halo 4

  1. Pfeuff

    H4 Hybrid 1.4

    For more info, visit the original thread at xboxchaos.com "Combining the traditional arena-style gameplay from older titles, with some new elements available in Halo 4, this is where the best of both worlds come together." In Hybrid, players start off with basic weapons & equipment, similar...
  2. B

    H4 SLV - Minas Tirith 1.0.2

    Defend the 7 elevations of the white city 1 level at a time, destroying siege towers, and opening gates to the next holdout locations. Weapons can be purchased in various locations with points earned throughout the round. Points can be earned from kills made within safe havens and by completing...
  3. W

    H4 HaloCustoms Megapack 1.0

    The page you are currently viewing is for the Halo 4 Megapack. Megapack Links: Halo: Reach Halo 2: Anniversary Halo 3 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HaloCustoms LFG Discord | r/HaloCustoms Reddit Halo 4...
  4. CHa0s

    Headhunter Classic on HH Monolith 2020-07-20

    Headhunter Classic is a true-to-the original remake of the gametype found in Halo: Reach. Co-scripted by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s and Yumudas Beegbut, this version is installed on a Halo 3 Monolith remake map by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s. Features exploding skulls on kills, and roaming score hills that show you...
  5. M

    Halo 4 MCC Custom games

    Hi all, I'm looking to host some custom games with some maps me and my best bud have created and played for years. Only just stumbled upon this site so it would be awesome to have more players in a custom game as random invites on xbox live tends to get little to no uptake, so to be around...
  6. Ultima*

    H4 Tox Box 2020-11-27

    Embrace your toxic side and step into the Tox Box! This is a very special Racetrack I've been working on, it's a mix of SX and DRL! DRL stands for "Dirty Racing League", meaning this track is designed to encourage players to race dirty, and smash their opponents! SX means "Supercross" and...
  7. kimjongillwill

    H4 Warhol

    Download here: https://halo4stats.halowaypoint.com/en-US/Halo4/kimjongillwill/fileshare/9d0978dc-d12d-4107-9400-a7ce53ee26a4 Warhol is a truly stunning work of art from the creative mind of a mad man. ill ian314 seamlessly blends color with shadow in the steamy depths of the Ravine canvas...
  8. K

    Halo 4 Custom Games?

    If you're looking for a good player to play Halo 4 with, then you're in the right place. I'm down for any game mode. Find me on Xbox, my gamertag is KaptainKris412
  9. CHa0s

    Standard Vortex 2016-11-11

    This Vortex map stays true to the original. Vortex classic supports CTF, Strongholds, Assault, Oddball and Slayer. The Strongholds points seen in the video below have been moved to the same positions as the Dominion points were on the original. A redeux version will be available soon...
  10. SuperFlight89

    Reviving Halo MCC Rumble Pit (Customs)

    Hey guys, Recently a new playlist update to MCC was added weeks ago, and it replace rumble pit in favor of Halo 3 Grifball due to the low population on that playlist. It also was lacking a lot of game modes and Halo CE and 2 Classic. What this means is that I will be creating a community hosted...
  11. JonFelixOssim

    Standard Discharge 2016-07-16

    1-1 scale remake of Dispatch from H4. Same weapon placements. Gameplay is very similar to H4
  12. R

    Introduction Hello

    My Xbox 360(that's the only console I have) gamertag is:RedLemon2104. Please send a friend request
  13. R

    Introduction Hello

    My Xbox 360(that's the only console I have) gamertag is:RedLemon2104. Please send a friend request
  14. CHa0s

    Standard Monolith

    Remake of Monolith from Halo 4. Set up with Capture the Flag, Assault, Strongholds and of course Slayer. Also has initial spawns for Multi-Team. My gamertag is AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the "0" is a zero) Download link...
  15. CHa0s

    Empathy [Solace] 2016-05-26

    Empathy is a Halo 5 Forge remake of Solace, the Halo 4 multiplayer map, and supports all game modes, including Multiplayer spawns. The map bases fronts have recently had a complete aesthetic overhaul. More info in updates. bookmark link remains the same. My gamertag is...
  16. B

    Introduction Introducing Myself

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find ppl who play H4 custom games!
  17. I

    Introduction Hey halocustom

    How do I Make a game do I do it here with mods and stuff or do I have to make it on the Xbox
  18. Skyward Shoe

    Halo 4

    Halo mother flipping 4
  19. JonFelixOssim

    H4 Boarding Squad

    A while back, I used to play this one game on android called Rivals at War: 2084 (RAW 2084 for short). It's one of those games where you suit up a team of 6 soldiers with armor and weapons and send them into battle. However you cannot control them during the match, you can only watch. In the...
  20. AssaultCommand

    Halo Halo 5 Gamercard - Get yours today!

    Hey guys, I've just finished the latest gamercards on Armor Watcher for Halo 5 so all of you can show of your insane arena stats. Took me a few days but I think it's turned out very well. Anyways, without further ado, here's the link to the blog post on Armor Watcher, and here's the link to...