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Reach HaloWare v2.0 2022-07-14


Map: HaloWare v2.0
Gamemode: HaloWare v2.0
Gamertag: RushMyPancake

HaloWare v2.0 is the SECOND edition of my HaloWare gametype (which is a recreation of TF2Ware which is a Team Fortress 2 recreation of the game WarioWare. Players play a series of minigames which are randomly selected). This is meant to be a sequel rather than an updated of v1.0 (hence it being a separate post).

How to Play:
Players spawn in a lobby. After 10 seconds, a random minigame will be selected. Players just have to do whatever the objective on their screen is within that time frame. This objective will be sent both as a message in the bottom left of the screen as well as a widget with a timer at the top of the screen. After the minigame timer is over, all players are respawned in the lobby; and after a short intermission, another minigame will be randomly selected. Minigames range from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. First person to successfully win 15 minigames is declared the winner!

New Additions:
In v2.0, there a some quality-of-life improvements.
First off, you can now spectate single-life minigames rather than spawning back in the lobby like in v1.0. Additionally, I now added MEDALS that you can earn for winning minigames or doing specific things in them. Better RNG for selecting minigames: in HaloWare 1, it was not possible for the next minigame to be the same as the previous minigame. In HaloWare 2, the next minigame cannot be the same as the previous TWO minigames.

List of Minigames:
  • Metal Mayhem
    • Don't fall in the water! The floor has a tendency to float away! Thriller Medal for surviving.
  • Bull Pen
    • Don't get rammed by the charging bull! Unstoppable Force Medal for surviving.
  • Lethal Lasers
    • Jump over the lasers that increase in number over time! Laser Spree Medal for surviving.
  • Crash-Up-Derby
    • Features a Warthog, Ghost, and Pickup version! Knock other players off of the arena! Sunday Driver Medal for surviving.
  • Slippery Slam
    • Knock other players off of a lubed-up platform. Immovable Object Medal for surviving.
  • Forerunner Feud
    • Don't get killed by the other monitors! Sunburst Medal for surviving.
  • Ring Rush
    • Be the first to fly through the ring! Wingman Medal for securing a ring. Yoink Medal for each ring extra.
  • Dodgeball
    • Break into two teams and play dodgeball! Sticky Fingers Medal awarded for being on the winning team or surviving when teams are equal.
  • Jaywalkers
    • Cross the road within the allotted time. Road Hog Medal for completing the objective.
  • Forklift Certification Class
    • Complete 2 laps in the allotted time. Wheelman Spree Medal for completing the objective.
  • Platform Panic
    • Players have 5 seconds to get on a platform before the floor despawns. Corrected Medal for surviving.
  • Kill a Player
    • Players have to kill another player within 5 seconds. Open Season Medal for killing a player.
      • HAMMER HUB: Gravity Hammers
      • SPAWN SNIPES: Snipers
      • LASER FAST: Spartan Lasers
  • Hobo Slaughter Cave
    • Don't get killed in the creepy cave! Hell's Janitor Medal for surviving.
  • Four Corners
    • Pick a corner and pray! Corrected Medal for surviving.
Whoever reaches 15 points first wins. But instead of just saying that you win and the game ending, the winner gets 7 seconds to kill everyone else! The winner player(s) will be given a chaingun and will one-shot all the other defenseless players.

GAMEPLAY & Behind-the-Scenes:

To download, search my gamertag "RushMyPancake" ingame using the "Find Player" option and look at my shared files. The gametype and map will be shared (HaloWare v2.0). OR if you are on PC, clicking the download on this post will provide you with the map and gametype. Drag those files into their respective folders in your game files.

For me it is:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\map_variants


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\game_variants
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  • HaloWareFHHC_0014_Layer 5.jpg
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