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I like this. Really puts what we do into perspective. Youtube is currently holding "Geek Week", and multiplayer gaming culture was featured a few days ago. It's great to see it all from the different perspectives. Lots to think about, considering how multiplayer oriented Halo is.

Community From Idea to Form: Forging the First Piece

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From Idea to Form: Forging the First Piece

Everything begins from somewhere. Perhaps you read a good book or watched a brilliant movie. It might come from a game or some arrangement of buildings you see while driving down the road. When applying these images to our shared interest in Halo's forge, it takes only this idea or inspiration to begin something.

But how does one find that inspiration, and where should you begin once you have the idea? These are two of the most common questions I hear from newer forgers, and they remain some of the largest obstacles for me when I create something. As easy as it sounds, finding an idea and making it take shape is far from it more often than not. You may have help along the way from...

Community Conversion

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Hello Halo Customs! For the past 7 months now, The Psycho Duck and I have been working on a project that has been pretty massive in scope. Up until now only a few select people have played or heard about it, but that is about to change! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Conversion, a new game mode in Halo 4 designed by the community, for the community!​

The Forge Games Episode 4

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Guess who's back? Back again. Forge Games back. Tell a friend.

This week, the TFG competitors tackle Hold Out maps! And while that's not necessarily my main cup o' tea, the entire competition is still more than intriguing enough to keep me coming back for more. TFG is starting to heat up, and with only 5 competitors left, you might could say that...

Your moove, forgers.

12 Minutes of Destiny Gameplay

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Destiny E3 2013: 12 minute Gameplay

"What does this have to do with Halo?" you may ask.

"Get out." I respond.

Here's the most recent and most in-depth demonstration of Destiny gameplay thus far.

Be sure to stick it on 720p for that sweet, sweet next gen goodness.


Halo Game Teasers

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So at E3 they announced the newest Halo game coming out. Excited about the new teaser? If you haven't seen it out, check it out below.

E3 2000, I mean.
I know, I'm a joker. You probably wanted something newer than that. Well here you go.​
Halo 2. Good times, huh? That was in 2003.
No, no, we want the one for the current Xbox. Not past ones, silly! "Okay" I say, "I'll get you the teaser you were waiting for..."​
Well I'd blame you for stupidity if you didn't see this next video coming. I mean, fuck, can't you see the huge thumbnail? Get your shit together, dude.​
Halo 3, E3...

Community Poll: FORGE

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What better way to let 343 know what we want other than to TELL them?


If you would like to support this cause but are unfamiliar with forge, I would recommend watching THFE's video of forge tool wishes as Oakley Hidef presents some great ideas: VIDEO.

This poll was created by collecting suggestions from The Halo Council, ForgeHub, Halo Customs, Waypoint, and other community sites. Please note, this poll is open to the general public. You do not need to be a member of THC to participate.

Thanks for Participating! Please visit our other poll on CAMPAIGN and help yourself make...

Happy Towel Day HC!

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Today is that most momentous of days, a day when all dampness ceases and preparedness is at an all time high. That's right, it is Towel Day once again ladies and gents!​
Towel Day is an event on May 25th each year that celebrates the life of Douglas Addams, that hoopy frood who first taught us the importance of always knowing where one's towel is. In case you've been living in the spleen of the ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (which I would not recommend doing in the least) Douglas Addams was the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and it's sequels. He is currently either dead or out to a very long lunch, though if the former is true it's likely only for tax reasons. Douglas Addams had much to say on the subject of towels, some of the most important of which was featured in his books:​
"A towel, [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy] says, is about the most...​

Destiny Trailer

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Bungie has just released the first trailer clip for their upcoming game, Destiny. In this video we get a look into some of the lore behind the game, as well as a glimpse of how combat and vehicles might behave. Overall it’s definitely a promising start, and we’re due for some in game footage to come June 10th at E3 expo.

Xbox One Announcement Abridged

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This video just about sums it up perfectly. Don't worry, it's not an info recap. It's a laughy recap. Enjoy!

Forerunner Architecture is Some Heavy Shit!

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Aaron Cote over at Kotaku has a great, short article about the architecture of the Forerunner civilization, what it embodies, and how it reflects who the forerunners really were. Here's a short snippet, but I encourage everyone to go give it a read-

The Library is speaking to something more than its creators, or what is contained within. It’s trying to exemplify what the knowledge stands for. Something more than just physical beings, or the reputation of whoever built it. The Forerunners see themselves as an ideal, as an example to be followed, and the Library exemplifies their selflessness by removing any trace of their physical selves from history: the source of all the wisdom that has saturated the soil.
Read More

BIOC's Reach Infection Favorites

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Not too long ago, Flood was known as this weird gametype called "Infection". Instead of mutated sword arms, players were given plasma swords. Weird, huh? They looked like normal spartans too, just greener. Bizarre.

