1. Strepto

    Reach Vault of Glass PvP

    Download via File Share: XxUltimatePwnxX (Best played with TU Crazy King with a max of 8 players) Vault of Glass boss encounter from Destiny 2 re-worked as a multiplayer map for Halo: Reach. Supports Slayer, Team Slayer and King of the Hill. Rather than making a 1:1 remake of the final room...
  2. Bod9nou

    Reach Endless Vale 2020-09-26

    Endless Vale map from Destiny 2 Crucible. Heavy weapons begin to spawn in 30 seconds after start.
  3. Master Debaytes

    Cool Destiny Release Date Confirmed!

    For those of you who have been paying some attention to good old Bungie recently, you may already know about this. None the less, this is BIG NEWS! Bungie has confirmed the official release date for their long awaited game, Destiny. The official date has been set for September 9th, 2014...
  4. Fuzzle

    Destiny Fans Give Back Stream! (Win Destiny Beta Codes)

    Members of the Destiny community give out Destiny Beta codes in their stream, schedule below! Here's the message from our friends at
  5. Fuzzle

    Fuzzle at GamesCom Germany

    Fuzzle at GamesCom Germany Hey guys; as you might know, the fifth installment of GamesCom 2013 in Cologne Germany is right around the corner, and I will be attending on Saturday! Not only will we get the chance to try out the new consoles PS4/XBone/(Wii U yay), but there are 11 giant halls...
  6. Tedium

    12 Minutes of Destiny Gameplay

    Destiny E3 2013: 12 minute Gameplay "What does this have to do with Halo?" you may ask. "Get out." I respond. Here's the most recent and most in-depth demonstration of Destiny gameplay thus far. Be sure to stick it on 720p for that sweet, sweet next gen goodness. -
  7. Vincent Torre

    Destiny Trailer

    Bungie has just released the first trailer clip for their upcoming game, Destiny. In this video we get a look into some of the lore behind the game, as well as a glimpse of how combat and vehicles might behave. Overall it’s definitely a promising start, and we’re due for some in game footage to...
  8. Lights

    Destiny's Tiger Man Character Development

    Oh Tiger Man, we barely knew ye... [sigh]
  9. Lights

    Bungie's Destiny Revealed!

    The day is finally here. Bungie has finally crept back in the light, pulled the curtain back, and at long last, has revealed what they've been working on for the past three years. We've been incredibly patient, and I know we're more than ready to dive right in and see what it's all about. So...
  10. Lights

    Bungie's New IP Kinda Sorta Has Tentative Reveal Date, Probably

    Okay, here's the deal. We focus on a ton of Halo content here, OBVS. But a huge part of why we love those quietly charismatic space-faring death machines we call Spartans just so damn much is due to the studio that created them. Bungie brought us all together with the epic world they created and...
  11. Lights

    Gaming Destiny [Discussion]

    We are [hopefully] just around the corner from Bungie revealing their new IP officially, and getting some real, hard information on what it's all about. Bungie keeps saying that they'll see us in 2013, and well, 2013 is here. Strap in. Haven't heard of Destiny yet? 1. What you are doing is bad...