Each time, the community has mobilized their destructive engines of war and, each time, we have bravely quashed their pathetic rebellion through the use of superior tactics and better coffee. We wish we could paint the same rosy picture to convey the outcome of this event, but sadly we cannot.

On January fifteenth, 2016, a band of dastardly blue barbarians led an all-out assault against the beleaguered forces of the staff team. With unparalleled bravery, we defended our values of honor and fairness as well as the coveted fruit transformation machine. With equal ferocity, the community team lashed out and destroyed all that we hold dear. Our cunning and benevolence were no match for their destructive...

SvC Staff vs. Community #10

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Man oh man, how long it has been since we last hosted one of these. Continuing the celebration of HaloCustoms's 3rd Anniversary, we have decided to go ahead and revive a fond memory of the somewhat distant past: Staff vs. Community.

Since the last SvC, the Staff team has gotten some fresh meat, as well thrown out some long forgotten cuts still sitting in the back of the freezer. We think the community actually has a fair shot this time around, but that's all on you guys now isn't it?

Since I'm sure you're all leaning off of your seats in curiosity, let me introduce you to the staff team roster you'll be playing against this time around, along with some fighting words from each of them:

The Staff Team:
The staff lineup will include Psychoduck, SOLIDSNAKEee, Jesus in Malibu, Flying Shoe and myself. There may be guest appearances from other staffers throughout the...

Event HaloCustoms vs the World

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If you've been around HaloCustoms for any lngth of time, you'll know that a new Halo game brings with it exciting new custom gaming events, forge contests, and more. With Halo 5's launch in our rear-view mirror, and with the opening of our robust new Custom Game section, it's time to kick things off! We hope you'll join us this weekend for the next installment in our HaloCustoms vs the World event series!

HaloCustoms vs the World is a weekend-long series of game nights where forum staff lead brave users into battle against the evil forces of the rest of the internet. This time around, we hope you'll join us on the battlefields of Halo 5's Big Team Battle and Warzone playlists to once again show the World that we are better than them at Halo. Much of the event will be broadcast on our new Twitch channel and the logistics...

343i.org Invites You to the Community Breakout League

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Hello HaloCustoms! Haven't been around here all that often but with Halo 5: Guardians less than 2 weeks away I've kinda been all over the place.

First and foremost, I'd like to address the topic of this thread and that is a Breakout League for the different Halo niche communities to participate in and bring us all together a bit.

The Breakout League:

Teams of 4 with a captain and a name. Time and Date are to be announced as of now because of many players' unknown schedules and curricular/extracurricular activities going on around the time of launch so we're aiming for mid-November. BUT keep in mind that this is a league that will be going on for weeks and we're giving the freedom of scheduling games to the teams involved to hold within that week they are scheduled. You can also sign up as a Free Agent to be added to a team here...

Event HaloCustoms vs the World #2

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Gather 'round, friends of Fronk, and remember the battles we fought a few weeks ago. Remember that we went up against the world and sent them home crying. Remember that we took all of our frustration towards 343's stewardship of the Halo franchise out on Lazerbeard: a 343 employee. Remember our Elephant-top roadblock party. Remember the warthog which carried seven brave Spartans into battle only to be destroyed by a single plasma grenade. Under the guidance of our beloved Fronk, we made hundreds of nerds rage across virtual battlefields throughout Halo 3, Halo CE, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3...

And, if you can't remember, watch this.
Now it is time for us to rise up once more and prove to the rest of the world that HaloCustoms is a pretty cool guy that kills aliens and doesn't afraid of...

Event HaloCustoms vs the World #1 Recap

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Last weekend, us proud denizens of HaloCustoms matched ourselves against the might of the world. What we discovered is that the world is pretty bad at Halo and that Fronk is a pretty cool guy. Ladies(?) and gentlemen, I bring you the recap from last weekend's escapades.

This was the test run for big events held within the Master Chief Collection as well as for the obscene recording setup needed to capture game and chat sound from the Xbox One, but I think it's safe to say that it was quite a success. We experienced a number of game crashes, recording hiccups, and even a full shutdown of Xbox Live, but we pulled through and had a hell of a good time. We look forward to hosting more events like this, as well as other fun events in the near future so don't be too sad if you missed out on this one.

To those of you who participated, what were some of your favorite moments from the...

