1. Mr Rogers4

    Ideas of Minigames and Map Styles Thread

    So the idea of this thread is to discuss ideas of different Minigame and Map concepts that we would want to see in Halo. Like if you want to see a map made primarily out of man cannons, you can mention it here. I will start with an idea I'm interested in seeing. What I would love to see more is...
  2. M

    Introduction Hi I'm new here

    Add me or hmu so we can start some customs lobbies. I prefer the 'competitive' style maps.
  3. A

    Introduction Hosting Halo 5 Custom Games 2/2/16

    bla bla bla
  4. Ace VP

    Master Ace VP's *HALO 5 MAPS*

    Welcome I am Master Ace VP... I am here to keep you up to date on all my HALO 5 Map Creations... MAP PORTFOLIO Description: This is where you will find photos of my older maps that I made on Far Cry games and Halo... So you can see some of my work from the past... Minecaft Builds Xbox 360...
  5. Psychoduck

    SvC Maps! Maps! Maps!

    Want to get a leg up on those pesky Oranges before Sunday? Here's your chance to familiarize yourself with some of the maps and games we will be playing. The player count of the lobby will be dependent upon the number of staff available, but below you'll find maps to suit a variety of lobby...
  6. Robius5991

    Cool A Year of Halo 4 Forge Maps

    Hello everybody! Today I've got a special video to share with you all. Since December 5th 2012, my co-commentators and I at OnlineKnights have had the privilege to feature a wide variety of Halo 4 Forge Maps and today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our first feature. From “Star Wars...
  7. Psychoduck

    New Maps Section!

    If I hadn't just done this in the last article I'd written, I would probably be starting this one off with a quip about people living under rocks. However, that would be redundant, so after much deliberation I have decided to instead start this article off rambling about how this article is...
  8. Vincent Torre

    Castle Map Pack

    Hello again, I hope you had a good relaxing weekend. I know I sure did. Major Nelson surprised us this morning with a treat of castles. Castle Map Pack that is. Castles Crashed! The third and final map pack of Halo 4 looks to be the best of all. Which needs a lot to live up to the Majestic...
  9. REMkings

    Insanmiac's Best of the Dead Contest

    Insanmiac, the YouTube channel that functions as your number one destination for anything Flood-related, has recently held a contest that went by a name as convenient as it is macabre, the "Best of the Dead" contest. The long wait is now over! After having received over 50 submissions and...
  10. Tedium

    Fuzzle's Map Showcase Extravaganza!

    As the majority of you know, a few hours ago The Halo Forge Epidemic did a video showing off our website, and enticing you with its features. Lucky for us, you all took their advice! It's been really great seeing all the new faces, and with each new member comes another opportunity for an...