1. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 3 1.0.0

    The Oni Base provided you with intel on a certain scientist working on a cure. You found the scientist cowering in his quarters at the research station. He says he knows how to put an end to all this, but to do so, you must venture into the heart of the outbreak. In a cave system where patient...
  2. Real_Quickk

    Metal and Ash: Co Op Map

    Welcome to Metal and Ash: Co Op Map! This will test your teamwork skills as well as your own personal ability. There are over 10 unique puzzles that cause the players to problem solve through cooperation. There needs to be one Red Player and one Blue Player, nothing more and nothing less...
  3. BLOODxcrazer

    The Gauntlet

    Welcome to The Gauntlet! The Gauntlet dates back to 2010 Reach, but here's how it adapts to Halo 5: Blue team has to get to the end, and Red team must stop them. Blue team is up against 3 stages. Each round is just 3 minutes, unless the Blue team dies, and they will... a lot. Stage 1 (Barrel...