Event HaloCustoms vs The World #1

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Hello there, do you remember the good old times when there were big site-wide custom gaming events? Do you remember those awesome Staff vs Community events where we always whooped your sorry asses? Do you remember, before the dark times? Before the Empire? We do too, and we've been pretty bummed out about the lack of custom gaming and ass-kicking for the last few months. Luckily for everyone, a new opportunity for such things has presented itself with the advent of moderately stable matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection after the patch which came out a while back.

This time you don't even have to worry about getting your ass kicked by your loving staff team, because it's us (all of us) against the world! This coming weekend, your favorite oranges and apples will be hosting a few lobbies at varying times in the hope that at least one of them will fit into your schedule. These parties will each include seven...

1th PT Forge-A-Thon Re-cap

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Ten days ago, A selection of us in the HC community foolishly forged an assortment of woeful creations over the course of the first day of April. The aim was to then share our creations in a custom games session over the following weekend of which this is a re-cap for. To read more about the PT Forge-A-Thon click here.

Out of all the maps we played in said session last weekend, Box by Sgt x Slaphead (with aesthetics co-forged by Cpt x Craphead) stood out for it's complete no frills, two bases, one power weapon design.

Ignore how truly awful I played in this game (it's a recurring theme throughout all of these clips). Regardless of how simplistic this build was it was surprisingly a lot of fun to play.

On the flipside, there's...

Event 1th Annual Polished Turd Forge-A-Thon

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Ladies and gentleman, it's my privilege to present to you:


The PT Forge-A-Thon embraces the foolish nature of the day it takes place on. The goal is build an entire 4v4 map for competitive* play in less than a day on the 1st of April.

There are no prizes, only a guaranteed loss of dignity as a result of the utter tripe you will likely have time to create... but that's all the fun of the fair.

Instead we will celebrate a collection of dilapidated renditions of Rome (that were built in a day) in a series of custom game lobbies over the following weekend. Featuring our favourites on the front page and inviting all those whom participated to add an image of their woeful creation in our majestic "Hall of Flame™" (coming soon).

So what are the rules?
  • Submitted maps must have a creation date of the 1st April 2015.
  • Submitted maps must have a "last edited" date of the 1st...

Event Best of Forge '14: Winners, Runner-ups, and an Explanation

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About a month ago, we hatched a plan to bring an exciting forge-related event back to the limelight. With the Master Chief Collection in its shaky state, we wanted to bring the HaloCustoms community something to get excited about. Given the array of talented forgers on this site, bringing back the Best of Forge event was a no-brainer. However, we were cautious. BoF '13 turned out to be a complete disaster due to poor planning and lack of integrity, both from us and the partner we worked with to host said event. This time around, we vowed things would go more smoothly. For the most part, we successfully realized this vision of a better, smoother BoF event. However, that vision was completely derailed a few days ago, and the worst part is that we didn't learn about this...

Event And the winners are...

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Happy March! This month just so happens to host a very special day associated with green colors and drunken festivities around the world. Here at Halo Customs, we're handing out the :beer: early to commemorate the results of Best of Forge 2014! Set your virtual booze aside for a moment, though, because before revealing the winners, we have to announce their earnings! In January, we revealed two prizes; an exclusive HC trophy worth 15 points and title as chosen by the community. Out of a total 43 votes, BK Forger Extraordinaire emerged with a landslide win! Now, grab that beverage again and do the thing as we present your choices for Best of Forge 2014...

Event Best of Forge '14, Let the Voting Commence!

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After a one week hiatus, I'm proud to announce that the second phase of Best of Forge '14 has now commenced.

In the past week fellow staff members have been diligently processing your nominations for each category in order to determine what community creations have qualified to enter the voting stage of BoF'14.

Overall there was 133 total nominations for 62 different maps, across 7 alternate categories.

As a reminder the categories for Best of Forge '14 are;

Event Best of Forge '14

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As we near the end of the 1th month of 2015, the time has come to look back upon what we as a community managed to achieve in 2014, prior to the release of the Master Chief Collection.

After a lengthy discussion between REMkings, Psychoduck and Flying Shoe ILR, a joint decision has been reached amongst the HC staff to revive "Best of Forge".

Many of you may be sat back in your chairs like a resident Scooby Doo taking a big gulp and a resounding "Ruh-Roh" due to the utter shambles that was "Best of Forge 2013". Fear not however as this event is being hosted entirely in-house, so there will be no lack of communication with partners this time around. Further more there will be no judges this year either.

You read that right ladies? and gentlemen, the winners of Best of Forge '14 will be decided entirely by the HC community spread over a one month period of nostalgic discussion and...

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