1. Waffle

    Mjolnir Forge Editor

    Mjolnir Forge Editor is a tool, for the popular free 3D software Blender, which modifies Halo Reach's RAM to edit forge maps. The currently loaded forge map is imported into Blender, edited, and then exported back to Reach. After a round restart, changes take effect and can be saved back to the...
  2. DC Valorstrike

    New community made content for Halo 5 Customs

    Wanted to show my appreciation to the many forgers and voice actors who helped to create Halo: Dusk Injunction and share some screenshots with you guys! The goal was to create maps based on the planet of Reach along with cut-scenes to weave an epic story to be played in Halo 5: Guardians custom...
  3. Jebus

    Contest Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest - RESULTS

    FORE!!! The results for our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest we re-announced back in May are in! While submissions for this contest were relatively low, judging went on as planned and our results are finalized. Prizes will go out as planned, however please note our source for the...
  4. Jebus

    Event Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest

    It's time to dust off your irons and grab a caddy; Par for the Course is back! Today, it is our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with the fine folks at 343 Industries to bring this event back into the fold. Our new partner was focused on the Ghost in the Shell Forge Contest until...
  5. W

    Join Customs Community

    Looking for active Halo players to join my new club on Xbox called Customs Community. Only 3 members so far because this club was created yesterday and I just started advertising it. Join to build a Fireteam, Forge, and play custom games with chill players. Age requirement 18.
  6. Psychoduck

    Event Par for the Course Contest Update

    Over the duration of our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest, we've been a bit concerned by low turnout. Battle Golf is an awesome, fun, and unique game mode in need of exciting new courses to be played on. However, the original course in the Action Sack playlist also set a precedent...
  7. Psychoduck

    Community Oddball, KotH, and Rocket Race are Back!

    Last December, Halo 5's Monitor's Bounty content update introduced the ability to create custom game modes via Forge scripting. This scripting system is fairly complex (and admittedly a little buggy at times), but that hasn't stopped AnonFriction from churning out three beloved classic Halo...
  8. Psychoduck

    Event Par for the Course Contest Extension

    We have decided to extend the deadline for our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest by three weeks! This will place the deadline approximately a month from now, more than enough time to start a submission of your own if you haven't yet done so. We understand Battle Golf is a complex...
  9. AnonFriction

    Classic Modes Return!

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let everyone know Oddball, KotH, and Rocket Race have been updated! There are prefabs available in my fileshare for both if you want to set them up on your maps, but I've also set them up on all Halo 5 Arena maps to be playable! I JUST WANNA PLAY! -For Oddball...
  10. X

    Introduction HARD CORE HALO FANS UNITE!!!!

    Hello my name is cameron miller. I am a halo player. All of us are here because we remember the good days of halo 1 2 and especially 3! the haters of halo depopularized what halo 3 forge mode did for the world of gaming. all of these years 343/microsoft have been doing nothing but non stop...
  11. Soletare

    Standard Pegasus II: Sanghelios 1.1

    I really enjoy the map 'Pegasus', but I felt it looks to "ugly", so I decided to make new version of it. The block textures are all the same, also reflection and physics. Glass can not be found anymore (since it is an ancient temple) and it was replaced by a new "gate" or by some grides. The...
  12. Pizza Missile

    Can I play custom game types within forge?

    So I'm trying to make a game that involves increased moving speed. Can I apply those settings while making a map in forge our do i have to exit out and create a custom game every time I want to test it. I looked for something like that in the menus but I can't find anything like that. Thanks
  13. I

    Introduction Hello

    Used to play Reach, 4 and 5 online. Can't wait to jump back in on PC now!
  14. Voxx31

    Introduction Halo is back on PC!

    My frames may be low but my hopes are high! Long time Halo fan looking mainly for casual pugs and other fun community game modes mainly on Saturday and Sundays. I'm a really average player who's more in it for a laugh and a fun time. My rank in Team Arena on XB1 is Platinum 3, and my rank is...
  15. N

    Introduction It's been a few years but it's here.

    Time to finally play Halo on the pc again
  16. Erydhil

    Standard BTB Autumn Valley 2016-09-04

    Autumn valley is a symetrical assassin, ctf and stronghold map. It takes place in a forerunner world inspired by the aesthetic structures of Halo 3 and 4. The aesthetic out of the map is asymetric, the two main bases got a balcony by which you have two great different views. On the red/orange...
  17. Jebus

    Srs Bzns HaloCustoms State of the Union

    My fellow community members, as we enter the eventful month of September, we want each and every one of you reading this to look at yourself for a good minute. We are 110% serious. We encourage everybody to get a mirror, stimulate your mind and soul, suit up and ready your bodies for what's to...
  18. SgtGnomeS

    Get Your Forge Map Showcased Today!

    Hey all, I am creating this post because my friend and I do a weekly show called Forgetastic Fridays where we pick user created maps, we then run around the maps and showcase them. We are looking for anyone that would like to submit their Forge maps, they can be any type of map (4v4, 8v8...
  19. L

    Introduction Hey there!

    Hey there! I'm Luk Predator, currently looking for players to help me beta test maps and to play some customs! My favourite gamemode is infection, but invites to any other minigame, map testing, custom matches are appreciated You can add me to your friend list if you need players (just invites...
  20. Slothy82

    Standard Toilet

    Hey Forgers and Slayers this is x sl0th x or Slothy for short. Today I am bringing a Halo 5 forge custom map feature Toilet. This map was created by me with loads of suggestions from my Spartan Company buddies at Iforge- The map was created by first doing one of my rock...