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Community Halo: Memories

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The Halo community is as massive as it is diverse, as strong as it is unique. The Halo community brings together thousands of people from around the world who share but one thing in common: a love for Halo. But, to love Halo can mean any number of things. Some people love the core competitive multiplayer experience. Some love the story. For others, it's the expanded universe that attracts them. Many love Halo for the ways it allows them to play differently than originally intended. We have players, forgers, photographers, videographers, actors, writers, editors, musicians, creators, consumers, and more.

A few months ago, Akmigone decided to make a statement about the diversity and passion present with this community. I had the privilege to participate in this project alongside others like ducain23, Mr Pokephile, Robius5991, H2AK0N...

Cool Community Content

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Welcome one, welcome all, join me as your friendly neighborhood potato asks the hard hitting questions such as where do potatoes come from? Are the staff, in fact, corrupt? And how do you go about submitting and getting your content highlighted here on Halocustoms? The latter of which we will be discussing today.

The Community and the Content

The Halo community is known for its passion, its uniqueness and probably most importantly, its creativity. This creativity ranges from something as simple (or not so simple) as taking a screenshot a goofy screenshot or another with an epic back drop.

Perhaps making a machinima is more your thing and you enjoy giving people a story that they'll love whether it be through amazing character development that leaves...

Community Podtacular: Forgetacular!

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What's better than a podcast about Halo? Well, a podcast about Forge of course! Over the weekend, my friend Dust Storm invited me back onto Podtacular, the Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast. Alongside petetheduck, ducain23, and NOKYARD, I came onto the show to talk about the recent reveal of Halo 2: Anniversary's Forge mode for an exciting podcast. This was actually a co-podcast between the Forgecast crew and the Podtacular crew. Take a listen below!

Disclaimer: I was quite sick over the weekend, so my voice sounded like crap.

Free Steam Games Giveaway!

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You know what sucks? Never having enough games to play. We've all been there. Whether you have one game or 10, you always get a little tired of playing the same game over and over again. That's why during the Steam Summer Sale I thought it would be great idea to buy some games for both my friends and myself. Problem is though, I bought a lot of games. Now the only thing better than games is free games.

The best part about this is that there is no competition that you'll need to enter to win and no strings attached. The games will be given away on a first come, first serve basis. One game will be given away to the user that asks for the game first. Now, to ensure you get a game that you'll be able to play, you'll need to do the following below.
  1. To ensure that you get a game that you will be able to play on your rig, be sure to check out the games' requirements on can you...

Community Community Content Highlight - UST

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With the release of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection right around the corner I think it’s important that we don't forget to highlight some of the amazing content from around the Halo community that you may not have had the chance to see before. Such curious, much excite :doge:

There’s no better way to start this off than by sharing a compilation of some well known and some lesser known stunts and tricks from one of Halo Combat Evolved’s fan favorite maps Blood Gulch. Now for those of you that are unfamiliar with Blood Gulch I've linked a few pictures below to help jog your memory. This map also asks one of life's greatest questions..."Why are we here?"

Blood Gulch from Halo: Combat Evolved

Hemorrhage from Halo: Reach...

Cool Take It Away, Ern!

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As many of you know by now, when The Psycho Duck and I play co-op Halo campaigns, things tend to get pretty awesome and pretty silly. Last week, Duck and I set out to explore the chilly crevices of The Package in Halo Reach Campaign. While we were there, we happened to make a new friend, a friend who goes by the name of Ern. Ern was originally going to be this week's caption contest image, but after some handy montage work by the Quack himself, it was decided that there was really no better way to describe what happened than to just go ahead and show it. Take it away, Ern!

For those of you who haven't read or seen Harry Potter, the whole thing is a reference to Ernie, the driver of the Knight Bus:

I may occasionally post rambles like this if similarly ridiculous things happen that...

