Tox Box

H4 Tox Box 2020-11-27

Minimum Players
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Forge Canvas
Erosion (H4)
Supported Race Gametypes
  1. Race
  2. Custom Gametype
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Race Pro
Embrace your toxic side and step into the Tox Box!

Tox Box1.png

This is a very special Racetrack I've been working on, it's a mix of SX and DRL!
DRL stands for "Dirty Racing League", meaning this track is designed to encourage players to race dirty, and smash their opponents! SX means "Supercross" and should be a very familiar term if you race a lot, featuring cool jumps and turns not unlike a real life dirt bike racetrack.

Important: This Racetrack uses the Modded Race Gametype to work. You can find a 5 Lap variant of this called "Race Pro", as well as all my maps, on my File Share! My Gamertag is "Ultimalocked".

Tox Box2.png

Tox Box3.png

Tox Box4.png

Also known as the Supercross track formerly based on the Toxic Waste Pokemon, this is once again a remake of an old map I made when I was younger called "Muk SX". Called it that because I thought naming it after a Pokemon was cool, and I liked the purple acid aesthetic. I've decided to drop it because I like Tox Box better and Muk, while cool and all, isn't really one of my favorite Pokemon anyway and I felt like I wanted something more original for this new version. Muk SX will always live on in my heart as one of the first half-decent tracks I ever made though!

Tox Box5.png

I hope you all enjoy my racetrack, and feel free to invite me to play it if you see me in the Halotracks or HaloCustoms discord channels. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I'm always willing to update and improve my maps in the future, especially if H4 gets a Forge update like some of the other Halos in MCC! -Ultima*

But wait, there's more!



Jadened is a Terrain Track on Shatter that I've made as a bonus to Tox Box. A remake of my old track "Jade", it's simple, pretty, and a great track to start on if you want to learn Terrain Racing!

For more screenshots of this map, check out this link to the Halotracks page here!
And be sure to check out the rest of the site for the newest and greatest in Halo racing and racetracks!
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    Direct downloads for PC are now available. Hope y'all give the map a shot now that Halo 4 is on PC!