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Srs Bzns Open Staff Applications

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You might have noticed that our staff team has grown thinner since the end of last year. Well, that's why I'm here today! Simply put, we're looking for members to join our staff team. We aim to provide content and facilitate discussion here at HaloCustoms, so we need an active team of people who're invested in the Halo franchise. If that sounds like you, please take a gander below.

We want to make our team more diverse, so we're looking for event organizers, article writers, and lobby hosts. The application is for a general moderator position, however, so feel free to apply even if those specific responsibilities don't appeal to you.

What we expect:
• Be an active member of the forum
• Participate in discussions of events, articles, etc
• Write articles
• General moderation (bots, forum maintenance, etc)​

What we require:
• Must be proficient...​
Srs Bzns The Great Xbox Debate
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Update: I'm proud to announce that after the week-long poll, 81.8% of those that voted to share our ongoing vision for the future of HaloCustoms. I'll keep you posted on when these changes will take place along with a fairly substantial site update which is on track for next week.

For those enquiring about the inner workings of this new integration, I wanted to mention that we have been working on this functionality behind the scenes since November 2015 along with a roadmap of changes to the site which we hope you'll enjoy.

All the "Xbox" related features available now and into the future have been built from the ground up, specifically for HaloCustoms. This functionality is very much myself and TACTICS' digital baby and we're both very proud of what we have achieved and plan to in the future. For those simply interested in the API level of things we simply can't disclose anything of that nature due to a...

Srs Bzns [Raffle Over!] 20,000 Members!

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Quiz time. What's ((632952/ 657)*25)-4084.9315069? If you're not too partial to math like myself then I'll just tell you.

So, can you guess what this seemingly random number refers to? HaloCustoms has officially reached 20,000 members! To celebrate this milestone, were hosting a raffle for a Halo 5: Guardians: 9 Gold REQ Packs - Xbox One Digital Code. How do you enter? Easy. All you have to do is create a post in this thread describing your favorite experience with HaloCustoms! This could be that awesome killtacular you earned during an official lobby, or even just a humorous moment in the shoutbox. Anything goes! Just put some effort into it.

I'll lock this thread and...

Srs Bzns Announcing the HaloCustoms Official YouTube Channel!

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You read that bit right, we finally have our own YouTube channel! A few of you observant users may have noticed that little YouTube button that's been sitting at the bottom of the site for about a month now... or maybe not. During that time, we've been preparing and constructing the channel while also preparing ourselves (thanks for the Elgato by the way, Psychoduck) and finding time to do so in between our rather busy lives as of late.

Some of you may be asking yourselves "But why, uncle JiM, did HaloCustoms go ahead and started its own channel?" Well sit down, Bobbeh, and I'll let you in on a small tale. Once upon a time in the land of YouTube, there once was a noble YouTube channel called 'The Halo Forge Epidemic' or 'THFE' that was also partnered with the noble HaloCustoms website since the official launch of the site on January 9, 2013. The noble channel...

Srs Bzns A Call to Arms (and Keyboards)

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With the increasing prominence of Forge in Halo 5, the potential for awesome Custom Games has also grown. Many forgers are creating new maps every day and we've now reached the point where enough content exists that a steady flow of customs and lobbies can come to fruition.

Forgers yield a varied harvest. Some sow the seeds of entirely new Halo experiences while others strive to perfect the core Halo formula. Similarly, our members have come to love different types of maps and modes. We would like to provide the best possible avenue for users to experience the kinds of forge content they enjoy playing.

A Call to Arms
At HaloCustoms, we've always been a community founded on the principle of playing user created content. Our main goal is to provide a service that allows the community to organize and interact with each other in playing Customs...

Srs Bzns Monday Map Testing

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Members of HaloCustoms enjoy attending many different types of lobbies. Some enjoy cracking heads in Warzone. Others prefer wacky mini games. Map testing and feedback lobbies are some of the most important but perhaps underrepresented types here at HaloCustoms. I've been running such lobbies at my own convenience, but I've been asked on several occasions about scheduling them at a recurring interval and I'm happy to say that I will now be doing just that!

Monday Map Testing is a way for forgers to test their maps and get detailed and actionable feedback on them. This lobby will also house testing for ForgeHub map features as well as for Community Forge matchmaking playlists. You can read up on all of the details including how to sign up below. You can also see a sample of the sort of feedback that's been given in past lobbies for this testing group...

