Q&A Dax - Your Questions Answered

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In this Daxiest edition of the Halo Customs Staff Q&A, we've interviewed The Dax, a staff member whose Halo Customs origins have lead up to the exciting news of his recent upgrade to the admin position. You have asked your questions, and he has answered them. Well, as many as is reasonably possible. Do you feel like he's taken to long to finally answer? Let us know in the Front Page Feedback thread Maybe don't ask him so many questions next time*, eh?!

Below stands before you a harrowing enlightenment of one of the most beloved staff members on site. He talks about and waffles, origins, online dating, potatoes, explosions and before any of you get to answer before me, Yes Dax. I do have a spare room. Check it out below...

Q&A Dax's Q&A - Ask Your Questions Here

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In this edition of Halo Customs Staff Q&A, we're featuring a young fellow named Dax. I'm sure you've heard of him. He recently became an Admin! Which is awesome. Mmhm. Awesome. So be careful what you ask, everyone. If you scare him, he might accidentally delete the website. I know I have a few times. Man, that was a fun night.

Ask away in the comments below!​

Staff Q&A: BigStack

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Don't fret, my dear HaloCustomians, I haven't forgotten about our Q&A with the big man in red. I was merely building a little hype! And I think it will be worth the wait - the curtains of HaloCustoms have finally been pulled back as Bigstack reveals the top secret inner workings of this wonderful site that we all call home! Well, not really. Not at all actually - I couldn't get anything more than a "I do a lot of the back-end work." out of him. Nevertheless, we do get to learn a little more about Bigstack himself! Which I for one think is interesting to say the least. Keep reading to find out for yourself!


Dax: Welcome Bigstack! Have a seat. Can I get you anything? Maybe some Kool-Aid or a soda?

Well I don't drink the Kool-Aid, but a root beer will be great. A Long Island would also be nice if you've got a bar.

Dax: I guess...

BigStack's Q&A: Ask Your Questions Here!

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Aaaand we're back! It's time to get the ball rolling again with another Staff Q&A. Our lovely BigStack is in the house this time around, so if you've ever wondered about the secret life of The Man Behind the Scenes, now's your chance to find out! And remember, he has to answer anything you guys feel like asking him (so long as it isn't anything stranger than I would ask).​
So I searched Bigstack on Google Images - here's the first thing that came up. Ok fine, it was like, the seventh, but still. This is how I imagine him.

So, get those questions in soon if you have any! I personally can't wait to find out more about a day in the life of Bigstack. Be on the lookout for the Interview/Q&A sometime next week, and until then, gaze upon that glorious stack of fifty thousand dollars.

Staff Q&A: Tedium

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It's that time of the.. well, it's Q&A time again! However, I have a slight dilemma this time around. I need some sort of introductory paragraph before I show you this awesome picture that segues into an even more awesome interview with Tedium. (Actually, the first part's a little more awkward than awesome. You'll soon find out soon enough, if you keep reading that is.) So anyways, back to this introduction paragraph. The problem is, it appears that I've run out of things to say. So I guess I'll just keep rambling until I deem this suitable for an introduction! Just a few more words for good measure... and maybe a couple more. There we go, now this seems like an adequate size!

Mind you, this has nothing to do with Tedium, I just found it mildly humorous.

Dax: Teddy Bear, we need to talk. I'd say our...

Tedium's Q&A: Ask Your Questions Here!

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Some of you may remember that in our last Staff Q&A, we decided to hold off on the question-asking until a later date in time. Well folks, that later date has arrived! Tedium has volunteered to be our next Q&A victim, so if you've ever wondered what goes on inside that mind of his, here's your chance to find out! And don't be afraid to think up some off-the-wall questions either. Trust us, we've heard 'em all. Now let's see if I can help get you started with a few Tedium tidbits...

  • He's been around the block when it comes to the Halo series, contributing to several different Halo communities around the interwebs.
  • Don't let that sauve American accent of his fool you, he's another one of those GMTers!
  • I believe he once mentioned something about a dead hamster incident?
  • We may or may not have a brony on our hands..


Staff Q&A: Insane54

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You know what time it is?? (Contrary to what you funny guys are oh-so-cleverly thinking, it's not time for me to get a watch...) If you guessed interview time with our supreme overlord Insane54 hosted by yours truly, then you are correct! For some crazy reason, Insane voluntarily decided to take a seat in the HaloCustoms dunk tank for you all to violently hurl questions at him like he was the school's new science teacher, failing everyone for not trying hard enough. And hurl questions you did! So let's stop this silly banter and get to it, shall we?


Dax: Hey Insane! I don't think you need much of an introduction these days, so I'll skip the small talk and get right down to those juicy questions! Ready?


Dax: Good to see some enthusiasm! You're going to need it for the impending inquiries...

Parker Melnyk: What do you think of...

Staff Q&A: Fuzzle

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And we're back! It's time for the interview with that crazy German of ours, Fuzzle. But don't worry, he's not any crazier than some of those questions you all asked him! Regardless, I still forced him to answer some of the more, unusual ones, even though I wasn't too comfortable asking them myself. Trust me, things got real awkward when it came to the staff bromance question. (You would, Shira. You would.) SO, without further ado...


Hey Fuzzy, I'll start off with a few questions and then hand it off to the community after that. Sound good?

I'm excited! ;)

Good. So, what's your favorite aspect of the Halo series?

That's a tough one. I have two favourite aspects of the Halo series. The first is the community, the Halo community has been...

Get To Know Your Staff!

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Ever wondered what us staff members are up to? You know, besides keeping this site super awesome for you guys. Well, here's your chance to get know us a little better! (We're real people too, I promise.) Starting this month we'll be doing monthly Staff Q&As, where we take whatever questions you may have for us and answer them to the best of our ability! Each month we'll have a different staff member for you to pick on, so just think of something you'd like to ask and drop it in the comments below. This time around it happens to be our newest addition to the orange team, señor Fuzzle.

Don't let the low resolution fool you. This is an actual photo of Fuzzle.

Interview: 343i Senior Writer Chris Schlerf

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A few days ago, Mr. Insane54 got into contact with Halo 4's Senior Writer, Chris Schlerf, and the two had a nice little chat about what it means to write for a company that I want to write for in the future and would very much appreciate a job offer from. The interview is a pretty awesome read, which is no doubt due to the fact that my future boss is an awesome writer (and recognizes a talented member of his craft who would otherwise go unappreciated on a community forum). So, without further subtlety, I present the unedited interview (the edited one can be found in my dreams, wherein I take all the letters and reassemble them so that it reads something like a love letter to yours truly). Bonus points to anyone who figures out the single question I asked.

Halo Customs: Tell us a little about what you do at 343 Industries, and what you contributed to Halo 4.


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