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A while back, I used to play this one game on android called Rivals at War: 2084 (RAW 2084 for short). It's one of those games where you suit up a team of 6 soldiers with armor and weapons and send them into battle. However you cannot control them during the match, you can only watch. In the match, your team battles another team for control of the "objective area" which, at first glance, is exactly like KOTH in halo. The game also has various classes of soldiers like scout, medic, sniper, gunner, etc. It was cool for a while. I got bored of RAW with time but I kept thinking that it might make an interesting custom game in halo. And now here it is.

This is a single-hill koth map supporting teams of 5 or 6 with unusual trait settings designed to replicate the gameplay of RAW 2084. The damage ratio is much lower than default (meaning all weapons deal about half the standard damage), players have unlimited ammo, no jumping, and shields do NOT recharge. However, you can regain shields with a regen field. There are 5 game loadouts intended to simulate the classes of RAW:

Magnum+Regen field

Although jumping is disabled, most of the cover on the map is half the height of a spartan, so youll find yourself doing a lot of crouching. To win at this game, you need to work with your team. Each member needs to utilize the abilities of their chosen loadout wisely. Map positioning around the hill is key. Another important factor is the guard loadout (the one with the regen field). Although the magnum is not very helpful in picking up kills (especially on a low dmg ratio), the regen field is the only means by which anyone can regain their shields, so you need at least 1 person on your team to use it, and you need to get within range of him/her when necessary. Teamwork bitch! Hope you enjoy the gametype!
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