If that reality is still a fresh memory of nostalgic joy, REMkings has got you covered. He and BIOC are holding another Infection Session to go through all of the favorite maps created during the Halo:Reach empire that was Infections Only Customs. IOC! No wait... BIOC! That was it. The B was for Bloodthirst.

Check out this awesome zombie-fest right here (linkity link). And if you've got an old favorite etched into the pleasure part of your brain, go ahead and let them know! They're currently taking votes for favorite maps, so get ready for one last send off of the...

Halo Twitch Streams

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Hey you, are you as lazy as me? Have you ever felt like Halo but didn't want to play?

Hike up your tryhard pants like Urkle and join!

I recently came across some very entertaining twitch streams that have only a very few amount of views. It's really fun to hang out in the chatbox and chillax while someone else is doing all the work.

Just bookmark this link to check for Halo 4 streams whenever you feel like it.

The Guide To Forge Island

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Good day everyone,
Since Forge Island has been revealed people have been constantly finding new ways to use this new canvas to its full potential.
Forging under water, phasing through the ground or even making the Mongoose a two-wheeler are just some of the many things people have discovered!
Fortunately for us, FortunateSiren has created a thread to gather all the important info you need to know. It's a place you can check back on for everything Forge Island.

Of course, there are many things missing and I hope we can all help to make it the ultimate thread for Forge Island!

Know a cool glitch, exploit, fact, or tip?
Head over to Siren's...

BIOC Map Database and Submissions Thread

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Hey there my beloved Flood fans! Today I'm here to bring you some BIOC news!

We, the staff members of your favorite local Infection hub BIOC, have recently released an updated version of our Map Database that we would like you to check out.
In the BIOC Map Database we store all of the Flood maps that we believe are the best of the best of Flood maps that have been made up to date, maps that we play in our BIOC lobbies ourselves and are also worthy recommendations for anyone looking for a fun Flood map to play in their own customs. We've been working on a new Database lately since the old one had become outdated. We are happy with the outcome and we would like to encourage you to check it out following the link down below...

The Forge Games - Episode 3

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This hiatus between episodes was sooooo long and forever taking. But FINALLY, Mr. Pokephile is back with a brand new ep, where Alpha and Bravo are tasked with crafting One Flag maps. I won't spoil too much (you can watch the full show above), but what was with that one guy abandoning his team? Screw that guy. Lights would never do that, everyone seemed to say.

Remember that Awesome Feeling?

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I remember what it was like way back when a new Halo came out. It's been half a year now since Halo 4 has been released, and that fresh new feeling has faded to a distant memory - until Halo 5 or Destiny, at least! This video, animated by the amazing Egoraptor, really puts those feelings into focus.

Warning: Video contains brief swearing, drug references and... genital biting? Meh. It's not as explicit as you might imagine. But be warned if you're, I don't know, eight years old, or were recently in a freak genital biting incident.

Yeah. It's kinda like that.

Introducing: The Halo Mole

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Ever wanted to participate in a virtual gameshow in which you can win virtual money? No? Now's the right time to start doing that! Introducing The Halo Mole!

If you haven't heard of the new Halo Gameshow "The Halo Mole" yet, definitely check them out!
They want YOU to participate and you can win up to 25,000 MS points to spend on the xbl market, sounds promising right?

Registration will close on May 31st, 2013 at Midnight Eastern Time so be quick!

Hurry over to to register and win those MS points!
-Fuzzle out

Anoj's Top Ten: Betrayals and Suicides

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You guys like Halo? I like Halo. Here, watch this:

Funny stuff, right? Right, now let me get back to this juicy cheeseburger that's calling my name. What, you guys don't have cheeseburgers for breakfast?​

QuickCSR - An easy way to track your Halo 4 Skill Ranks

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So, we heard you like CSR. We also heard that it's difficult to keep track of your CSR at the moment. Well, here's something that might help:

"QuickCSR - A dead simple way to check all of your Halo 4 Competitive Skill Ranks"

This handy little tool provides a super effective way of keeping up with your individual CSR for each playlist. And it's so simple too! Just type in your gamertag and voila, you'll see something like this:


And yes, those are totally my ranks. It's not like I searched the HaloTracker leaderboards just to have all those pretty flames you see up there... Ok fine, that's exactly what I did. But don't worry, I'll have mine looking similar to that soon enough! Be sure to check this out for yourself and see how you size up against all your friends!

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