Defend the 7 elevations of the white city 1 level at a time, destroying siege towers, and opening gates to the next holdout locations. Weapons can be purchased in various locations with points earned throughout the round. Points can be earned from kills made within safe havens and by completing objectives. On the final level, stop the orc horde from destroying the throne of the King of Gondor.

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Defending the gates.jpg

Recommended 10 - 16 players.

Please note that this is not a short map. A single round can last upwards of 30 minutes if survivors manage to achieve a victory.

(I will be continuing to update and support this map in the coming weeks, as and when issues arise and need fixing. Please forward descriptions of any bugs found to me on discord @ CakeSlayer12 #5154)
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Latest updates

  1. Minor patch

    Patched an exploit which allowed the flood to access a higher level before survivors unlock it.
  2. Small bug fix

    The map is still very laggy and buggy with 10+ player lobbies. Not much I can do to fix that...