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Deals Deals with Gold: April 5th

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So then... you thought that last weeks offerings were lacklustre? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

It's seriously slim pickings this week. On the Xbox 360 side of things there are only 4 items on sale, none of which are backwards compatible and one of the 4 sale items used to be a free download. Ouch.

Things are not much better on Xbox One either and the only thing I can honestly recommend is the Complete Forza Horizon 2 Add-Ons Collection at 60% off which contains every last piece of content ever released for the game (there's quite a lot). If you're a race fan and only have base game and enjoyed playing Horizon 2. I'd highly recommend this offer. For everyone else however, download...

Event 2th Annual Polished Turd Forge-A-Thon

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Wasn't I supposed to give more information on this a week or two ago... Anywho, Happy April Fools everybody. If you're reading this on the day of posting you might notice everything looking a bit funky, but that's all the fun of the fair.


In case you wasn't with us a year ago, the PT-Forge-A-Thon is a celebration of terrible map forging tropes and satirical take on forges past, a "my fworst map" if you will. Last year members had just the day to lovingly churn out their disastrous concoction. And those maps were then playtested (if you can even call it that) the following weekend. You can check out the original event and recap by following the highlighted linkydinks.​

But wait, don't the rules of the forge-a-thon state that all maps have to be forged on April Fools...

Deals Deals with Gold: March 29th

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In the aftermath of the Spring Sale, this week's deals are in a word; unremarkable.

The highlight of the deals this week is Evolve at 67% off. But realistically seeing as it's very internet dependent with a very low population of players, I can't honestly recommend it to anyone. Here's hoping it will be available via Games with Gold in the coming months.

On the Xbox 360 I have no recommendations this week as there are no Backwards Compatible titles, or even ones confirmed to be supported in the future. As per the usual though, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Deals Deals with Gold: Spring Sale 2016

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So what happened to the Spring Sale starting on Sunday? Turns out Microsoft simply started a sale on it's Microsoft Store on Xbox One hardware in a sale that appears to be US exclusive. How anti-climactic.

However now that Tuesday has passed, the real Spring Sale has emerged in all it's glory offering a range of discounts although nothing we haven't seen before. I maintain that the best offers right now are the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility titles.

Overall there are so many titles on offer that I'm going to avoid any real reconsiderations other than the cheap Xbox 360 titles that can bolster up your Xbox One library.

There has been no confirmation of any daily deals this time around and instead it seems likely that they'll be some weekend discounts to round off the sale. Only time...

Deals Deals with Gold: March 15th

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And here lies the calm before the storm. This week's sale is very much a mild warm up for the Spring Sale that lands on Sunday. So you'll be next week's deals early, with another potential post on Tuesday.

With no backwards compatible content on this week's sale and no real "must haves" on the Xbox One side of things. My main recommendation this week is to simply wait until Sunday and see what offers 'spring' up as they are likely saving the good stuff for then.

As per the usual though, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Cool Time Marches On

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Where did February go? It seems to have passed before my very eyes and as a result there are few things I wanted to cover last month but thanks to a lack of free time due to other real world commitments, I simply didn't find the time and for that I can only apologise. #WhatIsRealLife?
Of the two things I wanted to cover the most prevalent is the results for the Be Mine Valentine Weekend which have now been delayed for nearly a month. Sorry about that. The idea behind it was to show off how well you and a friend could operate as a unified killing machine. Highlighted by Game DVR clips.

You can read more about the event here. But more importantly let's move onto the results! Just to recap the top 3 most liked clips in the event's submission thread win along with the 6 HC members featured in those clips. The three winning clips...

Deals Deals with Gold: March 8th

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Another week of Deals with Gold is here and once again the offerings are rather lame. This may have something to do with the Spring Sale that is on the 20th of the month, so it might be worth hanging on for that.

If you really need something new to play this week on Xbox One however I'd likely recommend the Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) at 50% off. I personally haven't played it but have heard only good things about how it's quite a unique title.

Over on Xbox 360 there is no Back Compat supported titles on sale this week, but those of you still using their Xbox 360's can pick up L.A...

Deals Deals with Gold: March 1st

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Another week of deals with gold is here and it's certainly much weaker than last week's offerings. 'Dem bundles were pretty sweet, yo.

Over on Xbox One however Star Wars fans get another chance to pick up Star Wars Battlefront at 50% off. Other than that most of the other sale items are discounts on microtransactions or things we've previously had in Games with Gold.

On Xbox 360 there is no Backwards Compatible content on offer other than the DLC for the current Games with Gold title Supreme Commander 2 at 50% off. If you still regularly use your 360 it...

Deals Deals with Gold: February 23rd

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Apologies for this being a day late this week but trust me, it's worth it.

There are some really good deals this week across both platforms, so prepare your wallets folks.

The highlight on Xbox One this week is certainly the Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell Bundle and Metro Redux Bundle, both of which are 75% off. To put this into perspective if you purchased both of these you'd get a total of 4 high quality retail titles for only $15/£12! auburn

Over on Xbox 360 my recommendation lies with Saints Row and...

Deals Deals with Gold: February 16th

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Alas the return of meh. Another week of savings that are mostly poor and not very enticing.

There is a diamond in the rough, however! This week I whole heartedly recommend Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, a fantastic HD remaster of the classic PS1 era puzzle platformer "Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee" at 60% off.

Over on the 360, there are some Dragon Ball Z titles on sale for those of you that only have the older generation of hardware and are into fighting games. Unfortunately there is no Backwards Compatible content on sale this week, so no real recommendations this week.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Event Be Mine Valentine Weekend

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Love is in the air, apparently everywhere I look around or so the song goes. This weekend on HaloCustoms we'll be celebrating this "togetherness" in an slightly alternate context by how well as a pair you can operate as a singular hyper lethal vector and cause others much pain as you team shot and jointly teabag their remains for the ultimate humiliation.

