Cool Official Forza Horizon 3 Car Club


A few weeks ago on September 27th, the latest iteration of the Forza Horizon series launched worldwide on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Complete with cross-platform multiplayer. Following in the footsteps of the GTA Crew back on 360 and the Minecraft server; Forza Horizon 3 is the next non-Halo title to have an official HC presence.


"But why a car game?", I hear many of you cry... Well it just so happens that this particular car game lets you race Warthogs across the Outback and beyond in a digital representation of Australia. Frankly, this really is as fun as it sounds.

After unlocking and upgrading your third festival site in the game, you gain access to a feature called "Clubs". On the surface these look to operate like many other clan-esque systems out there like the Halo 5 Spartan Company, for example.

Some of the benefits to joining the car club are as follows:

  • Global Club vs Club rankings based upon combined banked XP from all members.
  • An inter-club weekly leaderboard for friendly competition.
  • The Club works like an extended friends list, meaning HC members will appear in your game more frequently as Drivatars and allows you to seamlessly share your Exhibitions, Championships and Bucket List Challenges. You can even employ club members to your lineup!
  • Rising through the Club Tiers each week gives players monetary rewards (Free Credits).
Etc. Etc.


Joining our proposed Domination of the Outback is simple. Once you've unlocked "Clubs" in-game, go to the Club tab in the pause menu and select the option to join a club. From here you can find us by searching for the club's name "HaloCustoms" or it's tag "-HC-". At the time of writing we currently have 10 members and are ranked 7,853 in the world. Getting up to 100 members should easily push us into the top 1,000 within a week. The club can accept up to 1,000 members making for plenty of space for many of you to join. :D


Once joined you'll notice that your name tag in game will now have changed. [-HC-] will appear at the beginning of the tag to show all which Car Club you currently represent. HC fo'lyfe tho, right?
Additional icons can appear at the end of your name tag also. As well as the crown for VIP players, the Leader and Co-leader icons indicate HC staff members that play the game. You can also become Ladder Champion for the week and essentially be recognised as the MVP by earning the most XP for the week in question. :cool:


As a final incentive all HC members that join the car club also earn the latest site trophy "Warthotg Export". After joining simply drop me a PM and I'll ensure this pops up for you in a prompt fashion. :)

So what are you waiting for race fans? Hop in your Puma and join us on this Australian Adventure!


Trophies are great. I really do have a soft spot for them and hope do some interesting things with them over the coming months.

Expect more of them to be added soon™ :)
Can I have a trophy for being the cutest pumpkin in the patch?

but srsly, join us and marvel at all the anime designs I use.
I'm no Warthotg Export but I drift a mean straight out of the tofu shop AE-86. Prepare your weenus' for some nasty inertia drifts, 2 wheel curb drifts and other extreme Initial D style maneuvers. Get at me if you're into drifting or want some advice on building your own spicy rice rocket. I prefer low power to weight ratio builds. No need for S class or higher.

"The lower the class the finer dat ass". S1ERRA420 on drift builds in FH3.