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The page you are currently viewing is for the Halo 4 Megapack.

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Halo 4 Megapack 1.0.1 is live!

What are HaloCustoms Megapacks?
Our Megapacks are thoroughly tested packs of maps and gametypes that make it much more convenient to play and host customs in Halo MCC PC. Over time, a great number of the maps and gametypes have been tweaked, fixed and rebalanced based off community feedback.

As of the 1.0.1 update, the Halo 4 Megapack consists of 142 maps and 127 gametypes. The installation process is quick and simple.

Note that this is not the type of game modification that will result in your account being banned. You can also still run MCC with Easy Anti-Cheat enabled.

Click here or at the top-right of this thread to download.

*All credits to the included maps and gametypes belong to their original authors.

How to Install
For Steam users, drop the game variants and map variants into the folders seen below and you should be done. See the included "Install Instructions.txt" in the download for extra info, troubleshooting, and the install method for Windows Store users.


Updates to the Halo 4 Megapack
H4 does not have the same issues as H2A and H3 that hinder the process of compiling these Megapacks, so expect several updates in the future, which will add more maps, gametypes, and various fixes. For the latest Megapack news, check out our Discord server and subreddit linked above.

Map Categorizations and Descriptions
Our Megapacks use a map categorization system that makes it easier to find certain maps, using the tags explained down below. To find the matching gametype to a particular map, make sure to read the description. The descriptions of most maps have been changed to include the recommended gametype(s), player count, and other important info.

BTB = Big Team Battle
Includes maps built for large team competitive play. More often than not, they support other competitive modes.

CLUE = Clue
Maps that are built specifically for the popular honor-rules Oddball minigame known as Clue. Please read the included Clue readme for instructions on how to play and a list of supported maps.

INF = Infection
Maps built for infection. Includes linear maps, roaming/holdout maps, driving maps, etc. Basically, any map that uses an infection gametype and doesn't deviate too heavily from normal infection (like minigames) have this tag.

MINI = Minigame
Maps built for minigames.

MISC = Miscellaneous
Maps that are either hard to categorize or very unique in how they play. A couple of examples of the kinds of maps that would be found under this tag are roleplaying maps (ex. Cops & Robbers) and competitive slayer modes that deviate too heavily from normal gameplay (ex. Ro Sham Bo or Sword Tournament).

OBJ = Objective
Maps that are specifically tailored for objective gametypes (ex. Castle Wars).

OBST = Puzzle / Parkour
Maps for puzzle solving and obstacle courses (ex. Indiana Jones).

RACE = Race
Maps made for racing.

RACE BT = BattleTracks
Maps made for gametypes such as LaserSnipes, Rocket Hogs, etc.

SLYR = Slayer
Maps built for small team competitive play. More often than not, they support other competitive gamemodes.

---------- CREDITS ----------


WH0R0NAVIRUS (Fizz#9653) [V1.0]

Jesus in Malibu (Jebus#1706)
Yuwuyuwukowo (Yuyuko#0917)
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