So in honour of all this we want you to aquire your very own HC Valentine and show us all what an effective duo you really are this weekend by submitting your best clip of you both in action in this here submission thread. Instructions on how to record and submit your clip will be all be included there, so check it out once your done here. :)

So how do I aquire a HC Valentine?

As well as simply asking someone you play Halo...

Deals Deals with Gold: February 9th

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Following up last week's selection of deals with plenty of enticing offers available and backwards compatible titles on offer, this week in comparison can be only described as "meh".

On both platforms this week there really isn't much to shout home about and in all honesty there's no discount this week that I'm willing to recommend (there are a few interesting titles at a discount on Xbox 360 but at this point I only recommend titles that are backwards compatible or have been confirmed to be in the future).

The focus this week certainly seems to be indie games and micro-transaction based content. *yawn*

But hey, there might be something this week that might tickle your fancy. So as per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Deals Deals with Gold: February 2nd

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This week's Deals are primarily an EA published affair. On Xbox One this week the discount I would be most likely to recommend is Battlefield 4 Premium at 60% off, for those of you out there whom may have an EA Access subscription.

The highlight of this week's offerings however is the selection of backwards compatible Xbox 360 content on offer. What stands out most to me is Skate 3 at 75% off. This game may not be available yet, but it has been confirmed to be available soon™ and is arguably one of the best games of the last console generation. Many I'm sure would agree that it certainly has the wackiest physics. :p

It's also worth mentioning that there will be daily EA deals...

Deals Deals with Gold: January 26th

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Another week of Deals with Gold is upon us. The highlights of this week seem to be in the Far Cry and Grand Theft Auto franchises.

Over on Xbox One my primary commendation would certainly be Far Cry 4, which is currently 60% off on the store (the Gold Edition is 67% off if you're interested in having the DLC also). I hear it has some pretty fun online Co-Op. It's also worth noting that the 'Megalodon' bundle for GTA V is 50% off. At this price it's about the same price as the game usually is, but also comes with $8,000,000 to spend on GTA...

Deals Deals with Gold: January 19th

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Just like last week was great for race fans, this week focus is certainly on those of you out that like to duke it out in the classic fighting game genre. I might just be a casual clueless button masher when it comes to these but I'm sure many of you out there handle these titles with more finesse.

The game is question is of course Killer Instinct. Season One is currently free on Games with Gold, so make sure to check that out! If you've been playing the game and have an itch for more fighters and other content for the game, the season 2 expansions are all 50% off this week.

Across both platforms this week, the KI expansions are really all that's worth mentioning. Unless of course...

Deals Deals with Gold: January 12th

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This week's deals are a good week for race fans. If the Forza series of games isn't for you, there likely isn't something that will take your fancy this week.

On that note my recommendation this week on Xbox One for those that do enjoy that genre of game is the Forza Horizon 2 Porsche Expansion at 50%. The expansion adds 10 Porsches, 10 new bucket list challenges, new rivals events as well as 500 additional gamerscore. Along with the Storm Island DLC that was on sale last week if you cherry pick your game add-ons, this is one of the 2 well worth picking up seeing as it adds more content to the game other than just "MOAR CARS". :p

On Xbox 360 it's slim pickings this week with only 3 items on sale. This week though you can answer the age-old question of "Can it run...

Deals Deals with Gold: January 6th

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Another week, another set of 'Deals' (I use that term loosely this week). What is new here in the first week of 2016 is a new banner for these weekly posts.

Unfortunately there isn't anything worth me recommending this week. With all the the good offers over the 2 part countdown sale, this 'dry spell' is quite understandable. At the end of the day though we all have different tastes so do make sure to check if anything takes your fancy. There is a Backwards Compatible title hidden in there if you want to take a look at that. As usual you can find any Back Compat content accompanied by a :awesome:.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Cool Deals with Gold: Holiday Sale 2015 Part 2

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It's time for the second week of this year's Holiday Sale. With both weekly and daily deals available.

Once again due to the nature of this sale I'm making no recommendations due to how often this content is due to change.

Instead I will post the weeklong offerings in this initial post and post daily deals as replies. I'll also post an :awesome: next to titles supported by backwards compatibility and a :doge: next to items that are confirmed but not yet supported.

Daily Deals (Only available until the 31st of December):

As per the usual, all of this week's...

Cool Deals with Gold: Holiday Sale 2015 Part 1

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The Holiday Sale is finally here with a rather large selection of offers that span the next week with additional daily offers available also.

Due to the nature of this sale I'm making no recommendations due to how often this content is due to change (also there's a lot on offer, so scroll down and take a look for yourself).

Instead I will post the weeklong offerings in this initial post and post daily deals as replies. I'll also post an :awesome: next to titles supported by backwards compatibility and a :doge: next to items that are confirmed but not yet supported.

Daily Deals...

Cool Deals with Gold: December 15th

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It's that time of the week again and frankly this has to be the weakest set of offers yet (This upcoming Holiday Sale better be good M$OFT!).

But yeah, there are really very few discounts across both platforms and most of the Xbox One sale items require an active EA Access as well as an active Gold subscription. On either platform I have nothing to recommend this week. (Although there are some Megaman games at 70% off on the 360 if that's your thing).

If you are looking for something to play this week I recommend giving the new GTA: Online update a whirl which now has now added the ability to own your own floating fortress. Then of course when a certain something launches later in the week, drop it like a stone for forge! :p

As per the usual, all of this week's deals...

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