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Flappy Bird

Map: Flappy Bird
Gamemode: Flappy Bird
Gamertag: RushMyPancake

Flappy Bird is a recreation of the mobile game Flappy Bird. This was recreated in Halo 5 by UnknownEmerald using the wasp; I am recreating it in Halo Reach by using jetpacks.

The main goal is to fly through the pipes without touching them. If you touch a pipe, you will be sent back to the start. Since Halo Reach has no gravity volumes, players aren't pushed forward like in the real game. In order to incentivize players to not take too long, you will eventually run out of jetpack fuel unless you pass through the next set of pipes.

There are a total of 33 sets of pipes with ones near the finale increasing in difficulty.


To download, search my gamertag "RushMyPancake" ingame using the "Find Player" option and look at my shared files. The gametype and map will be shared (Flappy Bird). OR if you are on PC, clicking the download on this post will provide you with the map and gametype. Drag those files into their respective folders in your game files.

For me it is:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\map_variants


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\game_variants
  • fb_0000_Layer 9.jpg
    fb_0000_Layer 9.jpg
    1.7 MB · Views: 230
  • fb_0001_Layer 7.jpg
    fb_0001_Layer 7.jpg
    1.6 MB · Views: 216
  • fb_0002_Layer 6.jpg
    fb_0002_Layer 6.jpg
    1.7 MB · Views: 190
  • fb_0003_Layer 4.jpg
    fb_0003_Layer 4.jpg
    1.8 MB · Views: 172
  • fb_0004_Layer 8.jpg
    fb_0004_Layer 8.jpg
    1.6 MB · Views: 181
  • fb_0005_Layer 3.jpg
    fb_0005_Layer 3.jpg
    1.8 MB · Views: 184
  • fb_0006_Layer 2.jpg
    fb_0006_Layer 2.jpg
    1.9 MB · Views: 177
  • fb_0007_Group 1.jpg
    fb_0007_Group 1.jpg
    1.8 MB · Views: 238
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