infection map

  1. V

    Infection Forest 2022-11-15

    Yes, this is working infection. NOTES: You must use "Infection Forest GM!!!!!" This is best experienced with outlines turned down or off (accessibility). Zombie outlines disappear when crouched. Thank you to all the testers!! If you want humans to have a different loadout simply change it in...
  2. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 3 1.0.0

    The Oni Base provided you with intel on a certain scientist working on a cure. You found the scientist cowering in his quarters at the research station. He says he knows how to put an end to all this, but to do so, you must venture into the heart of the outbreak. In a cave system where patient...
  3. NightHero

    Reach Halo Reach Infection Map - Mansion Of Death (Alpha Version) Alpha - Shouldn't have too many issues.

    A really fun infection holdout map I made with my new buddie Poor Paul. Worked really hard on this map. It's super big, and I used all of my budget. It get's a bit glitchy, but that's only from the pieces flickering cause of the budget being full. (An odd bug in the game)
  4. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 2 1.1.0

    You got lucky last night. You happened to crash land at an ONI base of all places. Nice wide open sight lines, plenty of ammunition to go around, and to top it all off there was a Pelican, untouched, waiting for you to make your escape. Now you find yourself at this resort. Ammo is scarce, the...
  5. G

    Introduction Infection

    I'm a loser kill me and help me test maps
  6. N

    H4 Ceres Prime (HALO 5)

    GT: Not Donovan I accidentally posted this to H4 sorry....This is H5 Ceres Prime is an infection map inspired by the movie "Predators". It can run any infection game type, but I mainly created this map for predator type games. The spawning still needs testing for infection modes other than...