Srs Bzns The Quest for Achilles

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Here at HaloCustoms, we're all about getting together to enjoy unique experiences in custom games. However, we also like to go up against the rest of the Haloverse in matchmaking from time to time and doing either tends to be more exciting if done while rocking some really cool looking Spartan armor.

A few of these interests converge in our effort to obtain the new Achilles armor set. For those unaware, this armor and helmet are unlocked by reaching rank 3 and 5 respectively in Spartan Company kill commendations. This is no mean feat and achieving this goal will require a Company full of active members who enjoy pwning n00bs in matchmaking with relative frequency.


To facilitate this pwnage, we intend to begin hosting matchmaking game nights more regularly. We're still working on locking down dates, but we hope that some of you will...

Event Happy 3rd Birthday HaloCustoms!

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Three years ago on this day, a tiny blue website came kicking and screaming into the world. Its parents looked on, one going a tad @Insane and the other eating a BigStack of pancakes. Meanwhile an equally Psychoduck was making ready to bring in a wave of new friends who would soon call the site home.

Since then, we've been through all manner of things together. The release of each new Halo title has brought ups and downs to activity and have changed how the site is structured as well. The Fruit Transformation Machine has turned many a blueberry into oranges, and even a few into apples, to help out the original team: Insane, Bigstack, Lights, Tedium, Sargent Sarcasm, Titmar, Mocknizzle, Nondual, Wakko, Vincent Torre, Chuck, and Psychoduck.

We've made a lot of memories in that time. Contests were held...

Srs Bzns HaloCustoms 2015: a Year in Review

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Here at HaloCustoms, we like to do cool stuff. So, join us (Auburn, Jesus in Malibu, adderrson, Master Debaytes, and Psychoduck) as we look back upon some of that cool stuff that we've done over the course of the last year. Sure, it wasn't our best year. By many accounts, it was actually the hardest year for the site. The slump towards the end of Halo 4 appeared to be looking up in late 2014 with the Master Chief Collection on the horizon and then, well, we all know how that turned out. Still, despite MCC's best efforts, we soldiered on and remained a tight-knit, laid-back community which continued to do cool stuff. Welcome, then, to HaloCustoms' 2015: a Year in Review.

Halo Memories (Duck)
In late 2014, I was approached to join in on a project to, alongside other YouTubers, share what I loved most about Halo. "The community" would have...

HaloCustoms Halloween!

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Rumor has it that Halloween is when the veil between worlds becomes thin, and our spectral ancestors loom around us. Whether you believe in such things or not, you cannot deny that this holiday represents everything fiendish and frightening. Here at HaloCustoms, we're embracing Halloween with warm hands...and a spooky rendition of our Xenforo theme! You can spookify your theme by selecting "Halo-ween" in the style chooser below.

Halo-ween Username Changes!
There's a tradition here at HaloCustoms that involves the spookification of our usernames. To commemorate Hallows' Eve, Psychoduck, FlyingShoeILR, and...

News The End of an Era

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Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of Halo: Reach: a game which was truly instrumental in bringing Halo's forge community to life. One of the biggest pieces of forge community history born during Reach's lifespan was a YouTube channel called TheHaloForgeEpidemic. What began as a way for [REDACTED] to showcase his talents as a mini game forger quickly evolved into a major community phenomenon. THFE map features become the most viewed forge content on YouTube and the channel thrived. With help from the talented commentator Bevans Law and the enterprising Oakley HiDef, THFE became a respected community group.

In January of 2012, I came on board in order to feature what we then called "competitive" maps on the channel. I eased in with big team battle maps because they were what I knew best. I soon began featuring a variety of core Halo maps and slowly began earning the...

News Pardon us Whilst we...

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You may remember from our most recent site update that we are implementing some pretty cool changes to the site prior to the release of the Master Chief Collection. You can already see some of these changes in place in the maps section, and the customs section is now our primary area of focus. The changes we hope to implement to the host ratings system are complicated, and you may see some negative effects in the short term as we work on these systems.

So, pardon us if we accidentally delete the internet.

We'll keep you up-to-date with our progress. You shouldn't see anything go too horribly wrong while we work on these changes, but I figured it was worth letting you all know about. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our like system. Hopefully these will be resolved soon, but we may have to break a few things in the short term to...