Welcome to the World of HC Beach

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Slow waves beat against the shore as you open your eyes. There is a dazzling light all about, and as it clears you see sand all around you. Or is it snow? Well, it's white and granular and doesn't taste like sugar, so we'll go with sand. Slowly the world appears around you, and you find yourself on a Beach. But not just any Beach: A Beach called Halo Customs. You have heard fervid rumors of it whispered in the shout box, but today it is rumor no longer. Behold!

Forged by Squally da Beans, Master Rebates, and myself, Halo Customs Beach is Halo Custom's final form, it's ultimate...

Community The Foregcast Episode 1

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As E3 news wraps up and news stops flooding in, it's time to take a look back at some of what we've heard over the last few days. I'm sure most of you have already heard about Halo: The Master Chief Collection, so be sure to pop on over to discussion thread and weigh in on the news.

After being invited onto Podtacular a few weeks ago and breezing through a three hour long discussion on the future of Forge, petetheduck and I began discussing the potential for a dedicated Forgecast. Pete took the initiative and organized everything and, armed with heaping buckets full of juciy news, we recorded the first episode last night. Appearing on the show were...

Community Podtacular 424: Halo 5's Forge

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Many of you have likely heard of Podtacular, the unofficial Halo Universe podcast. Many of you have also heard of both forge and Halo 5 and have a few ideas about what to expect from both. On Thursday night, I had the privilege of coming on the show joined by petetheduck and Receptor 17 in order to talk Halo 5 forge. Over the last few months, Pete has compiled and extensive list of features which are commonly asked for regarding the next iteration of forge. What follows is a two-and-a-half hour long discussion.

Enjoy listening and keep your ears peeled for some HaloCustoms rep and namedrops of several of you.

Cool New Invisible Object Glitch Discovered

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Hey babes. Are you ready for some Cool Stuff? You don't have to tell me, I already know the answer (it's yes). @petetheduck just recently posted this video on a newly discovered forge glitch. By setting a forge object to "Neutral" and then changing the gametype label to "CTF_FLAG_RETURN," that object will now be invisible in CTF game modes. Players can shoot and throw grenades through the object, but cannot actually pass through it. Sounds interesting huh? Check it out, my dawgs:​

I told you that Stuff was Cool. Now, go turn on your thinking caps and think up some awesome ways to incorporate this into your next map, mmkay? :y:


CES 2014 - Blog

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Myself and Tactics are on our way into CES as I write this from my tablet. We will be live / trying to live blog the events this week over at Check it out for the newest gadgets and gizmos. Comment and let us know if there is something you want to see or any questions.


Community Sacrifice Above All - HaloCustoms OST by Akmigone

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Akmigone Banner.jpg

Yo guys,

I've always loved community created content, be it forge maps, artwork, screenshots, montages, webseries, machinimas, clips, commentaries, streams, etc.

Only a short while ago it was offered to HaloCustoms to get our very own soundtrack, a track me and you can use for videos, intros or simply listen to.
This track was then handcrafted by Akmigone and uploaded for us all to use, truly a lot of work went into its composition.

You might know him because of his many videogame inspired pieces (Halo of course, but many more) on youtube, his passion for music and the feature from THFE.

Akmigone, I love your work and I would like to thank you for the amazing track you composed for us! Without any further ado, here it is:


Cool Destiny Release Date Confirmed!

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For those of you who have been paying some attention to good old Bungie recently, you may already know about this. None the less, this is BIG NEWS!

Bungie has confirmed the official release date for their long awaited game, Destiny. The official date has been set for September 9th, 2014. Mark your calenders everyone, because this is a release that you won't want to miss!​
Also announced, the Destiny Beta is going to kick off during the summer of 2014 as follows, and it will be available first on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Sorry guys, bad news for us Microsoft fanboys. :(

Cool A Year of Halo 4 Forge Maps

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Hello everybody! Today I've got a special video to share with you all. Since December 5th 2012, my co-commentators and I at OnlineKnights have had the privilege to feature a wide variety of Halo 4 Forge Maps and today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our first feature. From “Star Wars: Polis Massa” to “Zeus” we've gotten to showcase maps from every possible category and from all kinds of forgers. In this time, we've had the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the Halo community and today we wanted to share with you all a look back at a year of Halo Maps.​
Play-testing and featuring all these maps has been a true pleasure, and although the...

