Event Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest

Welcome, everyone, to HaloCustoms' Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest! With the release of the new Mini Game mode and forge options in the recent Monitor's Bounty update, we at HC decided the time was ripe for our first mini game-oriented contest in a very long time. Battle Golf is a new official mini game created by 343 Industries in which two teams compete to knock their golf balls into a central hole. The single course currently present in the Action Sack playlist is the home of all sorts of insane shenanigans, but it also seems a bit lonely. That's why we'd like to see each of you put your own unique spin on Battle Golf with courses of your own!

If you haven't played Battle Golf yet (you probably should), you can see the game mode in action below. Documentation on how to script Battle Golf can be downloaded here (link downloads a zip containing a guide put together by the forge team at 343 Industries). Our friend BJ Cholewinsky, one of the developers who created Battle Golf, has put together a prefab of all of the basic elements required. While this prefab contains the basic scoring mechanics required for the mode to function, we do encourage you to go crazy with your own twist on the mode! Everything is par for the course (cwutididthere)!

  • First Place (1 recipient): Halo 5 Voices of War Req pack and Gold Req Bundle
  • Runner-ups (2 recipients): Halo 5 Voices of War Req pack
Contest Details
  • Maps must be created in Halo 5: Guardians' or Halo 5: Forge for Windows 10's forge mode
  • Maps must work for the official Battle Golf Mini Game variant at the 4v4 player count with all necessary scripting for scoring to function
  • Maps already integrated into Halo 5: Guradians' matchmaking playlists are not eligible
  • Maps created by staff members of HaloCustoms are not eligible
  • Maps must be posted in the map submission thread and follow all submission guidelines
  • Maps must be submitted before 11:59 PM EST on February 19th, 2017
  • Maps may be constructed on any canvas in Halo 5: Guardians.
  • Co-forging is allowed
  • Multiple submissions per person are allowed
  • Maps submitted early may be edited and re-submitted prior to the submission deadline
  • Maps will be judged by a panel of HaloCustoms staff members
  • Judging will continue for several days after the submission deadline
  • Judging criteria include: originality, creativity, and fun factor
Q. Scripting isn't really my thing. Is it still worth participating?
A. Aside from the core scripting required for scoring to function (which can be dropped into your map ready-to-play with this prefab), no additional scripting is required.

Q. Does my course need to change each round like the one currently in matchmaking?
A. Not if you don't want it to!

Q. I'm really excited to share the map I'm working on for the contest. Where can I show it off?
A. We'd recommend posting in our WAYWO thread as well as tweeting @Halo_Customs, @BCholewinsky, @PardonTomFrench, and @AnonFriction.

How many maps can I submit?
A. As many as you like!

Q. Can I submit modified versions of existing maps not originally created for Battle Golf?
A. Yes, but keep in mind that originality is one of the judging criteria. If working off an existing community forge map, make certain that the original author is appropriately credited.

Q. Can I submit a map created before the announcement of the contest?
A. Yes.

Q. Do I need to reside in a specific country/region or be of a certain age to participate?
A. Nope!
We hope you're excited for this contest! We can't wait to see all of your maps and intend to organize some game nights to play the best of them once the winners have been chosen. Please don't hesitate to reply below with any questions, and have fun!
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