Soul Asylum

H3 Soul Asylum 1

Seaboro Kibbles
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Sandbox (H3)
Supported Infection Gametypes
  1. Free Roam Infection
Custom Gametype Name
This is a re-upload of a map I got off of Forgehub in 2009. It was made by a user named Seaboro Kibbles who hasn't been on in 7 years. All credit goes to the original author.

A predator game at heart, the objective is to survive the cloaked zombie's wrath. In this game you'll notice that whom ever decides to stray into the darkness, will likely get picked off; and those who freeze at the burning sound of a charging laser, won't be any more lucky. This may be as scary as halo gets. Predator is a one zombie one life game. The zombie is cloaked, has sword, a spartan laser, can jump high, is a faster than humans, and is relatively weak. In game you'll notice that with this combination the zombie tends to single out people who are alone, this is because when the zombie attacks he looses his camouflage, and if people are around they'll kill him. Also, the zombie has a laser, which is great for humans that don't move and stand out in the open.

One of the best aspects of this map is that the maze does change between rounds. New pathways emerge and others are blocked off.
Saint Taaka
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