Teddy Out

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Hey guys,

It's been an awesome ride, but there comes a time for everyone where they realize that Halo just isn't as big a part their life as it used to be. It's been an amazing experience being apart of this. I feel incredibly privileged to have been given the chance to be so much as a staff member here, but from this point onward I feel it would be nothing but dishonest to remain as such, let alone an Administrator, without the passion and ambition that was first there. Long story short, this is my resignation.

For the staff:
I'll see if I can blue myself again, though it may be that Insane will need to remove the admin abilities. Thanks so much Insane for the opportunity to be an administrator - a role I'd desired for so many years in the Halo Community. It's been a long and unique four year experience across both ForgeHub and HaloCustoms, and one of my fondest memories are of the first months following HC's release. The people, the electric potential, the games...
Community Poll: Circles or Squares? Oh And Some Other Stuff
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Hello there! If you've been a part of HaloCustoms for more than 3 days, you'll have noticed a few small changes around the forums. Granted, it's no forum overhaul, but the changes are still worthy of discussion. And since there are mixed feelings aplenty regarding these changes, we figured we should get everyone in on the decision-making process. :)
So yea, there are only two main changes:
  • Change Number One - previously, the Navigation Bar at the top of the forum would move with you as you scroll down the page. But it's also been causing some issues on the mobile version, and some members complained about it always being in the way. So, we're trying out the "Fixed" NavBar right now, where it stays put at the top of the forum. Which do you prefer? Oh, and if you don't know what I mean by "NavBar," it's this:

Back Online

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During the implementation of a few updates to the Maps system the website encountered an unexpected fault. Development staff had no choice other than to roll back to where we started the initial rollout of our brand new website. The backup tape of Halo Customs only includes data as of 24 hours ago.

This means we lost a lot of progress in updating the site. However, we are working around the clock to bring back all those changes as soon as possible. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

Please submit tickets where you see bugs / issues. Thanks!

News The New HaloCustoms

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A few months ago, Psychoduck came up with an idea for the staff. According to him, it all started off in a dream, wherein this website was nearly unrecognizable, due to one life changing difference. Inspired by this dream, he developed the idea with Flying Shoe ILR and eventually presented the idea to the rest of the staff. As soon as we heard it, we were skeptical. However, as he explained his plan, and the way it would help connect this site to the rest of the Halo Community, one by one the decision to go forward with it became unanimous.

We have dropped hints over the past few weeks about upgrades and changes to the site. We even recently added a donations box in anticipation for the subsidiary funding the project's maintenance would require over time. Gladly, today, I ecstatic to announce the new HaloCustoms - one that will revolutionize the way you experience the community.

HaloCustoms is now a...


HaloCustoms Community Montage

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hc on.png

**The following post is brought to you by Z3R0FLAME. He initially presented to me the idea of a HaloCustoms Community Montage, and deserves full credit for the contents of this post.**

The community of HaloCustoms has a lot to be proud of. From our extensive Map database, to the constant stream of Custom Games, it is the talented and dedicated members of our website that make everything possible. So let’s try something brand new that encompasses the whole HaloCustoms community - something more that we can look back upon with fond memories of our friendship and love for Halo 4. What could that thing be, you might ask?

Our very own HaloCustoms Community Montage!

A community montage is a synthesis of player-provided clips, showcasing our most incredible moments of playing the game. These clips will be arranged into a montage fashion, to showcase them in the most fitting way possible...

News THFE Map Submissions

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Most of you are already familiar with The Halo Forge Epidemic. Today, I am proud to announce a new development between HaloCustoms and THFE. THFE submissions are, as we speak, opening up on this site. The video below will explain all of the details, but this is a very exciting change.​
Submitting a map is easy. You need only to create a submission thread for your map in the appropriate section including a download link, a few screenshots, and a description of your map. Be sure to read the submission guidelines threads for more details and helpful tips on submitting maps. I hope you all find the forums easy to use, if not be sure to let us know in the THFE Feedback subforum! I...​

Happy New YEAR!

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As another year comes to a close myself Bigstack and the rest of the Admin team here at Halo Customs would like to wish everyone a happy new year! 2014 is going to be a big year for our new site (drum-role please) As Tactics and I have been slammed with CES preparations it has taken the team awhile to get the ball rolling (We will be giving away the swag and live blogging). By mid Jan you can expect to see a beta site that will move quickly to production and involvement with the community for Destiny. Feel free to join the Facebook and Bungie group for updates and input on the site.

For now lets sit back and Watch Sydney Australia kick the rest of the worlds ass in a new years celebration.

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