1. B

    Full auto sniper Rifle with manual reload 1.0

    This is fully automatic as in you hold the trigger down and the weapon will continue to fire until the magazine is empty. the fire rate is not very high. This weapon is a manual reload as in you have to press the reload button when you are out of rounds. It isn't automatically done for you. if...
  2. TonnyT

    Reach Duck Hunt 2.0

    Hey, TonnyT here, Duck Hunt remains a fan favorite since it's debut in Halo 3 customs, but I have found it difficult to locate a good quality Duck Hunt for Halo Reach. To that end I present to you my own version of Duck Hunt! Duck Hunt: Map: Forge World Gametype: Duck Hunt Recommended lobby...
  3. M

    2v2 Slayer map ready for download!

    PROCESS is a symmetrical 2v2 slayer map. PROCESS is fast-paced and exciting. The gameplay is technical and competitive. Power positions shift with movement so even skilled teams will need to stay focused from start to finish. And its a lot of fun! To download: GT- Seems Dangerous Map- PROCESS...