1. LustSinTaboo

    HAUNTED MANSION 2017-08-21

    14 people have to take shelter in the forgotten mansion in the woods of the year 2558 in order to escape the flood! Map preview:
  2. LustSinTaboo

    SPACE CITY 2017-08-21

    Humanity are starting to rule the universe too, but the ancient enemy awakens and so humanity has to fight the Flood in order to keep the city uninfected. Map preview:
  3. Faulk Smash

    H3 Teacher on Classroom

  4. Y3S ITZ WES

    Metro Evolve 1.2

    Metro Evolve is a map based on Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Taking place below the surface in an old abandon subway. Spawning Players will be meet with some new variables then what they're use to in a normal Halo 5 Guardian's match. With hardly any jump height, no clamber, thrusters...
  5. iceburg

    Blacksite 9

    After we lost Argent Moon, the experiments were restarted at this Oni Blacksite. Switches can barricade rooms. Use vents to sneak into barricaded rooms, or escape tricky situations. GameMode: "Helioskrill" by Iceburg 33308 Helioskrills is infection on it's head. Zombies have guns and survivors...
  6. Mags

    Blood Dust 2017-01-02

    "This near abandoned Hannibal facility was an elegant battlefield for a more civilized age." Blood Dust is a remake of the classic map Dust 2 from counter strike. The map itself pulls characteristics from both the original de_dust2 and de_dust2 from counter strike Source. With that said you'll...
  7. X

    Introduction HARD CORE HALO FANS UNITE!!!!

    Hello my name is cameron miller. I am a halo player. All of us are here because we remember the good days of halo 1 2 and especially 3! the haters of halo depopularized what halo 3 forge mode did for the world of gaming. all of these years 343/microsoft have been doing nothing but non stop...
  8. Roughsta

    Bomber Infection 4.0

    Bomber Infection 4.0 Click Here To Watch The Featuring Video On ARC Guiltypark's Youtube Channel Oracle Gaming (Map Version 4.0) Click here if you want to give my Mini-Game a like in the: Official Action Sack Playlist Submission Thread Please don't forget to use only the bookmark...
  9. KeeLoker

    The Labs 1.0

    Map: The Labs Gametype: Project Chimera Description The Labs is a linear style infection map based in an infested laboratory due to a failed genetic mutation getting out of hand. You and your group must reach a safe room on the opposite side of the facility. The twist to this map is that...
  10. KeeLoker

    Non-Core Map Testing?

    Are there any other lobbies that run testing lobbies not focused solely on core halo maps? Like for example I'd like to get help testing a linear infection map I made.
  11. A

    Contagium: The Harbinger (V1.0 in map description)

    Before I proceed I would like to give further credit to all of the following: Co-Forge Assistance: The Act Man--XxKingCoolCatxX--FD Bad Angel--G MAN 2510 Misc: WyvernZu (For creating flood bodies that look very aesthetically pleasing, you're awesome!) A special thanks to FORGEHUB for releasing...
  12. SgtGnomeS

    Get Your Forge Map Showcased Today!

    Hey all, I am creating this post because my friend and I do a weekly show called Forgetastic Fridays where we pick user created maps, we then run around the maps and showcase them. We are looking for anyone that would like to submit their Forge maps, they can be any type of map (4v4, 8v8...
  13. GuiltySpark


    This is an Infection map based on a snowy city. It has great asthetics and has unique features. This map was made by the ARC Gamers Forge Team (Our second map together). If any of you are interested in joining, send me a message on xbox -ARC GuiltySpark Features -The main sections of the map...
  14. sirjosh10

    Sierra 117

    Sierra 117 is an infection remake of the final segment of the Halo 3 mission SIERRA 117. It is an asymmetrical map and a mostly to-scale remake of the original. There are lots of hiding spots and decent cover for the infected and lots of opportunities for the humans to explore. Many details have...
  15. B

    Standard Boiler Room

    When the UNSC arrived in response to a distress alert, help came to late. All personnel had been mysteriously killed. What our Spartans encounter could mean the end of their lives.
  16. RPAL

    Night at the Diner

    Night at the Diner is exactly as the name implies! It's night time at a diner! >>> DOWNLOAD <<< Night at the Diner has all of the essentials you'd expect at a diner: a large bar with bar stools, booths near the windows, two restrooms, and a kitchen. There is even a basement containing a...
  17. ChewyNutCluster

    Bouncy House

    Hello, everyone! Most people don't know this, but when I was a little girl, I always asked my parents for a pink princess inflatable bouncy house to be set up every birthday and they never rented one for me. That constant denial of my request left a lingering hole in my heart that I just had...
  18. G

    Standard Lothric

    Map based on the dragon barracks in lothric castle from dark souls 3. Works with multiteam, infection, 1flagCTF (gametype in bookmarks), slayer and strongholds....
  19. Austindc96


    Unleashed is an Infection/Survival gametype based in a small underground catacomb consisting of 5 rounds. The map layout itself is based off the horror game Dreadhalls. Thin hallways and dead end rooms mean no hiding from what's hunting you down. Only way to win is to survive the entire 3...
  20. GHD15


    Teacher is the Infected and the Students are the Survivors. There are 5 rounds of trying to escape your class and either hiding from the teacher or trying to eliminate him.