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The page you are currently viewing is for the Halo 3 Megapack.

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Halo 3 Megapack 1.0.1 is live!

What are HaloCustoms Megapacks?
Our Megapacks are thoroughly tested packs of maps and gametypes that make it much more convenient to play and host customs in Halo MCC PC. Over time, a great number of the maps and gametypes have been tweaked, fixed and rebalanced based off community feedback.

As of the 1.0.1 update, the Halo 3 Megapack consists of 559 maps and 275 gametypes. The installation process is quick and simple. A spreadsheet to correspond with this Megapack
lives here.

Note that this is not the type of game modification that will result in your account being banned. You can also still run MCC with Easy Anti-Cheat enabled.

Click here or at the top-right of this thread to download.

*All credits to the included maps and gametypes go to their original authors.

How to Install

Drop the game variants and map variants into the folders seen below and you should be done. See the included "Install Instructions.txt" for full instructions and troubleshooting.

H3 Files.png

What's New in Halo 3 Megapack 1.0

When compared to our pre-release version 0.7 of the Megapack, which for awhile lived on the #megapack-bounties channel pins on our Discord server, admittedly not much is different. We've run into several technical issues throughout the process of putting this Megapack together including a lower character count due to Halo 3's archaic limitations, several hundreds of maps and gametypes to go through on top of the aforemention issue and Raitatsu who is the main curator of this Megapack, accidentally losing all of his WIP files before one of our major updates. This means that most of our gametype variants have not been renamed. However on to some good news, we were able to jump past some major hurdles for renaming with a huge thanks to lengthybread409's script which allowed us to rename variants without needing to open MCC. In addition, most of our 300+ map variants included have been renamed to help with organization.

Updates to the Halo 3 Megapack

Version 1.0 is the first official release and we expect to make further major updates to this megapack down the line. You can get more info at r/HaloCustoms and the HaloCustoms Discord. In our Discord, you can report any issues with the pack, get help with installing, request new additions to each of the Megapacks, and join regularly hosted custom game lobbies. We have 20k members and are currently the most active LFG Halo discord.

Map Categorizations and Descriptions

Our Megapacks use a map categorization system that makes it easier to find certain maps, using the tags explained down below. To find the matching gametype to a particular map, make sure to read the description. The descriptions of most maps have been changed to include the recommended gametype(s), player count, and other important info.

BTB = Big Team Battle
Includes maps built for large team competitive play.
More often than not, they support other competitive modes.

INF = Infection
Maps built for infection. Includes linear maps (sequenced levels),
roaming/holdout maps (open maps where you choose where to hold out)
driving maps, etc. Any map that uses an infection gametype and doesn't
deviate heavily from normal infection (like minigames) have this tag.

MINI = Minigame
Maps built for various minigames. This includes anything
from Halo on Halo to Duck Hunt to Ice Cream Man to Dodgeball.

MISC = Miscellaneous
Maps that are either hard to categorize or very unique in how they play.
It includes roleplaying games like Cops & Robbers and Teacher.
It also includes maps that are competitive, yet deviate too much from
core gameplay to be put in other categories.

OBJ = Objective
Maps that are built to be used with objective gametypes like Territories and Assault.

OBST = Puzzle / Parkour
Maps for puzzle solving and obstacle courses.

RACE = Race
Maps made for racing.

RACE BT = BattleTracks
Maps made for gametypes such as Rocket Race, etc.

SLYR = Slayer
Maps built for small team competitive play. More often
than not, they support other competitive gametypes.

Subcategories and Abbreviations
There is currently one tag used to abbreviate a relatively popular map, which is Fat Kid (FK). This is done so that we can change the names to better indicate which map is which, since having 20+ Fat Kid maps not named Fat Kid isn't convenient. As the Halo 3 Megapack is expanded more, this section will be updated to include additional abbreviations for popular maps that go alongside a particular gametype.

---------- CREDITS ----------


Raitatsu (Rai#2784) [Original Curator]

Special Thanks

lengthybread409 (LengthyBread409#1368) [Script for making this possible]

eelikay (eelikay#1337) [Support and Testing]

DocSquishyPaws (Moo?#9999) [Intense Testing in Flighting]

Zoka (Crow#3156) [Intense Testing, Tagging Assisting]


Cryptokid (Cryptokid#5947) [ForgeHub Featured Addition]

ProjectLuke (ProjectLuke#0808) [GameType Tagging Assistance]

Fiesty Fedora (FeistyFedora#6782) [Map Sorting Assistance]

Everyone I may have forgot (sorry!) and those whose maps and gametypes were included in this Megapack :heart:
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