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  1. Free Roam Infection
  2. Holdout Infection
  3. Linear Infection
  4. Epidemic
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Ceres Prime Hunt
GT: Not Donovan

I accidentally posted this to H4 sorry....This is H5

Ceres Prime is an infection map inspired by the movie "Predators". It can run any infection game type, but I mainly created this map for predator type games. The spawning still needs testing for infection modes other than Predator. If you like to help me test the map, add me :). There would be a lot more vegetation, but the item limit is maxed. I will be making a game type for this map when infection is released.

There is the original map and a night map. In my files, the original map is named Ceres Prime. The night map is named Ceres Prime (night). The only difference between these maps are the time of day on the map. You can see the difference in the screenshots posted. Let me know which version you like better! :)

I recommend at least 10 players with either 2 or 3 of them starting as predators depending on the size of the lobby.

- I changed the fog after the test run, I raised the thickness and lowered the brightness just a bit to give the planet an atmosphere
- The blue invisible lights on the map are supposed to be the moon light shining through the trees. Here's an example:
Wed_Apr_27_08-41-05_PDT_2016.png This may need editing still.
-This map was created using some of the Autumn Island's terrain from my "Islands" infection map
- There are many sound FX in this map to add to the experience
- The forest gets pretty dense, that's why I was unable to take any overhead shots
- Add me to download the map
- Cinematic Intro has been added as of Version 1.1! - Now features a falling drop pod in the background :)

Weapon list (Version 1.1):
- 2 Magnums - 1 spare
- 1 Halo CE Magnum - 1 spare
- 1 Scattershot - 1 spare
- 1 Sniper Rifle - 0 spare
- 1 Assault Rifle - 2 spare
- 2 SMGs - 1 spare
- 1 Needler
- 1 DMR - 0 spare
- 1 Halo 2 Battle Rifle - 1 spare
- 1 Active Camo
- 1 Saw - 0 spare

I will post a link to a showcase video of the map :). The video is a little outdated, but the map hasn't changed that much.
Some weapons may be removed in the future.
All feedback is appreciated!
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