1. salsasandro

    Playroom Wooden Toys 2019-07-13

    A Mario Kart 8 inspired Racetrack Race through a Kid's chamber 24 Points to win and finish the Race. (3 Laps) Teleports Players in a Dead Zone and let them respawn to last Checkpoints should they dismount Vehicles. There are many scripts: 8 Checkpoints (uses Ducain23`s Race Script /...
  2. F

    Ocean Graveyard 1

    This track is my first racetrack made in over a year. It was made to refresh my memory of turns and that sort of thing. Map: Ocean Graveyard Gametype: Race (Mongoose) Creator: FredR1ck11 Youtube video:
  3. GuiltySpark

    Bowser's Castle 3 1.0

    "Race your friends in a hog, watch out for whomps, and get nostalgic" A Mario Kart themed race track by: ARC GuiltySpark Map Link: Click! Gamemode (Link Issues, get from my files) Halo Kart Map Building Process I first got the idea for making this map when I randomly decided to play on my...
  4. Superior Forger

    White Wrath Mountain 2016-11-21

    White Wrath Mountain ~ It's fast, it's sleek, and it's bright white! The Mountain Dew Series returns with the 2nd track of the series featuring a humongous drop,several tight turns, and breathtaking views all around. Enjoy this awesome coaster as much as the 1st one and remember full speed...
  5. Superior Forger

    Nitro Runner

    Introducing you all to the 1st track of the "Colors of Mountain Dew Series". These tracks will all be in a realistic coaster style and there will be 5 of them, one for each color of Mountain Dew "Green, Orange, Red, Blue, and White". This one especially features lots of banked turns and wavy...