predator infection map

  1. Saint Taaka

    H3 Soul Asylum 1

    This is a re-upload of a map I got off of Forgehub in 2009. It was made by a user named Seaboro Kibbles who hasn't been on in 7 years. All credit goes to the original author. A predator game at heart, the objective is to survive the cloaked zombie's wrath. In this game you'll notice that whom...
  2. N

    H4 Ceres Prime (HALO 5)

    GT: Not Donovan I accidentally posted this to H4 sorry....This is H5 Ceres Prime is an infection map inspired by the movie "Predators". It can run any infection game type, but I mainly created this map for predator type games. The spawning still needs testing for infection modes other than...