halo 5 forge

  1. E

    Introduction Hello, Excuse My Name

    My name is Eric. I love long walks on the beaches of Last Resort. I am an 8 foot Spartan and very very strong. Anyways, I can't wait to see how Halo 5 Forge evolves and I can't wait to play with the community again. I have not played since Halo 4, so let's get rid of the rust! Please excuse my...
  2. J

    Introduction Hey guys, longshotz here looking for customs!

    Just looking to try and get the most out of Halo 5 Forge on PC, add me if you want to play some customs!
  3. diddl3r

    Introduction Hosting MLG Customs

    Looking for people interested in MLG style customs. Looking to go for an old school Halo feel. My friends and I were big Halo 2 and Halo 3 players. Going to try and recreate as similar of an experience as possible. If you're interested in this kind of competitive gameplay environment please add...
  4. akcat

    Introduction WHAT IT DO

    Guys! I want to play Halo also! I have a computer, and now I have Halo. Let's play some Halo! Kthx.
  5. Slothy82

    Standard Toilet

    Hey Forgers and Slayers this is x sl0th x or Slothy for short. Today I am bringing a Halo 5 forge custom map feature Toilet. This map was created by me with loads of suggestions from my Spartan Company buddies at Iforge-https://goo.gl/GBXWnJ. The map was created by first doing one of my rock...
  6. T

    Standard Temple

    Download GT: TickleMe Buddha Temple is a 2v2 to 4v4 asymmetrical map . It is set up for Strongholds and slayer Hope you Enjoy ***Any and All Feedback is Appreciated
  7. N

    H4 Ceres Prime (HALO 5)

    GT: Not Donovan I accidentally posted this to H4 sorry....This is H5 Ceres Prime is an infection map inspired by the movie "Predators". It can run any infection game type, but I mainly created this map for predator type games. The spawning still needs testing for infection modes other than...
  8. Spiderman0426

    Standard Frostbite Canyon

    This is a remake of Beaver creek, it took about 2 days to make. So far it only works with FFA & Team Slayer, though I am working on CTF. Now there are no animations for the power weapons on the map, nor is there a animation for the intro or outro, main reason why is because I don't exactly...
  9. Slothy82

    Water Polo

    In this Halo 5 Guardians Forge Sports Map, Masterchief is taking a dip in the pool. This is a Grifball type game with unlimited boost and real water effects. Halo Spartans can score points by swimming, throwing or bouncing the ball into the goal. Enjoy the effect of floating dead opponents and...