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Forge Canvas
Forge World (Reach)
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Duck Hunt
Hey, TonnyT here,

Duck Hunt remains a fan favorite since it's debut in Halo 3 customs, but I have found it difficult to locate a good quality Duck Hunt for Halo Reach. To that end I present to you my own version of Duck Hunt!

Duck Hunt:
Map: Forge World
Gametype: Duck Hunt

Recommended lobby size: (8-16)

This is a five level Duck Hunt, each level is designed to be progressively more difficult for the ducks. Losing cover and adding traps as the level continues. I recommended to play with my provided Duck Hunt game type as most others will not function correctly.

The rules are straight forward:
If you are the sniper, kill all the ducks. If you are the duck, survive the length of the course and kill the sniper.

Here are some funny moments and screenshots:


Enjoy the map, don't forget to rate and see you all in customs!
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