1. HeiwaHero

    Halo: Combat Reformed 1.0

    Halo: Combat Reformed The Reformation is finally complete. This mod seeks to tweak and fine tune Halo Infinite's gameplay, sandbox and visuals to the best of my ability and what the tools can offer to make Halo Infinite the best it can be, and in many ways make it more consistent with prior...
  2. D

    Commando Rocket 1.0

    Boot up Halo infinite campaign. Start IRTV, hit LOAD on the bottom left to hook the Halo Infinite process. Click Mods tab up top Add "Commando Rocket" to pokes, apply changes then enjoy the destruction!
  3. OpulentHal0

    JFO in Campaign 001

    Link me in desc if you use this for a video
  4. an Orca Dork

    Armor Modding File 0.6

    All regions should be set to -1 so you can focus on what piece you want no i'm not changing it THE INDEXES HAVE BEEN REDISCOMBOBULATED INTERNALLY AFTER AN UPDATE, ALL NUMBERS/ARMORS MAY HAVE THE SAME ORDER, BUT AT A DIFFERENT INDEX# AND MAY BE JUMBLED APART >>>ARMOR INDEX FILE<<< There's no mod...
  5. an Orca Dork

    KRISS Vector Spec Ops SMG 1.0.2

  6. G

    3rd Person With 2xZoom

    Makes all weapons 3rd Person including the coils. Zoom is added to weapons that in first person has zoom, and 2x/4x zoom on Sniper etc. Certain weapons won't load until found in certain areas/missions, so the mod will have to be poked now and then to include weapons previously unloaded. If you...
  7. FujiwaraMokou

    Full Auto Scorpion Tank (Also scorpion cannon) 1.0

    On that day, the banished received a grim reminder. They lived in fear of the demon. Scorpion Tank Cannon but in Glorious Full Auto, enough for banishing all the banished in this ring with its 1200 round per minute. No firepower is too much, in case you ask. In addition, scorpion cannon are...
  8. AlguirisRD

    3rd Person Mod 2022-02-09

    Just load the file and poke the changes. if any weapon didn't show as 3rd person, you just need to repoke the changes to make it works.
  9. R

    Enhanced Pelican 1.0

    - Fixed wing animations - Replaced chingun with rocket pods - Adjustments to dropship physics - Re-enabled pitching up and down - Fixed camera
  10. B

    H4 SLV - Minas Tirith 1.0.2

    Defend the 7 elevations of the white city 1 level at a time, destroying siege towers, and opening gates to the next holdout locations. Weapons can be purchased in various locations with points earned throughout the round. Points can be earned from kills made within safe havens and by completing...
  11. ♥ Sky

    Halo Halo 5 Guardians Campaign Discussion Thread - WARNING SPOILERS

    DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO READ THIS THREAD IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS. GO PLAY THE GAME THEN COME BACK HERE AFTER Did they go? ...good. So, that was fun huh? Chief and Arby never got to talk, which was disappointing. I assume there's more if you beat it on legendary. Anyone think Roland...
  12. Lights

    Pilot a Pelican in Campaign

    This video details how to attain and then pilot a Pelican in Halo 4's campaign mission, Reclaimer. The walkthrough covers a LOT of ground in a short time frame, so pay attention! It will probably take a couple attempts before you're successful, but when you are... *BRRNNNG BRRNNNG*...