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ZM_Outbreak 3
The Oni Base provided you with intel on a certain scientist working on a cure. You found the scientist cowering in his quarters at the research station. He says he knows how to put an end to all this, but to do so, you must venture into the heart of the outbreak. In a cave system where patient zero was confirmed to have contracted the first strain of this disease, rare minerals with curative properties must be collected and brought to his laboratory nearby.

Were it so easy...

Welcome to the finale of my Resurgence trilogy. In my opinion it's the best map of the entire series. This experience is far more dynamic, challenging and also longer than my previous 2 Resurgence maps (6 minutes per round as opposed to 4). You can play this map with either ZM_Outbreak (the original gametype) or ZM_Outbreak 2, just make sure to set the round timer to 6 minutes. The attached gametype is identical to ZM_Outbreak 2 just with the round timer extended to 6 minutes.

I hope you guys enjoy.


*Please note some aesthetic changes may differ in the trailer due to improvements being made in performance, optimisation and gameplay.
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