Cool A Year of Halo 4 Forge Maps

Hello everybody! Today I've got a special video to share with you all. Since December 5th 2012, my co-commentators and I at OnlineKnights have had the privilege to feature a wide variety of Halo 4 Forge Maps and today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our first feature. From “Star Wars: Polis Massa” to “Zeus” we've gotten to showcase maps from every possible category and from all kinds of forgers. In this time, we've had the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the Halo community and today we wanted to share with you all a look back at a year of Halo Maps.​
Play-testing and featuring all these maps has been a true pleasure, and although the Halo community may have experienced a steady decline, we have never lacked in amazing content to showcase. Additionally, we want to thank the Halo community for all the support they have shown us. It’s because of all of you that we have remained dedicated to producing this Halo content. I hope you enjoy this series of map-feature segments and that it not only gives you a look back on the past year, but also shows the progression in forging that the community has developed in this time.

In the beginning you were the "little guys."
As we started to grow you did also. As we grew fat ( ;) ) watching your videos, playing halo and downloading the maps and gametypes. As YOU developed as a channel. We worked with you, fought with you, stood by you and helped you reach more numbers, bigger numbers.

And hey as much of idiot as you think i am, i still haven't subscribed :( ;)