1. R

    Enhanced Pelican 1.0

    - Fixed wing animations - Replaced chingun with rocket pods - Adjustments to dropship physics - Re-enabled pitching up and down - Fixed camera
  2. B

    H4 SLV - Minas Tirith 1.0.2

    Defend the 7 elevations of the white city 1 level at a time, destroying siege towers, and opening gates to the next holdout locations. Weapons can be purchased in various locations with points earned throughout the round. Points can be earned from kills made within safe havens and by completing...
  3. Spartenbob117

    Campaign Guardian 1.0

    I want this map to be used as a slayer map, but for that I will need the input and comments of other people who would be willing to give it a try. Its in a very early stage and i know it needs a lot of improvement (So plz cut me some slack). It wpuld be great if people could give me feedback on...
  4. sirjosh10

    Sierra 117

    Sierra 117 is an infection remake of the final segment of the Halo 3 mission SIERRA 117. It is an asymmetrical map and a mostly to-scale remake of the original. There are lots of hiding spots and decent cover for the infected and lots of opportunities for the humans to explore. Many details have...
  5. ♥ Sky

    Halo Halo 5 Guardians Campaign Discussion Thread - WARNING SPOILERS

    DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO READ THIS THREAD IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS. GO PLAY THE GAME THEN COME BACK HERE AFTER Did they go? ...good. So, that was fun huh? Chief and Arby never got to talk, which was disappointing. I assume there's more if you beat it on legendary. Anyone think Roland...
  6. Lights

    Pilot a Pelican in Campaign

    This video details how to attain and then pilot a Pelican in Halo 4's campaign mission, Reclaimer. The walkthrough covers a LOT of ground in a short time frame, so pay attention! It will probably take a couple attempts before you're successful, but when you are... *BRRNNNG BRRNNNG*...