Capitalist Kart is a Race gametype that features an in-game economy while racing. Players can drive over coins that spawn on the track and spend those coins on various vehicle upgrades and shortcuts.

Shortcuts cost 5 coins each.
To switch to a Ghost costs 7 coins.
To switch to a Warthog costs 7 coins.
To switch to a Pickup Truck costs 10 coins.

CapitalistForge_0007_Layer 1.jpg

CapitalistForge_0002_Layer 5.jpg

Different vehicles are good in different situations.

The max coins a player can have is 10.

I've made 3 official maps for Capitalist Kart: "CK: Winding Woods", "CK: Downtown Detour", and "CK: Lumber Loop".

Tracks must be built or modified with the gametype in mind. It won't magically spawn in coins and shortcuts on any map.

How to make your racetrack work with Capitalist Kart:

Make sure the racetrack you use has the "race_flag" spawn sequences start at zero instead of at one. (First checkpoint needs to equal 0 instead of the first checkpoint equaling 1) Also make sure not to skip any numbers. Example: If you have 4 checkpoints it needs to be 0, 1, 2, 3. (not something like: 0, 1, 2, 4. Not having the 3 will break it.) --- This is because I had to manually remake the race gamemode using the least amount of player.numbers.

To place coins, place a hill marker with the label "coin_spawn" (NOT "COIN") The coins will spawn to the left/right of the hillmarker and will always spawn in 4 coins.

To do vehicle upgrades, put a hillmarker with the label "pitstop". Change the spawn sequence for what you want the vehicle to be.
1 = Ghost
2 = Warthog
3 = Pickup

To do shortcuts, place a wall with a one second respawn time. Give it the label "shortcut_wall". Around that wall, place a hill marker with the label "shortcut". I'd make sure it is around 5 width so players don't collide with the wall before it despawns incase of high ping. SET BOTH THE SHORTCUT_WALL AND THE SHORTCUT TO THE SAME SPAWN SEQUENCE. For each set of shortcuts (shortcut + shortcut_wall) use a different spawn sequence. Like race_flags, start at 0 and work your way up!

You can download the gametype .bin from this post or find it in my fileshare on MCC "RushMyPancake".

Thank you to TrustySn00ze for the Scale label!
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