Destiny Fans Give Back Stream! (Win Destiny Beta Codes)

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Members of the Destiny community give out Destiny Beta codes in their stream, schedule below!

Here's the message from our friends at

Greetings Guardians,

Your friendly Last City dwelling Destiny Author here again.

I bring you tomorrow’s schedule for all the charity-filled goodness of Extra-Life that Guardian Radio, ourselves at Destiny Dispatch, and Datto will be streaming from our event’s Twitch page tomorrow.

Here’s what we have lined up, we will be keeping it semi-flexible, but will for the most part be fairly rigid so we can keep the ship afloat.

8:00 AM EST -...

Cool Certain Affinity's Ricochet Forge Contest Shortlist

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A little over a month ago, Certain Affinity set the community a challenge to create some awesome Ricochet forge maps. The community cartographers have finally narrowed down the many submissions to just six, of which three will win their creators some awesome prizes.

NOKYARD spoke to Bravo about the selection process he set out on;
Hey, NOKYARD here.
One of my favorite tasks as a Community Cartographer is to sift through contest submissions and assign them a preliminary pass/fail grade based on their adherence to the contest rules. You may think sorting maps would be mind numbingly boring but I take great delight in cracking open a freshly baked Forge creation to see how the builder interpreted the recipe.
In past...

Cool Certain Affinity's Ricochet Forge Contest

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After the success of their previous forge contest, Certain Affinity are yet again testing the skill of the Forging community with the help of Rooster Teeth and the elusive community cartographers. This time their gaze is turned on the recently released Ricochet game type.

If you want a chance at taking delivery of the awesome prizes on offer all you have to do is create a map and submit it by the 8th October. Well, it isn't really that simple, there are submission requirements put in place by CA in the Halo Waypoint announcement, as well as some helpful advice to push you in the right direction. You should give them a read before putting pen to paper, it's quite an extensive list of requirements and...

Community BIOC Channel is Now Online!

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Hello everyone!

I am happy to inform you all that the official BIOC YouTube channel has been launched! Our channel has been in the works for a long time now and we are finally ready to release it. Expect lots of content from us to reach the surface, such as recap videos, map features, and you can also wait for some exciting "things" between the channel and HaloCustoms to happen some time very soon....

The channel can be found under the following URL:

Thank you for your time! I hope you are just as pumped as we are to see where this is going!​
Last but certainly not least, make sure to subscribe to the channel for more floodiness to slowly creep into your subbox....
Meet you at the apocalypse,​

Recap: Fuzzle at GamesCom Germany

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Recap: Fuzzle at GamesComGermany


GamesCom 2013 is a wrap, my adventures in Cologne are over but pictures and especially great memories remain.
I'm still hyped about everything I experienced and I can only recommend visiting good old Germany next year for one hell of a time!

As you all know I'm not as flawless with my words/spelling as I want to be but :teddy: with me here.
The Recap will be very picture-heavy, i hope HC/HTML can handle it :D

Disclaimer: I censored some stuff (especially my face) because i don't want private pictures of me on the internet, important details got fuzzled out ;)

After a nice evening in the Netherlands my buddy and I woke up at 5 am to...

Fuzzle at GamesCom Germany

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Fuzzle at GamesCom Germany

Hey guys; as you might know, the fifth installment of GamesCom 2013 in Cologne Germany is right around the corner, and I will be attending on Saturday!

Not only will we get the chance to try out the new consoles PS4/XBone/(Wii U yay), but there are 11 giant halls bursting with everything gaming, and not to forget the outside area filled with sport activities and concerts.

I'm personally looking forward the most to the Activision booth, why? Because of Call of Duty: Ghosts of course! I heard this time it'll be a fresh and amazing experience. They added new gametypes, destructable environments, new guns, new maps and A DOG!

As I was saying...

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