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Forge Canvas
Forge World (Reach)
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Jump for it
Hey, TonnyT here,

Oh boy, this one really got away from me. I originally made this map over ten years ago, and I have seen so many versions and even re-makes of it out in the wild. It was even reviewed by Rooster Teeth! I really appreciate all the love and support guys. Well, now we have MCC and I wanted to give Stepping Stones a much needed face lift.

Stepping Stones
Map: Forge World
Gametype: Jump For It

Recommended lobby size: (8-16)

Stepping stones is a parkour obstacle course that spawns as the round continues, it is designed to get progressively more difficult. Jumps get further spaced apart as you go through the course. Crouch jumping is a necessary skill in order to pass the course. I recommended to play with my provided "Jump For It" game type as most others will not function correctly.

The rules:
If you are the pilot, use your Falcon to splatter or knock all the survivors off the course.
If you are a survivor, survive to the end of the course to kill the Falcon.

Here are some funny moments and screenshots:


Enjoy the map, don't forget to rate and see you all in customs!
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