duck hunt

  1. TonnyT

    Reach Duck Hunt 2.0

    Hey, TonnyT here, Duck Hunt remains a fan favorite since it's debut in Halo 3 customs, but I have found it difficult to locate a good quality Duck Hunt for Halo Reach. To that end I present to you my own version of Duck Hunt! Duck Hunt: Map: Forge World Gametype: Duck Hunt Recommended lobby...
  2. C


    Does anybody want to play some custom maps On halo 5 with me? if you do then can you reply to this and my Xbox One gamertag is CatchierBug2137. Please respond asap im so bored rn. If you have suggestions of maps leave them as a reply please. Quick update if any of you want to play jenga tower...
  3. J

    Introduction looking for custom games

    my gamer tag is JarrettBaptist. I grew up playing Halo and loved custom games like duck hunt and derby. Most of the people I played with stoped play halo. Looking for anyone playing the odd fun games.