1. japoople

    Reach ROCKETS VS. CARS v2

    Fileshare gamertag: japoople8023 This map/gametype is based on an old GTA 5 online minigame i used to play back in the day. Two zombies with energy swords spawn in a room with vehicles (Warthogs, Mongooses, trucks, one cart). The zombies drive down a slope towards a small platform with all the...
  2. an Orca Dork

    Armored Warthog Chaingun 0.6

  3. an Orca Dork

    Resistance Warthog 1.0

  4. an Orca Dork

    WAR HOG 1.0

  5. B

    Stinger Hog 1

    Impress the ladies around town with this bad boy. 1. Load into the campaign 2. Summon both a warthog and scorpion (or find both) and have them both in front of you (so they're loaded) 3. Click Load in IRTV 4. Poke the .irtv file 5. Summon another warthog 6. Have fun
  6. TonnyT

    Reach Icecream Man 2021-05-21

    Hey, TonnyT here, I originally created this map ten years ago on 360. Now that MCC is out I decided it needed a facelift. Fans of old Halo 3 customs will be familiar with Icecream Man! But this has my own added twists. Icecream Man Map: Forge World Gametype: Icecream Man Recommended lobby...
  7. adwalkueren

    Reach Ice Cream Man Returns 1.01

    a new ice cream man map! make it towards the end before the ice cream man runs you over. classic game mode from Halo 3 with additional (semi) hidden gadgets such as plasma grenades, health packs, camo, grenade launcher and fusion coils dropping from the ceiling in random intervals Map file...