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Reach Gladiator Arena v1.1

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One Arena. Random Weapons. 100 Kills. One Victor.

It's Gladiators! Now completely remade aesthetically and mechanically from the ground up for the modern age!

The Gametype and Map differ a bit from the original Gladiators, and I am aware there's many different kinds of Gladiator gametypes with this one not being based on the one from the Megapack but rather a pretty different one I played back in the day.

The main difference of the Gametype from the one in the Megapack is that there are no lives or rounds and it's all just one game, which goes to 100 (True) or 50 (Modern). Weapon Pickup is also now disabled, as I wanted each weapon to matter more and I thought it would work better with this more chaotic take on Gladiators. You can use the Gladiator gametype from the Megapack as well though!

The map also differs a lot, not only just being completely aesthetically redone but it also now uses One Way Shields instead of Shield Doors meaning that once you're in the Arena: You cannot hide! I thought this change and the new aesthetics would make it feel more like an actual Gladiator battle.



This map is paired with two Gametypes: True Gladiators and Modern Gladiators!

True Gladiators: Uses the Vanilla Reach settings. No Bleedthrough nor Reduced Bloom. I consider this one the "True" Gladiator gametype because it's closer to the original. This one goes up to 100 Kills and has a 10 Second Respawn Timer, so it's for TRUE GLADIATORS who are in it for the long run. This one is only in my File Share, so go download it from there if you are a TRUE GLADIATOR.

Modern Gladiators: Uses the Title Update settings with Bleedthrough and Reduced Bloom, and goes up to only 50 Kills and has a 5 Second Respawn Timer. I wanted to add this as an option for smaller or quicker lobbies that would prefer it, but it has proved itself to be the more popular one. Congratulations to it.

Gladiator: The original one. I didn't make it so it's not in my File Share but it's in the Megapack. For those that want more of a "Last Man Surviving" game instead of a chaotic killfest. This one has Weapon Pickup.

EDIT: The Map and both of my Gametypes are now part of the Megapack as well!


Just a picture of me runnin', that's all. I couldn't get a more action-focused screenshot because my friends play on PC and not on Xbox where I used Theater.

If there's any issues or anything you suggest could be changed to improve the map/gametype, please feel free to message me. I'm in the HaloCustoms Discord too so feel free to talk to me if you see me there. And if anybody here tries the gametype, please let me know how it went!. Hell even feel free to invite me to play! GT is Ultimalocked.
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