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Forge Canvas
Forge World (Reach)
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Icecream Man
Hey, TonnyT here,

I originally created this map ten years ago on 360. Now that MCC is out I decided it needed a facelift. Fans of old Halo 3 customs will be familiar with Icecream Man! But this has my own added twists.

Icecream Man
Map: Forge World
Gametype: Icecream Man

Recommended lobby size: (8-16)

Icecream Man is a fairly straight forward asymmetrical infection mini-game about splattering or not being splattered. In my version the survivors are each given random weapons and four grenades each to mix things up and make life a bit more difficult for the zombie. (Icecream Man) I highly recommend using the 'Icecream Man' gametype I have provided, as most other gametypes will not function on this map. The default setting is '1' zombie, for larger lobbies I recommend '2' zombies, this is of course at the host's discretion.

The Icecream Man has a selection of vehicles to choose from, some are more effective than others. (Honestly the semi truck is just there for laughs)

The map is dotted with one-way shield doors that force survivors to 'bounce' creating an opportunity for the Icecream Man to obtain an easy splatter.

First one to make it to the end, grabs the jetpack and powerup wins and gets to kill the Icecream Man.

The rules:
If you are the Icecream Man, splatter all the survivors.
If you are a survivor, survive to the end of the course to kill the Icecream Man.

Enjoy the map, don't forget to rate and see you all in customs!
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