Full auto sniper Rifle with manual reload

Full auto sniper Rifle with manual reload 1.0

This is fully automatic as in you hold the trigger down and the weapon will continue to fire until the magazine is empty. the fire rate is not very high. This weapon is a manual reload as in you have to press the reload button when you are out of rounds. It isn't automatically done for you. if you reload twice you add an extra round into the weapon since there is one already in the chamber.
if you want to change any features using irtv, search for the sniper rifle in the weapons tag. Once selected you can search for the tags, new trigger(to change the weapon from fully auto(spew) to semiautomatic(latch)), and Barrels for fire rate. To change the fire rate search for and scroll to Rounds per second and change the min, max to whatever you like. or change the fire recovery time. In barrels, you can also change the automatic reload behavior
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