Reach Sham Bo

Reach Reach Sham Bo 1.1

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Reach Sham Bo
Reach Sham Bo

*This is a remake of the original by yoman54 in Halo 4 titled "Ro Sham Bo Hallway"

PC users [manual download]:
Reach Sham Bo map.mvar = MAP FILE
Reach Sham Bo gametype.bin = GAMETYPE FILE

Xbox and PC users [file share download]:
  • Select your nameplate on the top right in the Halo MCC menu
  • Select "Find Player"
  • Type "Jesus in Malibu"
  • Go to file share and find the proper map and gametype
  • Select "Download this file"

This Slayer minigame takes place in a small claustrophobic hallway where teams Red and Blue duke it out wielding random weapons in this one-life, multiple round fiasco. While may seem chaotic and nonsensical at first, has an added layer of strategy to it as more players continue to die. The team with the most overall kills at the end wins the game.

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great map i love it! its simple yet fun to play. only thing that can be annoying is if both sides are camping in spawn(perhaps a soft kill boundary spawning after a while or teleporters?)