infection map

  1. LustSinTaboo

    PILLAR OF AUTUMN 2017-09-07

    The Pillar of Autumn scientists tried to find a cure for the flood, but they faild and now the flood is taking over the Pillar of Autumn. Destroy the flood! Save the ship and THE WORLD! This is a remake of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, campaign. *** Credits: Co-forge: Iggy Game...
  2. LustSinTaboo

    HAUNTED MANSION 2017-08-21

    14 people have to take shelter in the forgotten mansion in the woods of the year 2558 in order to escape the flood! Map preview:
  3. G

    Introduction Infection

    I'm a loser kill me and help me test maps
  4. N

    H4 Ceres Prime (HALO 5)

    GT: Not Donovan I accidentally posted this to H4 sorry....This is H5 Ceres Prime is an infection map inspired by the movie "Predators". It can run any infection game type, but I mainly created this map for predator type games. The spawning still needs testing for infection modes other than...