Introduction Hello! I'm A Long Time Halo Player And Forger.

Nov 7, 2015
Hello and yes the name is Wes not "West" as in the direction or "Was"; it's Wes like "yes" but with a W instead, lol. I've been a long time halo player since 2001 when my brother got Halo CE for the OG Xbox. Never really knew what I was doing till I got to Halo 2 and I fell in love with the game, then series. I've played from Halo Wars all the way to Halo 5 now and can't wait for Halo Wars 2 to release. When I first got on Halo 3 and discovered forge, I thought I died. I never knew a game would let you edit maps and create your own. Reach came out and my mind went crazy with machinima and map designs. After a while, Halo 4 and Halo 2A got released and I was deeper into forge than I ever thought I would be. With Halo 5... let's say I have maps in mind, lol. I'm 18 (by Nov 21) and live in Kentucky. I'm always looking for a lobby to play with in Matchmaking or Customs, so if you need a player my GT is: Y3S ITZ WES . I'll be glad to play and I have a mic to communicate with the lobby/game.
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