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Slasher is a mode similar to modes like Slasher in GTA V and Slasher in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, who would've guessed? The gameplay is essentially a Michael Myers mode in which one (mostly) invulnerable player has a gravity hammer and has to hunt down the survivors on the map.

The slasher moves at 110% speed but has 200% gravity. This pretty much makes him impossible to run from in a straight path -- as survivors walk at 100% speed (but also have 100% gravity). In order for the survivors to survive, they need to hide; if found, they can live by taking advantage of the environment; going through shortcuts and jumping over obstacles that the slasher can't. If they jump over the fence in the 4th picture, for example, the slasher then has to run all the way back around the map to reach them. This creates an interesting cat and mouse experience where survivors can survive by mastering their movement.

TRIPMINES: In order to prevent people from ring-around-the-rosie-ing over shortcuts, the slasher can pick up tripmines that respawn every 90 seconds in 4 separate locations on the map. These can be used to block off tight doorways and shortcuts that survivors will try to abuse over and over to survive. Being strategic with the tripmines allows you to trap people in certain areas by sealing their exits. The tripmines can also be used in conjunction with the hammer to do damage to players hiding in high-up unreachable areas or secret ledges. Just throw the mine upwards and hit it at the right time to do explosive damage to someone who is just out of reach.
PLASMA PISTOL MIMIC: The survivors' only weapon is a plasma pistol, Since it's a plasma pistol and they also do a whopping 0% damage (besides assassinations), the plasma pistol ends up being a very weak and noisy light source, and also a potential way to signal to your teammates; letting them know where you are in correlation to them through sound (player waypoints are turned off. You can only see where people are at if you actually see them in front of you). As weapon pickup is on for the slasher, the slasher can pickup the plasma pistol off a fallen survivor and use it to possibly trick survivors into thinking a teammate is close to them; but then again, who would be dumb enough to fall for that? I'm gonna expand on plasma pistol usage in the next section.


6 Minute Round Timer (10 Second Grace Period)

Currently, the scoring is set as:
  • 1 point for infecting a survivor
  • 5 points for becoming last man
  • 10 points for assassinating the slasher
I set up this scoring in anticipation of full player lobbies, even though I've only playtested this map with 4 total players at a time.

*I would strongly suggest you adopt honor rules to not try to assassinate the slasher unless you are the last man standing. If a group of 15 people all swarm and try to assassinate the slasher, despite the slasher having a hammer, it may be hard to take all the survivors at once. That's the way Michael Myers was always played in my lobbies on MW2 and that's the way I've found the mode most fun so far.

Since there is no "Survived" point system in Halo 3, the only way to earn points as a survivor is to survive to be the last one standing. (And then earn bonus points for the assassination*). I based it around an equal 15 points = 15 kills for the slasher (having to kill every survivor in a full lobby) and 15 points = 5 last man and 10 for finally eliminating the slasher. Honestly, with fewer players the points make less sense; but when I played, we kind of just ignored the points and tried to survive as long as possible.

Plasma Pistol Honor Rule: I would also strongly suggest you encourage players not to shoot at fleeing survivors with the plasma pistol. The hammer and mines are supposed to your weapons as the slasher. The only case I can make for actually shooting the plasma pistol at survivors is if they are up on a secret ledge ** and you can't reach them; where you've tried hammering and trip mining them but it won't kill them or knock them down. It's your lobby though, play how you want.

The map features both easy-to-find and more well-hidden hiding spots. The map also features some slightly OP spots such as secret ledges I placed around the map. Some ledges are close enough to the ground where you can lunge at the survivors and kill them but for others you will need to try to knock them off with the force/shakiness of your hammer. That, or as I said, throw a tripmine up at them and blow it up. Last resort, if you want to allow it in your lobby, is to shoot a person out of a spot with your plasma pistol; that will definitely get them moving. I tried putting a good number of hiding spots on the map, but in the case the slasher legitimately knows every single possible place someone could hide at, running and taking advantage of your jump height is still a valid strategy.

As PC file share is not yet added, to get this map, download the files posted and drag them into their respective folders in your game files.

For me it is:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3\map_variants


D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3\game_variants

OR put them into %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\LocalFiles

(starts at 00:53)
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